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  3. https://imgur.com/a/5I4lov5 Jimmy Flanigan was born on October 19th, 1986 in Galway, Ireland. Jimmy graduated from NUIG(the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUI Galway)) in 2008, after which I carried out my internship in UCHG(Galway University Hospitals (GUH)). I then completed my Basic Surgical Training Scheme. I was commissioned into the Army Medical Corps in July 2012, and have been serving as a Medical Officer since then. My specialty interest prior to joining the Defence Forces was in Trauma and Orthopaedics, in which I undertook lab research in the form of an MD after my BST. Jimmy is also a UNDOF(United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF)), but he never did any tours, he was ready for deployment with UNDOF in September 2013 and are based in Camp Faouar. The Irish peacekeepers were attacked by Syrian rebels on 29 November 2013. The Irish convoy came under small arms fire and was hit with an explosion before the rebels retreated. Jimmy was part of the UN when they departed to Chernarus, he was with three other Irish people. But they seemed to have appeared late and crash landed with the helicopter near the town of Kamenka, after a flight from Echo base in Russia.
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    SCREENSHOT OF THE MONTH CONTEST - Lakes, Streams & the Sea

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  5. Jeremiah Knight was born in an Orphanage in Gothenburg or Göteborg as its called in Swedish. When he was four years old he was kidnapped from the orphanage that he was born in and brought to a carnival which was more of a brotherhood who served one female. The female of this place went by the nickname of Mother. And as he was kidnapped into this carnival of strangers, he was forced to stay in the carnival. He was taught that they were the 8th generation that was brought in to the carnival, and he didn't know anybody's name or who they were before they came to the carnival, when you are forced in the carnival you stay in the carnival. You are reborn. During the Victory Day that was celebrated in Chernarus once a year, he was there with the carnival as they travel around. When they were doing their Carnival they were attacked by crazy people that were "infected" and had no idea what they were doing. A couple of weeks later after the attack, Jeremiah and some other people from the carnival who survived swore to find the Mother and the other people from the brotherhood.
  6. I'm creating a group, anyone interested send me a PM!

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  8. Theres no more closed frequencies btw

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  9. * Andrew picks up his radio and turns on the radio and starts talking * This is Andrew Holmes, the Preacher of Children of falk. I know we have had our bad differences and stuff like that you know, I mean apparently you want some people to die in the Children, but I got an urgent mission and I have heard from my good friend Vasilly that you guys are some kind of Mercenaries and I need a contract, is their anyway we can talk enclosed or private about this stuff? * Andrew turns off the radio and puts it back where he picked up at. *
  10. The most important Question is if DayZRP is gonna run the Expermintal Version or the Stable, as they gonna allow servers to switch to Expermintal version.
  11. Its fixed ^^ noticed it as well and told Western.
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  13. Andrew Holmes was born in 1991 in Sweden, Halmstad but you cant really hear it in his voice as its neutral. Andrew Holmes was a very religious man that always went to church on Sundays. Always went to school and was the quiet guy, his brother Jeffery he was a man that was an Attention seeker. Andrew went to military school and became a field medic for a long time, but he quit it and joined a group of medics that was heading to Chernarus. When he was going to Chernarus, his mother told him that her mother, Andrews grandmother had moved to Chernarus and married a Chernarussian husband when Andrews mother was very young. This gave Andrew joy and hopefulness that he and his mother weren't the only people in his life and he started to ask questions about how to find her and where exactly in Chernarus that his grandmother is. So Andrew got some more intel about it and started to plan a trip to Chernarus to meet his grandmother, but when Andrew came to meet his grandmother she had already passed away just a couple of months before that. Andrew was in Berezino and helping people at the Hospital afterward, he left and a lot of people started to hate him. So he became something else like a gun runner for ammo and weapons for civilians and people. A couple of months had passed after the apocalypse and Jeffery had made a new friend his name was Benedict Falk. Jeffery ran away from the camp and went to hide, but he didn't go hiding he went go to find his brother Andrew and he found him. When they appeared in Tortuga, Andrew had abandoned his religion to Christ but he found a new one. The word of Falk and became a Preacher, someone that spreads the word of a new Religion that will be the savior.
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    Common Folk people and friends [private]

    * Jeffery listens to the radio message from Falk * This is Jeffery Holmes the Tortuga Trading Post has shut down cuz of bandits and bad people, we got some information from a civilian that was there that it was people with "Russian" accents. Aswell as not many of us around anymore, I think most of us went to hiding, as well as I'm going to hiding. Whenever your back around ill come out of hiding and let's find these French bastards that took you away. * Jeffery turns off his radio and puts it in his pocket *