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  1. Alex Pavlovo grew up in the streets of Dallas, TX, United States. He grew up in a bad part of town and learned early how to fend for himself and learning a variety of criminal skills. Abandoned as a child, he had to learn to take care of himself, and to stay alive. When he became old enough, Alex joined the Army and did a couple of deployments overseas in the two enlistments that he served in the Army attaining the rank of Corporal before he was caught stealing and selling military equipment and knew he had to promptly disappear in order to avoid a lengthy sentence in a military prison. He joined a mercenary group performing black ops in a variety of countries and operating areas, where he continued to steal, rob, and cheat to gain what he needed to survive and accomplish the mission. He ended up in the area of Livonia, where he was in the process of a mission to eliminate a VIP when the disease occurred. He saw everyone dying, and several of his team go down from the rampant rush of the zombie plague and took off to a safe location in the middle of the forest where he hid out until the dead had taken over and he was less likely to be killed by a living human. Now he spends his time robbing and scavenging just trying to survive, in hopes that he will one day be able to leave this horrible country and somehow get out of Europe, even willing to risk returning to the United States.
  2. Deathviper

    Group implemented settlements

    As a newbie to the DayzRP community I say I have to agree with all that i have quoted. Structures that would need an entire construction company to build should not be part of a "player settlement" in terms of multiple buildings and massive walls, a "mini-city" or how ever anyone wants to call it. Now, I can reasonable accept, a walled off COMMERCIAL building out in the middle of nowhere that people would really notice or necessarily pay attention to. Building PD's, prison, and what ever else that is solid concrete and would take months, if not in excess of a year, and something that size WOULD be on an official map in some sort of capacity. Player compounds in my opinion should be non-broken chain length fence enclosing maybe one or two industrial buildings such as you would see at the lumber mill areas, and any additional buildings should be in the likes of hunting cabins, hunting lodge, or wooden single story building that could be realistically built as additional building by survivors. No group should realistically get massive city style buildings of any sort, nor solid concrete walls as it just doesn't make any darn sense. I know its a game, but come on be realistic people! Make plausible compounds that would be believable. As I said everyone i quoted all have valid points that I agree with as a newb to the dayzrp community. Don't mean to anger anyone, this is just an honest opinion from someone who has not had many run-ins with anyone and is more or less neutral. End of rant.
  3. I was killed while bound in duct tape complying with what i was told by the group "Anarchy" A fellow called dimitri killed me. I was cooperating after gunshots at prison island broke out (I were on main shoreline directly across) I have a small hard drive and am unable to record my own play.
  4. I was killed while bound in duct tape complying with what i was told by the group "Anarchy" A fellow called dimitri killed me. There were 3 of us, 2 bound and 1 with hands up and he killed us all while we were cooperating after gunshots at prison island broke out (We were on main shoreline directly across) I have a small hard drive and am unable to record my own play.
  5. Deathviper

    Crafting with the DayZRP mod.

    Is there any updates on what can't and can't be crafted now? Most of these no longer seem to work.
  6. Thanks for the reply, now as for base raiding, I'm under the impression that you may only take what you 'need' to survive, so am I mistaken that if you have weapons you can't raid a base and take weapons? I may be misunderstanding this rule. Anyone have clarification?
  7. Thank you sir! Are they all still current? I don't remember seeing a wooden cross I'm the crafting list with planks and nails, mainly wooden crate, wood storage, barrel storage, and planting box I think and that's why I ask.
  8. Hi fellas, I'm mostly used to other servers and recently got into rp. Just a question about mid to higher tier weapons, where do they spawn? We have checked balota, troitske, various military tents, pavlovo, most everything except NEAF, NWAF, and Tisy Military and all I have found in a week of searching other than the usual ump45, PP1901, PM's, 133's, and a APS pistol (none of which were at any military area) is ONE B52 or whatever it is. Can anyone give me any tips on where to find weapons, all I find is military clothing and helmets. For reference I use the izurvive map and look near "helmet" and "pistol" icons and the pistol icons is a metric crap ton of weapon attachments and magazines but have never found a weapon at these locations. B52 was in a shipping container not actually in a base.
  9. Tried the link to the recipes and it's a bad link now, does anyone have an alternate link?
  10. Celmore Lesholte was born to an Irish Mother and Russian father in New York City in 1973. He happily spent his childhood with his parents until the fall of 1982, when tragedy struck the family. His mother was killed one day by a mugger while walking home from the grocery store. His father, never able to recover, spiraled out of control, abusing various drugs and alcohol. In the summer of 83', his father sent him to his home city of Severograd, Chernarus to live with his relatives and provide a better life for himself. Finishing his basic schooling, Celmore went on to University, graduating with a degree in Criminal Justice where afterwards he joined the Russian military. He served honorably, with distinction, and rose from the rank of Officer Cadet all the way to Captain, serving in a variety of military police and special forces units, most notably the OMON Special Purpose Mobile Unit, a federal police unit within the National Guard of Russia. Celmore served proudly until asking for a discharge upon of hearing rumors of the horrors of his home city, and wanting to return after losing all contact with his family.
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