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  1. Thaddeus slowly walked down road every step bringing him ever closer to his home Severograd. His steps felt lighter as he moved ever closer to his brothers and sisters. A large ‘S’ carved into the right side of his neck a symbol of his strength and a ‘J’ carved into his right palm was the symbol of his loyalties. He found himself glancing down at his palm, “God how I missed these fuckers.” He said to himself. Thaddeus lifted a radio still set to the old Lost Souls frequency, “Hey brothers if anyone still has this frequency Brother Nathan is come home to play.” He smiled, “Duncan, Jack, and any scared brothers and sisters lets link up at Hell and share a drink. I got some good stuff from mother Russia.” He shifted his weight and the muffled sound of bottles clanking could be heard over the radio.
  2. TLake

    King Joffreys reign is suspended [All]

    Thaddeus slowly rubs his chin digesting all that he had heard over the radio. He figured he would cast his voice out into the airwaves. "Well I can't speak for all of the brothers of the north, but I'm sure I can gather a few good men and claim some bounties. You best have these 'BeanZ' ready. Maybe even a fancy title with a nice hat, Lord of Stary Yar perhaps? My prayers go out to King Joffrey, but now its time to play." He lowered the radio and switched to his brothers frequency, "Chaos is running rampant it's time to play boys." He tilted his head back and laughed.
  3. TLake

    Make DayZRP Great Again!

    History has shown that the only thing that stands strong as a platform for rp is SA. We have done the whole #BringBackMod, Desolation, Life is Feudal. Let's just drop this rabble and go back to our lives of "Die die never comply" /sarcasm
  4. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-Republika-Tshrnaruska-WIP-Recruiting?pid=1508907#pid1508907 Why the verdict is not fair: Some people might mistake my dry sarcastic whit with being flamey, but I wasn't trying to be. I was only trying to point out the crazy hypocrisy that was going on with that group idea. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: So ZBOR gets shut down and ridiculed for being covert Nazi's, while in this groups stated goals is such wonderful things as. 1. Eradicate all Muslim and nonslavic entities within the region of South Zagoria in order to create racial unity in the region, by any means necessary. 2. Convert all to the Eastern Orthodox Church. Destroy all false idols and destroy nonbelievers in order to show the truth. My statement was to point out the link between this group idea and a group Rolle smashed with a ban hammer. If he is gonna smash one Nazi why not all the Nazi's? I was just trying to prove a point. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Remove my warning points. What could you have done better?: I could have used less sarcasm, but I find sarcasm often helps people realize how crazy something is.
  5. I can say that some of the things I have done IC have gotten to me. Also what has been done to me IC has also effected me at times. I would say depending on what it is its just a sign of really good rp. We try to keep the two things apart, but at the end of the day we can't always keep our morals apart from what we do IG. I often sit back after a rp session and think about my character and come to the realization that if I met me in an apocalypse I wouldn't ask questions I would kill the sick fuck I have become. It's a very strange thing to wonder about ones morals and question if the actions in the game are a sign of a darker desire within ourselves to be evil.
  6. I'm gonna be honest and say I don't think your group should be approved. It seems like just some excuse to initiate on people and kill them because they aren't Slavic. It doesn't seem to be a good fit for this community, other groups have been pro slavic but they didn't openly search non slavs just to kill them. I think maybe if someone more well founded in this community could pull this off, but someone from Feb 2016 I don't think you have enough time in this community to pull this group off well.
  7. I started off as 100% myself, but as time went on and I interacted with people my story changed and I grew as a character. Though he is still me in many ways, but he has evolved. I feel that when you rp a character that has a bit of you in it the experience can be more real. When you become disassociated from your character you become less involved and more prone to not caring about how your character ends up.
  8. Cool thread, BUT are you gonna actually do some serious articles. The ass one seems a bit dumb tbh.
  9. Too soon Thad. WTF! HA that's what she said.....oh wait
  10. All of these smoke grenades being used are the reason Jason is dead. You all killed him!
  11. TLake

    What keeps you coming back here?

    The community and the friends I have made and hope to keep making keeps me around. Also those magical moments where you find really epic rp that is refreshing and fun. Those moments keep me here.
  12. TLake


    Kill, because I can't stop.
  13. TLake

    [GAME]the person above you is selling something door to door what are they selling

    Gas mask filters