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  1. Gnarkill

    Apocolypitc gumball rally

    Haha my game crashed out, and when I had logged back in, I had hit a tree, lost two tires and the radiator. Fun times!
  2. Gnarkill


    Glad we could be of service!
  3. @Crimson_Tiger thank you. I love the rp, even though I’m not good at it, but just wanted to cover my butt just in case. Hopefully I can continue it later on down the road.
  4. lol my power must have came back on shortly after, Went and had a shower and did some running around. Again, I'm sorry about that.
  5. Was just doing some rp on deer isle and my power has gone out. Using my phone to post this. It was up near smallville. Whoever I was doing RP with, I apologize.
  6. Gnarkill


    I think it makes the view better!
  7. You have to use your character name in the launcher itself, NOT at the main games login. Can kind of be a pain to set up. Edit: if you are using the Steam launcher, set it up under parameters. If you are using the DZSALauncher, go to settings and name your character from there.
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