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  1. hording does not have an effect on the loot tables so the only problem i see is that people dont like the fact that they have to waste time breaking in and would prefer to have their group bump in to smaller groups and strongarm them and shoot them if they dont give their gear
  2. i'm not sure that the huge fortress bases are the cause of the lag, i have been on other servers that have massive bases and the strain on my computer has not been as bad, eg lagging and gpu temperature,and that includes servers with expansion with the furnished houses and overgrowth, these things i only seem to have a problem with on this server. i think that maybe the mods that change the terrain (summer chernarus) may be a part of the lag problem as it not only has to render the base but the effects of the mod too.
  3. yeah i'm not so sure, after walking around the map for a few hours checking military bases and only seeing a shit ton of rastir gear, endless ski masks and a few loose rounds of ammo the whole hoarding not affecting the loot economy has me hitting X hard
  4. i don't get what the problem is, apart from the first one i killed i never bothered with them because the stuff they drop was easier to get just by looking around and was not worth the loss of ammo, plus getting trapped by them is punishment for not being aware of your surroundings in a dangerous place.....look before you leap
  5. i was referring to livonia as a half finished map lol, roads that lead to nowhere and just stop places that seem empty, power lines just floating in the air and so on.
  6. i think this should be a rule then at least there would be rp for the people that get raided while they are offline, and it may even make some of the people doing it think twice knowing they could face repercussions
  7. groups already have the advantages of prefabs, why should they also be the only ones to be able to build too
  8. this is the reason i no longer carry a pistol it's just dead weight
  9. not gonna lie, i hear from many people that they give it away
  10. we only had a little food and meds that we give away the only weapon in the storage was a handgun yet they broke through 2 metal doors to get it most people carry more gear on them than we had. in the end all it did was deny us rp. and the only time i see an ak is when i bump into other players
  11. if moredoors was better i would agree but as it stands it is a waste of time, in most buildings you can put one or two doors and even the metal doors are too quick and easy to destroy and that encourages everyone to break them even if there is very little gear for their effort
  12. um.... you could use the fact that its part of the game as a defence for offline raiding but gear hording and base building are too sooo........
  13. i was talking about the first base in the first video, not the pic of the horded loot p,s i was replying to the quoted message you sent 3 hours ago, and fyi i agree that these kind of bases damage the server but do not think those that build responsibly should lose the right to build.
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