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  1. I've deleted my old character, and created a new one, for when I start Livonia. When I go to log in, I am getting the "Not your active character" kick. How do I fix this?
  2. Born in Belfast, Ireland. Moved to New Jersey when he was 5. When he was 13, he came across mafia boss Simone DeCavalcante, in his restaurant. After begging him for some part time work, to bring in some money to help out his family, he became a package runner for him. When he turned 17, while he was delivering a load of weapons, he was held up. Thinking fast, he was able to pull out a knife from under his seat, and slit his throat. That was the first time he killed, but I was far from his last. He was sent by his boss to Livonia, to kill the weasel Jimmy Slitz, when the outbreak spread. After fleeing the airport, he made his way into town, and eventually was able to make shelter in a small bunker. Sleeping on the hard concrete floor didn't bother Conor, as he was raised in the slums as a child. Food wasn't a problem either, but he would hoard as much as possible, to use as a bargaining chip. A few times he would share his meals with strangers, families, mostly. He may be a killer, but only when it is necessary.
  3. Gnarkill

    Apocolypitc gumball rally

    Haha my game crashed out, and when I had logged back in, I had hit a tree, lost two tires and the radiator. Fun times!
  4. Gnarkill


    Glad we could be of service!
  5. @Crimson_Tiger thank you. I love the rp, even though I’m not good at it, but just wanted to cover my butt just in case. Hopefully I can continue it later on down the road.
  6. lol my power must have came back on shortly after, Went and had a shower and did some running around. Again, I'm sorry about that.
  7. Was just doing some rp on deer isle and my power has gone out. Using my phone to post this. It was up near smallville. Whoever I was doing RP with, I apologize.
  8. Gnarkill


    I think it makes the view better!
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