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  1. My character's name is Elian Bickis. Elian grew up in the US as the second child of a military family on the East coast. He was born February 2nd of 1998 and went to school for nursing right after graduating high school. He graduated with a Masters in nursing. After graduating he joined the Marines. He was stationed on Utes after completing his training months before the outbreak. Elian was sent to Elektro with a group of marines to help combat the outbreak in Elektro and take care of wounded. Elian was dressing a Chernarussian civilian's cuts his fellow Marines brought back from Elektro. As he finished up with the patient Elian went outside of the tent and saw a group of them turn a corner shambling over the dead bodies. It was just a few at first then dozens came around the corner and they all started sprinting towards a few marines pulling security a few hundred feet down the road. When the horde all surrounded the Marines pulling security and started tearing the Marines apart. The Marines, not told anything from their officers, were shocked to see this. Elian and the other marines didn't know what to do. He thought, "Is this what we're here for? to fight this?" The other marines grabbed their guns and started shooting at the horde of Chernarussian civilians. As they got closer they could see that there was something physically wrong with them. They were covered in blood and missing limbs. Some had extremely rotted teeth and they smelled like death. Focused on the horde charging them, Elian is suddenly grabbed from behind and pulled to the ground. In shock he sees it was the civilian he was helping, who had pulled him down. The patient was snarling at him trying to bite him. Elian tried as hard as he could to keep the guy off of him, when one of his fellow Marines hit the guy across the face with the stock of his rifle. As this was going on they noticed that a few of the patients were missing. Then one of them came out of nowhere and the Marine that had helped him from behind as he was busy with the other one. Elian realized that holding this triage center was hopeless he began to run. Elektro was falling and so was the field base Elian was stationed in. He ran north into the woods hoping he could escape them. Elian felt horrible that he had just abandoned his team, but it was hopeless they would all die if they stayed. Elian is just trying to survive and make allies. He has a strong sense of what is right, but he is not going to die for something meaningless.
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