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  1. Sooo, if the argument here is performance then why don't we list the maximum mount of allowed storage per group? Scale it off group size somehow, I know most other servers do this. Admins here have the ability to check group size through the interface, so while it would certainly place additional strain on the admin team I hope it wouldn't be too bad. That would also improve the loot that can be found for everyone else on the server. In terms of base building, I say be stricter on making sure people only use the amount of structures they really need, I dont agree at all that you get less roleplay from people hiding in bases as a new player, quite the opposite, the neutral/friendly and trading outposts on the server allowed me to get RP whenever I wanted it when I was a new player because I knew where to walk to interact with people - and even hostile RP tended to focus on these settlements/the surroundings. If the argument here was for "de-localizing" RP more, then I'd probably agree - but from my personal experience as a new player 2 weeks ago I don't necessarily agree with the "it removes RP especially from new people".
  2. I know you guys are all busy and doing great work - but if there's any way to slightly prioritize it it would be fucking awesome. I can see so many applications and opportunities for roleplay with these rounds - would love to see them ingame!
  3. Whoever that woman at the military base NW was that I gave a nightvision scope to: You absolutely succeeded in sketching me out both ICly and OOCly. Great RP, I'll never run away from anything as quickly again.
  4. Note my edit on this - I'm not complaining about people actually doing this. I'm complaining about people going onto the forums and whining that their hostile RP group has stopped finding interactions and then blaming it on "the horrible campfire RPers that just sit in their camp" and wanting to make the map smaller/find ways to force people to engage with them because non-hostile RPers are just sick and tired of being robbed from their shit at gunpoint every single day. Well guess what, maybe if people weren't fucking tired of it and dont want to leave their base anymore because most interactions they had were very negative from an OOC standpoint and provided actual RP people might actually leave their bases! Crazy shit, right? I've loved the recent interactions between Chapter 2 and the Nationalists. They provide good hostile RP, there's a general tension there and it's furthering everyone's storyline and character development. "Oy get yer hands up and gimme all your shit" without even talking to my character and disappearing within 2 minutes doesn't.
  5. I personally find it hillarious that people keep repeating this: "You should prefer hostile RP to no RP after all you play on an RP server!" and "Stop being afraid for your gear and interact with people!" bullshit. I agree that Gear RP shouldn't be a thing but - If people shouldn't gear RP then why is it that my character had never been robbed for anything but his guns and ammo when he was traveling arround alone? Why does every hostile RP that I had encountered boil down to "I need an excuse for you to rob you of your weapon". My character as a doctor was walking arround with lots of epinephrine, morphine, different types of medicine. Noone ever cared for anything except Dex because surprise surprise that's what let's you run arround forever and abuse a game mechanic. People wouldn't be so opposed to hostile RP if it boiled down to something else than "give me your shiny gun" - I've personally started avoiding roads and streets 24/7 because all the actual RP that I found before I joined a group was in non-hostile settlements. Short edit: I wrote this after going through some of the posts in other threads including this one where this kept being brought up - I dont even care much that this happens, I do care that some people on the forums keep bringing this up as a reason against what they seem to see as "filthy campfire RPers just sitting arround not providing us targets"
  6. Have come through kab for trading multiple times when I first joined the server and always got good interactions and some basic trades with you guys. Hope you get this approved quick and have fun!
  7. Is there any lore on what religion looked like in chernarus? I presume mostly christian orthodox but do we know of any pagan religions and beliefs still sticking arround or similiar things?
  8. Shot Goa a message. Looking forward to maybe being in contact with you guys.
  9. Childhood and Late Teens Valentin Falkenwacht was born in Germany in 1984, the son of a doctor and author he never had to face any issues in regards to poverty, though his father made sure that he didn't develop into too much of a spoiled kid while he was growing up. At the age of 12 his family moved to Switzerland where his father opened his own medical practice in general medicine. Valentin was generally well behaved, his grades in school good enough bot not perfect, mostly due to a lack in motivation. He started volunteering in the Order of Malta when he was about 16 years of age, taking various first aid courses and attending festivals and events in the general public to assist paramedics in general work such as handing out ibuprofen, applying bandages to cuts and the like. When he turned 18 he started volunteering as an assistant for EMS technicians driving ambulances in the city of Bern where for the first time he came face to face to people in society less fortunate than him which caused him to rethink some of his life goals, or some sight say develop them in the first place. He put more enthusiasm and focus into learning for school rather than just hanging out with friends and playing video games all day long as those slowly became common in households. University, Conscription and Medical Service in Chernarus After taking his Matura (secondary education exam in Switzerland) with very good, but not excellent grades he applied to become a medicine student for general medicine at the local university but was placed in the waiting list since students with higher grades or those that had already been waiting were preferred. In this time he completed the mandatory basic training as part of switzerland's cosncription law and volunteered for a longer (total of 300 day service split into small blocks) service in order to be accepted for reserve officer training. He eventually began medical school in 2003 which he completed in 2009 with a masters degree in medicine. Although not yet a full doctor he opted for a year of practical experience in Malteser International - the international crisis first aid wing of the Order of Malta. It was in this capacity that he was part of a team of medics and doctors sent to Chernarus in 2009 when the civil war came to a close. He helped treat many civilians especially in the northern rural regions where it was hard for civilians to get access to even the most basic of medical care after the war had ended. Overall though Valentin would describe it as a very humbling, challenging yet fulfilling and important experience. He eventually returned to Switzerland in 2010 where he completed his education to become a doctor in general medicine, eventually assisting in both his father's and other medical practices as well as continuing his work in the Army Reserves as the assigned doctor for an artillery and reconnaissance battalion. How the fuck did he end up here After breaking up with his fiance in 2017 due to personal problems in the relationship he decided to take a break and took some vacation, planning to hike the northern region of Chernarus, hoping to meet some of the people he still knew and kept in contact since 2009 and just not think about anything related to his current situation at home, simply wanting to get away from it. He arrived on the 4th of July and was planning to stay there for two to three weeks, as such he go caught up in the chaos when the outbreak began but managed to flee south fairly quickly thanks to help from the Swiss embassy that evacuated most citizens to the coast fairly quickly. Unable to fly out of the country by the time he arrived at the airports he stayed and volunteered to help in the local hospitals, as the situation became more dire however he retreated into the forests with some personnel from the hospital and swiss embassy shortly before the situation turned into more of a "each on their own" scenario. Since then he hasn't been seen often on public streets as it seems his group mostly hid away keeping for themselves. Now, two years after the outbreak though their numbers dwindles and the group eventually broke apart, causing him to wander the forests and hills of Chernarus once again, searching for both a new allegiance and people to help if they so require.
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