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  1. i'm sorry you feel that way, i myself suffer from anxiety and find dealing with people very difficult, but have found rp to be a great way to overcome (slowly over time) said anxiety, that being said this server has a reputation of being a very hostile rp based server so i can fully understand why newer/younger players are so nervous.
  2. i would like base building to return because it does promote rp through hubs for those that are not in large groups, as someone who is trying to run a relief center to help people the current base protection is just nonexistent it is so easy to get through the moredoors that people don't even check that the door is locked before smashing it down. all i'm asking for is a little rp then most of the things in my base are free to take (the exception being what little storage we have) the problem is when we log off or go out to find rp when we get back all of the storage is taken so they can use it to hoard. right now with rpgs, grenade launchers and the addition of satchel charges that expantion brings wall rp and hidden loot stashes won't work because getting through to them will be easy, all i'm asking is to be able to build a small hub for rp, expantion base building from what i have seen is less demanding on the server, and with added rules like you can only use it to claim a pre existing structure and not build a loot fortress at the edge of the map it would add a much needed layer of protection for hubs and the ability to store a vehicle instead of them being hidden all around the map with all their parts missing.
  3. i'm getting tired of this narrow minded view that anyone that wants to build a base is a loot goblin, but people that just go around raiding bases is fine, even if their loot boner is so strong they don't even bother to check if the door they are smashing down is even locked. (i have lost 3 open doors to actual loot goblins)
  4. ? hard x on that, it may have stopped situations like that but now they are all like this
  5. yeah that was my thought too, until vanilla day when loot just started popping up everywhere, then the next day back to going through town after town finding next to nothing.
  6. voted to keep the ai because player traders don't work they just get raided when they log off, and that means no rp for the traders as they are always out trying to replace the missing items so they can do the trader rp
  7. as a person that already has 4 strikes in the russian little black book , and who's only options are to stay or be hunted by the russians whilst being at the mercy of the criminal factions that have already gave us an ultimatum that would make us scapegoats for their smuggling we have no choice.
  8. and now we are trapped in a small portion of the map that is going to be empty of loot, this is not going to end well
  9. +1 chicken coop's next to the green houses would be awesome. 10/10 i would rp with the chickens all day ?
  10. i know i was not called in but as this is my camp too, the storage is not important we just thought it was connected to the holes dug around our house and the removal of the thank you notes left by people that had come across our home. after talking with @Mia we would like to close the report pending her signature.
  11. as mia said we went on a drive around as we usually do, but when we got back to camp we noticed that a tent was missing so we went to look and found all the contents piled on the floor, then we looked in the house to find that one of the storage boxes had gone and it's contents again in a pile i got out of the way while mia took pictures and then we put the items left on the ground into the other storage spaces we had in camp.
  12. we got dc'd by a bus with only the driver in it. but have never got dc'd passing people on the uaz's so remove the bus
  13. @Stagsview i don't usually shoot people but when i saw you cut mia i let rip. great rp and thanks for the entertainment.
  14. that entire situation was awesome, keep up the good work guys.
  15. just to clear things up that was me saying my seeds had been taken not from camp but they were in my vest, i was separated from all others so only S-GRU members were around, and i was striped of most of what i had, my food was taken and all i was left with was raw fat, my water was taken and replaced with a nearly empty nearly ruined canteen my bandages were replaced by rags, in fact i had walked away with nearly everything missing. but i will say there are consequences for the actions that i took, i broke the terms given to me by S-GRU and lost the things i had. in the end a good time was had and gear is just gear.
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