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  1. Common Folk people and friends [private]

    * Jeffery listens to the radio message from Falk * This is Jeffery Holmes the Tortuga Trading Post has shut down cuz of bandits and bad people, we got some information from a civilian that was there that it was people with "Russian" accents. Aswell as not many of us around anymore, I think most of us went to hiding, as well as I'm going to hiding. Whenever your back around ill come out of hiding and let's find these French bastards that took you away. * Jeffery turns off his radio and puts it in his pocket *
  2. Ross Marley

    Ross Marley was born in Dublin, Ireland 1998. Ross father in the group called Real IRA and his grandfather was part of the original IRA, Ross was very interested in the Irish RA as his family members have always been part of them, when he was 14 years old he already was part of the RA’s public party in Ireland, the Provisional IRA that was just created 2011 when he was 13 years old. Ross only went to school till he was 10 years old, he wasn't very interested in school as he got taught everything he needed to know by his dad and mother in his home. Ross’s dad had given up on all of the RA shit that he had been through and wanted to travel away from Ireland when Ross was 16 years old they traveled to a country called Chernarus, to the city of Chernogorsk as that's where his dads' friend from the RA worked at. And just a couple of years later when Ross is 18 and they are still in the Chernarus…. Rest happens in-game ( Ross is 19 in-game now as he is born 1998 August the 19th ).
  3. The Common Folk.

    Snip Transfer the group back to @Western
  4. The Common Folk.

    Thank you to everyone who has commenting. I'm not sure what I'm going to take into account. I will talk to @Western on what to do next.
  5. The Common Folk.

    Than 90% of the community would be banned
  6. The Common Folk.

    We do Roleplay, and gearRP as well as talking in game, not just all the time as we OOC talk all the time as well whenever we are not RPing, but I guess you weren't around enough to see that, only the bad parts of the group? oh well, you're removed from the CP and Roster.
  7. The Common Folk.

    I would like to welcome @Saints to the Common-Folk!
  8. The Common Folk.

    Yeah i fixed it still said Western in the recruitment :P
  9. The Common Folk.

    I would like to welcome both Andrik Hlinka Ty Maxwell to the Common Folk! Also changed the Recruitment to Me instead of @Western as he doesn't have a PC atm.
  10. The Common Folk.

    First rule as the leader, no white knight
  11. Tortuga Trading Market Discussion

    The only time I've lagged is when a car/car engine goes by the place. The tents doesn't cause that much lag on my end only the cars when they are driving or just engine is on in general.
  12. Computer giveaway

    @Western should join this, always needed a new pc. And ofc ill join aswell
  13. 10x Hall of Fame giveaway

    Free stuff? Sure ill jump in.
  14. @Ryan Carter , @Shanoby Fun Roleplay today, i just love that kinky shit that Joey does and Celvin or Kelmin or however you said it was fun, kinda shady to meet so many shady people, with all of that shadyness... Oh and always keep the kinky stuff to urself [email protected] Thanks to @warmr for the crinch with the "my name is jeff" and @Shanoby didnt belive you were 11 haha
  15. The Common Folk.

    After the death of Falk’s daughter Sara, Falk got a job to transport goods across the east. Falk would mainly transport food for stores. He had got offered the job when he got in contact with a friend of his Mark. Mark owned the business itself. Falk had one better paid jobs as he had to go on the road for weeks. Falk enjoyed the job itself but he missed the farm. He had to sell it and move. Falk lived on the road wherever he needed to transport his goods. Falk was had lost contact with Nikki after she shot him and ran off with a large sum of money. Falk was driving to South Zagoria to deliver some orders. He had been in and out of South Zagoria for few months and he got to know the roads well, what was the fastest way to get their shortcuts mostly. Falk was at a normal drop off and stopped off for few days before heading back to Mark to pick up more goods. While Falk was on his break he was told by tourist that the news was saying that the state was in an emergency and had dropped bombs off. Falk thought something was up before the tourist told him and he called Mark on the radio and Mark said everything is fine just the people over there just bit odd. As time went on the outbreak had got worse Falk had run out of fuel and was on the road he got wind of the UN had set up camp in a apartment blocks north of the airfield. When he arrived he was met by a bunch of people and the military. Falk met his future right hand man Jeffrey Holmes. He had already met him once in a bar. They started talking and grew close from there. The UN camp was getting to a stage where it got dangerous. The CDF had attacked and Falk and Jeffrey had run into apartment. After the shot storm went down Falk left with Jeffery and they started to pick up people on the road. Few months into the outbreak the people from the gathering called The Common Folk were at the lighthouse that overlooked the island out at sea. The gathering had been on the road for few weeks going place to place trying to find whatever supplies they could use. They had safe house with some supplies to fall back on just in case if anything went south but the place wasn't big enough for everyone. People had families and the house was small and couldn't fit everyone in it and it wouldn't be right if some families had to stay outside in a tent or in a car. The gathering found a lighthouse that overlooked an island out at sea. The area around the lighthouse was big enough for everyone they could park all the cars and place tents down. One of the members of the camp called Jeffery was looking at the island through binoculars and he said to the camp that it would be safe from the mainland with the infected roaming everywhere and people. They could have someone on the tower on guard making sure no one has the same idea as they do. It was a safe place to be and all the children would be safe there and the parents don't have to worry as much. Jeffery thought there might be few infected wounding on it but the infected on the mainland wouldn't be able to make it over. The camp had a vote on it and it the vote voted to go over to it. Falk and Jeffery were the people who the camp looked up to decisions and answers and they were on the coast walking up the beach trying to figure out on how to get across. Eventually, they came across some beached rowboats and most of them were beat up but two of them were in good condition but still needed some repairs on them. They did think about swimming over to the island but the children wouldn't be able to swim in the strong current. Falk and Jeffery said to the camp that they found some rowboats and they could cross over with it but needs some repairs. Over next few days the gathering went out to the nearby towns to find supplies to repair the boats and eventually they got the repaired. The following day they would cross the island. That night Falk nodded off on the seat by the open campfire and the camp got assaulted. Falk woke up with individuals shouting, Jeffery was yelling keeping individuals away from the dead. Frankie came running in holding to rifles and gave one of them to Jeffery and the discharged the rifles unto the dead. At the point when Falk acknowledged what was going on and he hauled out his .357 magnum and terminated it to execute the dead. Falk hurried to his tent to get his rifles and his rucksack. When Falk came back main part of the camp he called out and nobody reacted he saw a portion of the cars and trucks had gone. Falk bounced onto his truck and drove off towards the interstate where he figured the people would go. Falk was sitting tight for a couple of hours and nobody came. Falk was calling out on the radio, however, couldn't get anybody respond. Falk believed that Jeffrey and Frankie would have gone to house where they had supplies and he drove there, when he arrived He saw Jeffery’s truck outside and drove down and got out. At this point Falk strolled into the house and was Jeffery just there Jeffrey asked Falk what happened and Falk told him that he had fell asleep. After some time Jeffery said to Falk what do we comprehend what to do. Falk said we have to find the others. After some time Jeffery removed the provisions from his truck and put it to Falk’s truck and them two drove off. They sat tight at the interstate for a couple of hours and held up and nobody came. They settled on the choice to leave and head up north. As time went on Falk and Jeffery heard over radio calls that there were camps that the military had set up. When they arrived the camps were gone, they continued going to place to place to attempt to discover a home. Be that as it may, they never discovered it. Jeffery was attempting each radio transmission to check whether they could connect with anybody. They caught wind of a bar in a city up north so they chose to go and they were for few days yet they chose to leave since they town would shoot each other up and wouldn't over nothing and they chose to get out. When on they were on their travels they came to a garage it wasn't up and running yet and the man in charge called Bjorn. Falk and Jeffery assisted Bjorn with setting up the garage they found supplies that the garage could use. One night Falk, Jeffrey and Bjorn were sitting around a campfire and they were talking about how they got to Chernarus and Falk had past and he thought it was a good time to tell Jeffery. He wasn't fussed about Bjorn knowing. Falk said ‘I’m a transport driver’ and Jeffery said ‘what kind, what did you transport? You one of those American truckers?’ Falk said ‘In a sense yes, I got into it when I was a kid and never got out of it, in the end, I just transport goods around the Europe. Jeffrey said He came over to see his grandmother he never knew and he found out she had passed away two months beforehand. Few days went passed and Bjorn and his people wanted to move the garage to an airfield and Jeffery and Falk decided to help transport the supplies. Falk spoke to Jeffrey about leaving and Jeffery wasn't sure of wanted to be on the road again but he said he would go with him. Falk and Jeffery were on the road for few more days and they came across a lake which implied they had fresh water and fish They found a house not far from the lake and after some time they got the place repaired. Not long after they made camp at the house Jeffery was angling and Falk had strolled down to him with some food and when he came back with what Jeffery had caught, he saw a man that wore a UN protective cap and he thought it was military, however, something was off, He had ordinary clothes on and only a shotgun Falk raced to a tree and watched the man stroll into the house and when he came out Falk saw he had taken Falk’s and Jeffery's provisions and Falk hauled out his firearm and watched the man stroll not far off, Falk required them supplies to survive and Falk fired a shot at him and executed him, Falk went up to the body and searched it and didn't discover any ID on him to check whether was military or not but Falk took what he had on him and took it back to the house and Jeffery came running up from the lake with his shotgun to discover what was happening. Falk told him what happened and they both went out to move the body. Few weeks passed and Falk and Sebbe came were talking about gathering picking people up setting some sort of a community up. The two went down south where they came to a town called Stary and a man called Joey that lived in a house within the town. They decided to stay there. Falk and Joey where heading to Novy because they heard about some slaves being sold. Falk went down and they found a woman being sold. The woman was called Eden and the Black Fangs sold her to Falk and Joey. Falk and Joey got her fixed up by a doctor that was going pass a few days later. Falk was driving towards a safe house they had filled a food, ammo and guns with Joey and they went to Cherno after wards because they heard there was some people there that would like trade. When they arrived they didn't see anyone and they came across a girl called Sofia and they spoke for few hours and the people that lived in Cherno came over and they started talking, They traded and the gave Falk a fully modded M4A16 rifle. After the people from Cherno Left, Falk and Joey were leaving and they offered Sofia to come along for the ride and she agreed. About a week later the group started to set up a camp at Joey’s house and it started off with two tents with few farm materials. But over time it came the trading company in Stary. People all over would come here to trade, eat, tell stories. Benedict Falk Frankie Marquez Manny Diaz Sofia Brocato Jakob Vasilev Kevin Malone Alistair Monroe Parker Lee Dovin Taylor Fae Williams Andrik Hlinka Many thanks to @dimitri for helping with the graphics.