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  1. Walter Jacobs was a freelance journalist living in New York City. After a period of what he would in his own words would describe as a "banal," with the same ever-looming conflicts in the Middle East, he was relieved to see a new story to break. The Chernarus outbreak. With exclusive coverage, it would be something approximating a big break for him as a journalist, and as such he spared no expenses when he got on a plane to visit the area a few weeks after the U.N and W.H.O arrived at Miroslavl to provide aid to the locals and get to the bottom of the situation. Little did Jacobs know, this would not be like any other story he had covered before. In the first few weeks after landing in Krasnostav, he stayed at a dingy old hotel on the edge of what was being termed by some as an exclusion zone, where the outbreak was taking its largest toll. Unable to get in with a growing military presence, he had to parse out what details he could by interviewing affected patients and certain locals. With a poor internet connection, he managed to make a few posts to his online blog before his connection to the outside world would soon be cut. It was too dangerous for maintenance personnel to operate on cell towers, and as the infection began to spread more and more areas began to lose running water, instead resorting to pumping it from water wells in the remote areas. Over the next few months Jacobs fled from place to place, staying with numerous groups as the situation in Chernarus has grown increasingly more turbulent. Unable to return to his home country, and faced with the basic burden of survival, right now the only thing on his mind is finding a warm meal and a warm bed to sustain himself.
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    Hey guys, Back when DayZ first came out I think I saw this but realized I didn't fit the minimum age so I ended up skipping out on it. Over time DayZ gathered dust in my Steam library as I realized it's development was becoming kind of trashy and then big woop, it's actually on consoles and stuff now??? Anyway I've been looking through some of the journal threads and the lore players have built around the server and it definitely looks like you guys have something special going here, and I'd love to be part of it. So hi everyone! Hope I'll see some of you folks IG. I'm sure it'll be a blast. Toodles.
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