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  1. Cool now my gun actualy disappear, im so happy!
  2. I have an M4A1 , he worked very well but now i can't put any mag in the gun, why?
  3. Find a child raised without heat and normal love with a father who loved his hunting weapon better than his own son, I learned to be the same, I learned to hunt as a child, at 13 years old my toys were animals hunted and skinned by the father me or myself. My past does not arouse too many smiles but that is it and this will help me today to survive .As if his father knew something, he always had visions of something other than animals, he was referring to something that resembles a man, for a long time I thought my father was a criminal but he was referring to something else, today I got to live in his nightmare.
  4. It is correct I was in novaya petrovka while desperately looking for a hospital to create a blood bag for me to survive. In my search I gave a woman to whom I asked for urgent help, after a few seconds she fired in a zombie, to come more, I shot, I swear I didn't hit any bullets, I even tried to kill all the infections around her to save her because her character was blocked and she was surrounded, so much I could do for her.Then I chose to have the objects that would have saved my life, but there appeared a group of 6 people who started begging to throw blame on me for killing her, normally trying to get out of the conversation when everyone 6 were threateningly approaching me with their weapons revealed.I threw down the guns, but I kept the gun so that I would not be dishonest and it showed that I would die fighting not robbed them, I only fired a few bullets in the back, I did not kill him I am sure, I had a glock19 9mm, in change the one who filmed and died died by mistake of an ally because he buried him.That's all, thank you.
  5. I met them at the military base in vybor, and said I didn't want any problem and just kept going, then I threw a grenade because I was being watched by many zombies, they heard the noise and started chasing me. the weapons in my hand, I was following an open area where I could not hide, I felt in danger and I had no chance against them, so I opened fire on them. If u consider i wrong , i will support the consequences, thank you!
  6. sKz


    My sweet home!
  7. sKz


    So many friends, every tree has its story that I want to hear.
  8. sKz


    Aaa ... wait, I'm already surrounded by death, come on me dear.
  9. sKz


    I can't stand next to something that can kill me!
  10. The background is my nostalgia, seeing that I'm surrounded only by evil things, and any mistake can bring death. All things go, every thing hard, easy, bad or good is given to forgotten but the feelings are always forever. After all, fear than 2 questions: "Is it just a nightmare?" or if it's real "will it ever end?" We have come back in time, the primary instincts have returned to the forefront, the strongest remains alive. Have we forgotten to be human, is there humanity, did we ever know how to be human? Questions that can not have a concrete answer, but one thing I know for sure, I'm definitely human and show compassion to people because that's me.
  11. Hey, after all the procces i get white listed now i cant join the server, how can i resolve that?
  12. i think 4-5 years now it work s. Thank you very much !
  13. i had a friend who tried to steal my acc , steam see that and i had ban 1 week after i sent a mail and i demonstrate is my account
  14. Hello, i registed to dayzrp.com and after i wanted to take whitelist for playing, i have 1600+h in day z but i allready can t get whitelist. i need help. Thank you!
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