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  1. Colt was born into a complicated family. Rather, a family within a family. His father had relations with 3 of his sisters, all resulting in his siblings. Colt was constantly with his older sibling, Freedom. The two were extremely close, and ultimately would form the hierarchy of their current family. Him and his brother would go on constant escapdes, rampaging rural Missouri. As a farmer and moonshiner, Colt would become a hardened man, with rough hands, and a work-ethic millenials would kill for. Many bar-brawls with his brother would result in them both being highly competent at putting up a hell of a fight. Poaching would result in Colt being quite the shot. As the years of farming, moonshining, and debauchery continued, their father would end up being mysteriously murdered. As the father, Jethro would be the main operator of the moonshine business, and there would be constant varying forms of violence surrounding the trade. Shot and killed in the woods by an unknown family member. Very soon after his death Jethro’s extended family came in and took his land and home by force. The Walker siblings fought back and killed or injured many but after a nearly fatal hit on their eldest brother, Freedom, they decided to cut their losses and leave the area. Through a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend, they learned about deer isle and the opportunity to do their own thing in peace and quiet. They quietly boarded a ship to Chernarus and soon found themselves on deer isle in 2015. They watched the island get overrun by infected and almost all the population killed.
  2. A former drug addict who needed to stop his heavy addictions due to the outbreak. Jack now faces the dilemma of not being able to find processed drugs, and instead takes out this frustration and need to get a fix, by lashing out on anyone who crosses him the wrong way. Jack ended up on Chernarus while being transported to the island on a ship full of dangerous criminals. The ship sunk in a storm, and he found himself in an unknown land, full of human hungry creatures. Along his side, Steve Marshall, a crazed and mysterious lunatic whispers pyschotic suggestions in his ear, while Jack struggles with his current drug addiction and urges to resort to violence when frustrated with the void that is Jack.
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