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  1. but the gates were put up a few days ago and now they are gone a 3 hour rollback does not explain that and it's not the first time this has happened and 3 barrels 2 sea chests and banner mounts have gone that have been in the base for days
  2. s2 the server went down and now it restarted all the surrounding bases gates and fences have gone and the much of the items inside have too
  3. marauder1838

    Codelock dismantle timeframe / dismantling gates with locks

    i disagree that the codelocks need to be weakened, when cutting the padlock you are only cutting through one bar but code locks have multiple bars to cut, and not having to put the code every time (for the old locks) stops people from seeing the code while it's being unlocked both on stream and by people that gather around to see it being put in as well as staying near by to listen to the clicks as the code is being put in.
  4. even if i die log out and change to my character it gives me a random model, this happens only on livonia.
  5. marauder1838

    Let me tell you a story..

    it was a great story thank you for the entertainment
  6. *as he is handed a bottle of vodka he would reach for his radio and press the ptt* though i believe that goodwill should always be at the forefront of your mind at all times and not just during the holiday season, i will raise a glass and drink to the health of everyone and wish you all a merry Christmas. *he would release the ptt and take a drink then pass the bottle along to a fellow charity member*
  7. hi i would like to join GMC i have spent a little time with kat and john and like the idea of helping those that need it.
  8. mark was born in a small mining town in the northwest he had a good early child hood until his parents were killed in a car accident, from then he was moved around from foster home to foster home finding it difficult to adapt to the different people he was being raised by often causing trouble and arguments causing rifts between him and his carers as he got older he found himself getting into trouble and being picked up by the police, after being given a final warning he vowed to change how he was living, he struggled to find stable work, until an incident that led him defending a student outside of a pub who was being roughed up by a few drunk guy's looking for a fight, after helping fight off the drunks the student gave thanks and mentioned that his father was looking for a labourer, being short of work and struggling to make ends meet he accepted the job and over a few years gained the trust of the estate owner who took him on permanently to train under the huntsman/grounds keeper, the grounds keeper spent years teaching mark how to keep track of the estates animals and how to live off the land, after the death of the elderly grounds keeper mark was given his job.after a few years and the decreasing number of wild life at the estate the decision was made to travel to chernarus to inquire information on the local wildlife with hopes to buy and export some back to the estate for the purpose of breeding and hunting for the estate owner and his friends. it was during this trip that the outbreak happened and he was trapped there. stuck in this place with no friends and panic spreading all around him he made the decision to get away from population centers, he soon realized that he would need to arm himself after seeing several frenzied attacks on innocent people just trying to survive, he came across the bodies of some police officers and found a handgun and several magazines and a shotgun with a pouch containing a handful of shells, but was suddenly attacked by a crazy man who's eyes were bloodshot and he was foaming at the mouth, screaming and screeching it tore at him trying to tear him apart, mark grabbed the handgun from his belt while wrestling his attacker and fired shot after shot until they finally stopped moving, he returned to the woods where he would keep to himself occasionally coming across other survivors he would trade meat for ammo and any meds,
  9. marauder1838

    Regarding 2.3

    what about when group A makes demands of group B, group B agrees to them then after a while group A gets bored of group B always complying and out of nowhere changes the already agreed to demands so group B will not comply as it was not part of the deal, so group A attacks group B for not complying and group B starts to fight back. group A then attacks again and again forcing group B to hide behind walls then after a while group A comes back with more demands to comply but group B having been burned in the past refuses to comply. then group A attacks again and again stating that they tried to make a deal but group B is just being unreasonable and should just comply.
  10. marauder1838

    Console servers

    i try but the bugs make playing very difficult eg i have tried to set up a place in stary where people can meet up but the building tools and supplies bug and become useless and the rest get stolen because i cant secure them because of the things needed to do so get bugged, and my mags bug very often i get ghostbullets and cant reload them meaning i have to re log constantly. so it is hard to stay motivated to play imo.
  11. nvg's are broken and don't work on console, but i do like the night-time it's eerie and quiet and makes things more spooky, eg once i was in the woods opening a can of food and one of the trees creaked and it sounded like the preditor clicks and it sent shivers up my spine, it was great.
  12. marauder1838

    Allow Megaphones to be More Viable

    it is not just claimed it does happen but i think that is to do with the voip bug and i don't think a megaphone would change that.
  13. marauder1838

    Allow Megaphones to be More Viable

    yes it's your fault you don't see the initiators hidden in buildings behind walls and other solid objects when a megaphone rings out, the problem with megaphone initiations being made more viable is that you can't make an informed decision to comply, eg you don't know if it's 20 people or 2 so you have no idea if fighting back would be nvfl or 10 people complying against 2 guys.
  14. marauder1838

    Console servers

    for many years console players have been playing unmodded versions of the games pc players play happily enough, this will be the same, and since the arrival of dayz on console there have been many attempts to rp on public servers but those attempts were sabotaged by kos players using those servers act friendly to get in close before mag dumping at point blank. now there will be admins in charge and the roleplayers will come.
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