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  1. Liam McCullen was a 20-something recently divorced man when the outbreak occurred. His wife had just left him and in a depressed state he decided to take a job as a massage therapist aboard a cruise ship. Liam had a relatively normal life up to this point... his parents were divorced and visited his dad every other weekend. All through schooling his life was equally milquetoast and came and passed with little effort. After high school he decided on massage therapy because it just felt right to him. He didn't know how to connect to people with words, but had no problem communicating with his hands. Eventually... he met a girl that, at the time, didn't know he'd regret even waking up that day. She was kind to him and had a good sense of humor, but it wasn't too funny when Liam came home early one day to find her in bed with another man. And thus he decided to take a job onboard a cruise ship, the Costa Risacca, travelling the world to escape from his reality back home. He was successful, Liam would never live the same life again as the cruise ship was caught in a massive storm, struck a rock formation and sank with a majority of the passengers. Liam was lucky enough to grab a few things before getting to a life boat and make on the shores of South Zagoria.
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