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  1. My characters name is Hyett Tennies. He is a 18 year old who is from Palm Springs California. Hyett was a drifter and he had been winning drift competitions in the state. He began to make a name for himself and got a offer to become a pro drifter in RDS (Russian Drift Series). Hyett took the offer and brought his family with him. While flighing to Russia the pilot was having a heart attack and as the the plane was over chernarus at the time when it went down and crashed in chernarus. Hyett's brother Logan was the only one to survive the crash with Hyett. They were very hurt. Hyett could barely walk. Logan had lots of glass stuck in his back. They got to a near by house and they rested. Hyett had no medical training but he thought that taking out the glass for his brothers back would be a good idea but it turned out that it was a bad idea. They had no bandages and before Hyett knew it his brother bleed out. Hyett was alone surviving and had no radio. He was by himself for weeks.
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