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  1. Ryan Wadsworth was a member of the United States military for 8 years. He joined the marines due to his inability to decide on a career for his future, this also took a toll on his relationship with his high school sweetheart of 6 years. He fell in love with the uniformity of the marines and decided to stay in and try and progress as far as he could endure both physically and mentally. His career took a turn when he was over seas in Afghanistan fighting in the war on terror. His platoon was ambushed after dark and Ryan was critically injured along with many other soldiers in his platoon. They fought through the night until they could EVAC from the location. Ryan was sent to a local United States military base and his wounds were treated. He decided that it was time to end his military en-devours and try and move on to life as a civilian. After returning back to the states him and his girlfriend tried to rebuilt their relationship after being on and off for the duration of his career as a marine. Due to his performance in the marines Ryan was awarded a purple heart. Things were going great for Ryan and his now soon to be bride. They were living in a modest house in Houston, Texas where he had found a steady job. They made a comfortable salary along with his government pension. Ryan's got married and they decided instead of just going to one place for their honeymoon they traveled across Europe and into Russia. They eventually made their way to Sochi, Russia where a cruise liner, the Costa Risacca, was departing for a cruise around the Green Sea. Since Ryan had never been on a cruise they decided to use the rest of their money and hop on the boat. As they were in halfway through their trip there was rumor spreading among the passengers about some sort of sickness that was spreading quickly through western Europe. Later towards the end of the trip when the cruise liner was supposed to head back to Sochi, the captain informed all of the passengers that it was unsafe to return to the mainland and that they would maintain their course until they had word of a safe place to dock. Panic soon ensued on the boat when jets flew over head and bombing could be heard and briefly seen in the distance. A very tumultuous storm began to ransack the cruise liner and took the boat off course making it crash into a rock formation. The ship was sinking quickly and people were crying, praying, trying to escape, and committing suicide. Ryan and his wife managed to get on a lifeboat, but due to the raw power of the ship being engulfed by the Green Sea it took them down with it. Ryan surfaced with his wife in his arms and positioned themselves onto a badly damaged lifeboat. Ryan's wife had severe head trauma from debris in the water during the sinking of the Costa Risacca and died in his arms. He let her body drift into the sea and with no motivation to live he passed out and let the boat take him wherever it did. His boat later was beached onto the shore of South Zagoria.
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