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  1. My character is from Berezino, he was a factory worker. He was a soviet afghanistan campaign veteran. He has 3 son, and he likes the shooting with his AK-74. after the outbreak in green mountain, he was tryed to save his sons and wife, but it was too late for it, when he came to home, he see the dead bodies of his sons and wife, he take some apples from his home and started to running. firstly he went solnichy and kamysovo he find a luger with one magazine, after the taking gun 2 zombie tryed to attack him, he killed them, he wanted to loot NWAF started to running, firstly he pass topolky pass, he take some water, started to running to staroye he went to staroye military base take some ammo and a water bottle, he started to running to guglovo when he enter to the guglovo he see 3 zombie tried to kill them but he was wounded take some bandage and stopped the blood, he is started to running again. now he is in the NWAF he find 1 ak-74 and 2 ak-74 magazine. he find one guy in airfield, he was his friend from his old factory... they are started the building a base. they are builded it and their story is started...
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