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  1. A quiet sun set seals the eventful day, but the things to come next on the road will decide the peace of the next day.
  2. That kinda gives me the creeps
  3. Loot hoarders for example the "New goverment" taking all of the rifles snipers that in their toughts put them in a lower chance of winning in a gun fight and since there are so many of them they usualy travel in either trios or just be close to one another, so when they roll up to you asking if you do you have a license you have no option sure dont give it to them but youll die, and since their doing this, its breaking kinda the loot economy on the server, so new players and even older players cant do RP where they have a good rifle. for example i want to do some M4 rp or AK rp basicly soldier RP this is option is taken away from me. And to who ever says that its rp and its fun for them, well for me personaly its not fun and i can promise you there are other players that think like that, but who am i to speak right this comment will probaly just be ignored. like always Edit: Also i dont like to be held up each day, and being robbed, taking my gun away etc.
  4. Nikolayev

    Chess Lessons

    How do you craft it?
  5. Nikolayev

    water barrel

    to all this seems like a normal waterbarrel but only a few know that its filled with vodka
  6. Nikolayev


    More hostile RP and less normal RP
  7. Nikolayev

    The fallen

    i literaly tought you were missing your bottom half
  8. good luck on driving when the server is full
  9. Nikolayev

    A beautiful day

    In these days when all is lost sometimes theres something nice to look at, for example this BMW with a Latvian numberplate makes me feel nice to know that there are imports of my countrys vehicles ;D
  10. Was definetly an eye opener, have never felt this much under presure thank you @Baron , @TheGlassSpider was a good night! but i cant be stayin up this late no more its already 3. in the morning, hope to do some good buisness with you!
  11. Nikolayev

    radio tower

    Goodmorning Chernarus! Time for another jolly good day!
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