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  1. After meeting @Nikolayev and @Scarlett We spent the night running for our lives. It was lovely. Then we met up with @RedSky and I think @Fenrir who told me a pretty scary bedtime story. Great RP guys Thankyou. I think I might run away while you're all asleep. We'll see.
  2. Arron started out as his fathers farm hand and learnt survival skills throughout his younger life. After being expelled from University he hit on hard times turning to petty crime which lead him to commit worse and more violent crimes over time. He was recruited into a gang of weapons smugglers almost by accident, and became very successful in his new trade. When the outbreak hit, Arron looked for his parents but to no avail. Losing faith in finding them he volunteered for a mission to a help a group of soldiers escort some scientists to help with the infection. The chopper he was in crashed after being peppered by small arms fire which hit the pilot. He's been looking for a place to call home ever since.
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