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  1. oi, lets play sometime k?

  2. I'm ready for this, even with You Know Whos permission
  3. I feel kinda the same way, how the execution works, now days is just like "Oh we are a hostile group against them, let's just execute them" or there is the other party where "Let's just execute so they don't come back and shoot us". I think there needs to be a more clarification and / or some major changes to the execution rights.
  4. Yeah that's why the red dot is off center LUL
  5. @EndeavourRP This is why I love Dayz, do you see why? What is triggering me... ?
  6. @EndeavourRP and Myself hunting for food...
  7. nice picture mate  

    1. SebbePwnYou


      I can do better LMChuYe.png

    2. FalkRP


      nah you alright mate

  8. Pay to win system ? donate to get more inventory slots
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