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  1. SebbePwnYou

    Open cans?

  2. SebbePwnYou

    0.63 BETA EXP Release and what it means

    I'm ready for this, even with You Know Whos permission
  3. Falk

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  4. SebbePwnYou

    Teamspeak: "the heart of he community"

    I prefer both, they are good in their own ways.
  5. SebbePwnYou

    Executions and their purpose

    I feel kinda the same way, how the execution works, now days is just like "Oh we are a hostile group against them, let's just execute them" or there is the other party where "Let's just execute so they don't come back and shoot us". I think there needs to be a more clarification and / or some major changes to the execution rights.
  6. My name is Alexi Mayernik, I was born in Petrovka, Chernarus on July 16th, 1987. When I was 16 years old, my dad started to teach me how to use a Makarov, and a hunting rifle, so I went on my first hunt at the age of 18. When I became a hunter, I moved out of my parents' house, and into a tiny cabin near a Mountain called, Cкaпкa - Skalka, in English. I lived there for a while until February 11th, 2009 (as 22 years old) and I was hunting in the forest nearby; when suddenly, four men put a sack over my head. “They have taken me, hostage!”, I said quietly in my head. I was taken by a bunch of Chernarussian rebels, that I later find out… A few months went by, and I was still with the men that captured me. I then started wondering if this is what I am supposed to be, a rebel. Few days passed, and I was recruited into the rebellion. I later found out that the name of the group was known as, Chernarussian movement of the Red Star. I had my first taste of combat in 2010 during the Chernarussian Civil War. I had a battle right on the outskirts of Zelenogorsk, where the CDF Remnants where located. Many soldiers of all different factions, died there. I later became a Nadpraporčík, or Lieutenant after the battle in Zelenogorsk for saving seven members of my squad. In 2014, I moved into a base where NATO was located. We had been in a firefight before we got there. Nothing or anyone was in the base at that moment. We camped there for almost a month with some of my platoon. One night, our Sergeant woke up and when to take a leak. As he started to piss, he was attacked by some type of creature that looked like he was covered in blood. We got out weapons and start firing at the creature. We moved up to see that Sergeant Markovsky was dead. “Alexi Look, there's more coming our way! Run!”, said Private Gorev. We started to run south to a local village, Tulga. We reached the outskirts of the village when suddenly, I heard screaming of some of my when and then, I was struck in the back by a bullet. I woke up on the shore, about 4 days later with a Chedaki Red star in my pocket… And the story continues from here! (This is an old story for this character so the Days will not be accurate)
  7. SebbePwnYou

    The Tortugan State Media.

    Yeah that's why the red dot is off center LUL
  8. SebbePwnYou

    The Tortugan State Media.

    @EndeavourRP This is why I love Dayz, do you see why? What is triggering me... ?
  9. SebbePwnYou

    The Tortugan State Media.

    @EndeavourRP and Myself hunting for food...
  10. Falk

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    nice picture mate  

    1. SebbePwnYou


      I can do better LMChuYe.png

    2. Falk


      nah you alright mate

  11. SebbePwnYou

    What would you like to see from Groups + Events.

  12. SebbePwnYou

    Meeting People IRL from DayZRP

  13. SebbePwnYou

    In game Premium poll

    Pay to win system ? donate to get more inventory slots
  14. SebbePwnYou

    The Tortugan State.

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