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  1. i j i just checked the rules. would torture of the victim by another victim be 'Unreasonable hostage demands (UHD)'? as well as the out of nowhere kill, would tha tbe considered 'No value for life (NVFL)' both are pretty much shown in the clip. roleplay torture would be near impoossible since as a medic the main items i have are syringes, drugs and personal defence weapons that were taken off me or could have gotten me killed if i had put them in hand. torture would have to cause some sort of harm and so id have to make him bleed or sommat or break a toe or bust and eye. PLUS aggrivation by segregating us for our skin colour.
  2. i was approached by 4 gentlemen, the 3 so called ultranationalists and a randm guy they called 'black torch' cause he was 'black'. after a while they initiated on us and took us too an INDUSTRIAL WAREHOUSE not a barn. and demanded my weapon (an m4) i handed it over and stayed with my hands up. outta nowhere the 'black torch' guy pulls out a shotgun and legit pulverises an ultranationalist, i offered to help but he was already dead. defender rights for the 'black torch' were fair game since he was being robbed, i could have easily puleld out my sidearm and joined but chose not to. i would however agree its more ruleplay than roleplay, so either way i think the punishment or not is fair. like i said it could go both ways and i have my reasons to agree with both outcomes of what the admin chooses. i can confirm that we were literally taken hostage for being black, and im pretty sure one of them called torch guy a black person. i mean i get why both parties are pissed cause i mean this isnt hero RP, taking someone hostage for being black is not hero RP at all. my character model is not black it was dark and he looked dark too. im happy with both accounts from both sides, they are accurate enough for me. i DONT like the use of hero RP when the situation was cause for 'being black'. my m4 i feel was merely a plus to the ordeal. james.
  3. *** WORK IN PROGRESS *** Gavin Packard (not related to HP and his brother's name is entirely coincidental... trust me im a doctor) is a British army Combat Medical Technician by the rank of sargent. Having recieved class-1 training in the works of a combat medical technician or CMT which is capable of: assisting with the management of surgical, medical and psychiatric casualties from the onset of the condition until the casualty is admitted to a hospital offering specialist care. This capacity is to include the immediate necessary first aid and other sustaining procedures required to hold a casualty for a limited period in a non-hospital situation and undertaking the administrative procedures and documentation for casualties in field units, medical reception stations and unit medical centres, including those required for and during casualty. class 3 and 2 standards include: - Provides health advice to non medical junior commanders - Has a good understanding of anatomy and physiology - Is able to take control of an emergency situation - Is trained in basic diagnostic techniques and able to report findings to medical services - Advises on basic field hygiene - Capable of advanced first aid and using advanced resuscitation techniques along with suturing certain wounds. - Administers non-controlled drugs - Administers drugs by oral route, inhalations, plus intradermal, intramuscular, intravenous and subcutaneous injection - Maintains, or supervises the maintenance of, and indents for medical equipment - Treating of open pneumothorax and tension pneumothroax. Additionally, at Class 1 the CMT is trained in the procedures and principles of Battlefield Advanced Trauma Life Support (BATLS), which includes advanced life support, cricothyrotomy and thoracentesis.
  4. Serving 16 years in the British SO19, Allen Jackson, badge No. 3248 is a Breaching Specialist and medication and his skill is Intimidation. he has been involved in several cases including the police response to the attacks in manchester and london westminster attacks. During the 2011 London Riots, Police Constable Jackson commanded the front line in the Territorial Support Group to stop the violence from spreading, and later acquired special permission to attend Gold Command meetings, devising new crowd-control strategies based on his years as riot leader. PC Jackson made 274 arrests throughout his service and later made Detective Constable. he earned the Queen’s Police Medal for exceptional bravery and earned a spot in the 3rd NBC Unit due to his experience, service record, and tenacity.
  5. Male in early 30s drafted from the British Armed Forces to partake in series of groups assigned to attempt to contain the spread of the infection inside of chernarus and surrounding areas. with high military expertise with experience of leading a squad in combat. in an official report from 2013, recieved the Distinguished Service Order medal and later the Victoria Cross for providing covering fire while wounded soldiers were moved into FV 510 Worriors when a group of Taliban insurgents attempted to set up an RPG installation on a rooftop, he led a squad of 8 men to the rooftops and secured the area with a kill count for himself of 27 taliban fighters. once secured he then contacted the worrior column that they had seen T-62 MBTs moving in from the west of the village and requested immediate HAT (heavy Anti Tank) support, when only Light Anti Tank support was relayed back to being the only weapon they had on the column, he made the executive decision to send 6 men back to the column and keep two with him while he commandeered an enemy RPG 29 with Tandem charge HEAT rockets, and getting 2 confirmed KIA kills out of 7 T-62 MBTs, before using all ammunition and retreating with the column. inside of the medical evacutation MRAPs in the rear of the column, here he administered aid to a soldier who had lost a leg from an RPG deflection off a worrior, having clamped an artery in the remains of the leg, he cauterized the wound and sealed the artery from blasting out more blood, evidentally saving the soldiers life. for being the only British soldier to knock out not one but 2 hostile tanks with enemy equipment, volutarily leading a squad to secure a rooftop from insurgents and performing precise medical care in the back of a moving vehicle under fire, Sir Mark Carleton-Smith the Chief of General Staff and Acting Commander of the British Army requested personally that Dr. Rhys Wall be given the Victoria Cross for such gallentry in "presence of the enemy". After training combat medics at home, he was enlisted as one of the few members of the 3rd NBC Unit to leave for Chernarus and provide support for the unit in finding the answer to the Disease. however after deploying to Chenarus, watching the chaos ensue around him, watching so many die and hearing rumours of his close collegue and childhood friend Dr. Dexter Maardanbeter's death, he has seemingly lost hope and wonders chernarus in a last ditch effort to find anyone left from the 3rd NBC Unit and continue his research.
  6. I’ve got like a shit ton of meds like diazepam, paracetamol, cetirizine, aspirin yada yada yada. To the point - do these actually work? Like the painkillers, do some do more pain relief than others, and citirizine for example does it stop you from sneezing in game since it’s an anti histamine. Or are these items merely useless and added for the purpose of RP, like if your character has bad hay fever and needs to take a citirizine tablet every morning. also if they do actually work, I’ve yet to find a thread that tells me what all of them are actually used for specifically. Like Ik ketamine would be a good anaesthetic like lidocaine but not many people would know what either are. I’d massively appreciate a thread that directs me to their in game usage if they have any so I can specialise in what to use in certain situations.
  7. the 1.05 update went live yesterday, however i went onto the new version (the launcher said all mods were up to date) tried to join the chernarus server and bang! "WARNING: you were kicked off the game. (Client contains PBO which is not part of server data: C:\Program Files\..... dayz\!workshop\@Summer_Chernarus\ then the message goes off screen. i ave no idea what caused it since i havent changed anything, other than updated the latest version of the game.
  8. So... you want to hear my story, yes? *lights cigarette menacingly* “My name is Dr Dexter Maardanbeter. Well I was born on the 26th of May 1997 to a family of 5. In an area an called Dorset in the south coast of England. My teachers during my GCSE times are why I excelled so well, my GCSE teacher of psychology is the reason I kept going when times got tough repeating the phrase ‘when the going gets tough, the tough gets going’. In 2009 I witnessed the bloody civil war that faced the people of chernarus. It was international news of the brutality that occurred. War photography has never captured such cruelty... this CDF as they call it. Could be a creation of murderers and rapists for all I know. Now I’m one of the youngest post-graduates to come out of the UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology. I had everything going for me... but those damned Russians are always up to something. Now look at the world, it’s in shambles. I’ve been assigned by MI6 to the 3rd NBC (Nuclear, biological and chemical) Unit, a coalition of countries such as Russia, USA, UK. that sent their best scientific minds to aid the CDF after the ceasefire... but it seems their forces were depleted before we got here. We were meant to be the last deployed of the ‘lab geeks’ now I’m afraid we are the last alive of the unit. It’s up to us to discover the cause of this infection and study it to try and benefit mankind, before the world becomes a graveyard. My job is to study this so called infected’s brain wave patterns and behavioural problems which result in extreme violence and desire to contaminate other non-infected individuals. so far my studies have been inconclusive, the other scientists can get a hold on what causes such grotesque deformities along with the hostile attitude they have. My only concrete evidence to put these ‘things’ down is a bullet to the brain. Melee weapons take several hits before total brain function ceases.
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