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  1. I'm creating a group, anyone interested send me a PM!

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  2. Michael Husted was born on December 20th, 1991 in a small town in Georgia called Pine Mountain. He was always with his mom when he was away from school. As she worked at the Pine Mountain hospital which was near the school. So after school, he went to the hospital and waited for his mother, so he got interested in medicine but he was also interested in gun shooting as his dad and brother were shooting AR15s. When Michael was grown up as he went to the college he went to Medical school, which lasted four years. And after that, he went another year in Medical and became a Medic for the Marine Core. But that he wasn't so interested in, so he joined his brother Joe in the Company, the Zeus Security. Joe, Michaels brother was sent to Chernarus to ship guns to Takistan as the Chernarussians had direct contact with Takistan. Three years later Michael was sent to Chernarus to do the same type of Task to protect the weapon cargos going through Berezino docks in Chernarus. After months of being in Chernarus, Michael became the head of medicine for the Company in Chernarus. He was always helping Civilians and Company people at the docks if someone got hurt, also in his free time, he helped the doctors at the Berezino hospital which was a few minutes walk away. But one of the last days before the apocalypse happen he was at the hospital and a lot of people came in, so he decided to stay there for a few days to help people who felt “sick”, but a couple of days had passed and within thirty minutes their worlds would turn upside down.
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  4. Theres no more closed frequencies btw

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      Oh they changed that shit :o

  5. * Andrew picks up his radio and turns on the radio and starts talking * This is Andrew Holmes, the Preacher of Children of falk. I know we have had our bad differences and stuff like that you know, I mean apparently you want some people to die in the Children, but I got an urgent mission and I have heard from my good friend Vasilly that you guys are some kind of Mercenaries and I need a contract, is their anyway we can talk enclosed or private about this stuff? * Andrew turns off the radio and puts it back where he picked up at. *
  6. The most important Question is if DayZRP is gonna run the Expermintal Version or the Stable, as they gonna allow servers to switch to Expermintal version.
  7. Its fixed ^^ noticed it as well and told Western.
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  9. Andrew Holmes was born 1991 in England, London but you cant really hear it in his voice as its neutral. Andrew Holmes was a very religious man that always went to church on Sundays. Always went to school and was the quiet guy, his brother Jeffery he was a man that was an Attention seeker. When Andrew and Jeffery was old enough his mother told him that her mother, Andrews grandmother had moved to Chernarus and married an Chernarussian husband when Andrews mother was very young. This gave Andrew joy and hopefulness that him and his mother wasn't the only people in his life and he started to ask questions about how to find her and where exactly in Chernarus that his grandmother is. So Andrew got some more intel about it and started to plan a trip to Chernarus to meet his grandmother, but when Andrew came to meet his grandmother she had already passed away just couple of months before that. A couple of months had passed after the apocalypse and Jeffery had made a new friend his name was Benedict Falk. Jeffery ran away from the camp and went to hide, but he didn't go hiding he went go to find his brother Andrew and he found him. When they appeared in Tortuga, Andrew had abandoned his religion to Christ but he found a new one. The word of Falk and became a Preacher, someone that spreads the word of a new Religion that will be the saviour.
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    Common Folk people and friends [private]

    * Jeffery listens to the radio message from Falk * This is Jeffery Holmes the Tortuga Trading Post has shut down cuz of bandits and bad people, we got some information from a civilian that was there that it was people with "Russian" accents. Aswell as not many of us around anymore, I think most of us went to hiding, as well as I'm going to hiding. Whenever your back around ill come out of hiding and let's find these French bastards that took you away. * Jeffery turns off his radio and puts it in his pocket *
  11. Thank you to everyone who has commenting. I'm not sure what I'm going to take into account. I will talk to @Western on what to do next.
  12. We do Roleplay, and gearRP as well as talking in game, not just all the time as we OOC talk all the time as well whenever we are not RPing, but I guess you weren't around enough to see that, only the bad parts of the group? oh well, you're removed from the CP and Roster.