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  1. Just to say, I wasn't aiming, my gun was in my hands however it was never raised to my shoulder and aimed at them. It may have moved up in my hands as in the animation of me sliding left and right but I am not a liar man, that is a low blow.
  2. I will start off by saying I have been playing for only a few days now, I have been in a firefight or two and have enjoyed the rp that people have had around me. However, tonight was beyond me. A group of individuals came to our groups base, had a decent chat with some of out members and just as they go to leave they turn and yell "Put your hands up or die" by the way that's a crap way to start hostile rp. Going on from that I then proceeded to hear shots fired within 3 seconds of that sentence finishing. I run up to our half wall lookout area to determine the situation we were in just to get shot through the wooden paneling of the half wall as I was crouched on the second floor. I saw one hostile below me never aimed at him, but was never the less shot through the wall and killed ending my rp before it even began. For a server focused on rp, This was not an enjoyable experience nor is it an okay way to portray serious rp in my opinion.
  3. I was stationed at Panzer Kaserne just after my 22nd birthday in 2015, it was time for me to have a break for a few years after being in Iraq and Afghanistan from 2012 to late 2014. My three years there taught me a lot about how to stay alive even in the harshest of conditions. Sand in your eyes, gunfire overhead, dehydrated and pushed around by explosions just yards from you. It forces you to adapt and learn how to survive. Germany was a nice change of pace, after being on U.S. soil for a few months Kaserne was a nice welcome back and brought my family of friends back together. Mid 2017 rolled up and punched us all in the face with Russia bombing a CDF base near Severograd, put us all on edge while we panicked to understand what was going on. Around July 10th we had a briefing about the military checkpoints that were being established on Chernorus by CDF, by the end of the month we had many updates to this including CAFs bombing of virus-infected civilians storming a few of their bases. The UN contacted to have some individuals sent out to Chernorus for peacekeeping measures. My commander obliged and had us sent as one of the closer stations. The next few weeks were the worst we could imagine. My skills taught to me in the marines were put to the test as society collapsed around us. Cities were overrun, power grid shut down, the virus... it was everywhere. It was only a few months before it was just me and a few members of the team... John Markie, Hanna Hovath, Oli Jacobson, and me, that was what was left of the 68th Combat Engineer Battalion. Our survival was dependent upon what skills we each had, together we would make it through.
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