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  1. - - PRE-OUTBREAK - - Before the outbreak Daniel Shelby and his wife Cynthia Shelby were senior members of the London Metropolitan Police Service. Experienced armed Officers, both Daniel and Cynthia Shelby climbed the ladder of the Police Force to the highest ranks, enjoying administrative roles away from the everyday action of the beat. In the events leading up to the outbreak and collapse of civilisation Daniel and Cynthia Shelby were jointly deployed to Chernarus as NATO advisers to advise the local police on how to improve and maintain order. However, as the situation turned bleak, the infected spread and the conflict broke out the Shelby family found themselves under siege inside Zelonogorsk as the CDF tried to maintain control of the area. As riots broke out and the military tried to maintain control the Shelby family found themselves both separated from each other after running away from a horde. As the city was bombed and overwhelmed by hordes of infected the Shelby family founds themselves pushed out of the city and into the wilderness, separated and alone, they now had only one goal in mind: find each other and survive. -- POST-OUTBREAK - -
  2. Nathan Lancaster is a man of deep internal conflict. He is not a bad man, but he is not a good man either, he considers himself to be a survivor and nothing more. After suffering great loss, including the death of his wife, Lancaster grows into a pessimistic man that questions the futility of existence and the world, with that being said he continues to still put himself at great personal sacrifice and risk for those he cares about, but after surviving for so long, the road and all that it has to offer has hardened Lancaster into a ruthless and suspicious survivor, he is very slow to trust others and willing to use ruthless and brutal means to dispatch of anybody that he perceives as being a threat to people who he cares about. With that being said, for all his faults and his short temper, Lancaster is no monster and will not kill others needlessly and never steals from anybody that hasn't harmed him, though his ruthless manner is often questionable, he shows pity and empathy for the weak and will help those in need if he can. Lancaster is originally from the UK, Manchester. He lived there with his wife before the outbreak, and spent much of his life in security. At the age of 16 he left school and joined the British Army as a member of 2nd Battalion, parachute regiment. However, Lancaster did not enjoy the army and often found himself locking horns with his commanding officers. Lancaster and the regiment were deployed to Iraq in 2004, three months into deployment Lancaster would find himself conducting patrols in a nearby town outside Baghdad where he would interact with the locals. After exchanging gifts with some local merchants, Lancaster would be rocked by a sudden explosion detonated by a child with a football, this explosion would leave him in medical recovery for almost an entire year, causing the deaths of 32 civilians and 3 military personnel, one of which was Lancaster's friend since his time in training. The trauma of this event would result in Lancaster's Honorable discharge and psychological trauma for the rest of his life that he would only ever learn to live with, but never get over. After making a full recovery, barring the mild amnesia as a side effect of the PTSD, Lancaster would seek a career in the private security sector as a mercenary. Contracted by the government, he would find himself periodically jetting off to Afghanistan and Iraq to guard British embassies abroad, that would generally result in peaceful deployments. However, Islamic fundamental resurgence post-Arab spring Lancaster would find himself as one of the few guarding a British embassy that was under siege from demonstrators. At some point during the siege the protesters broke into the lobby en-masse, filling the room, when a demonstrator fired a starting pistol in an attempt to cause a stampede, Lancaster fired two rounds from the upper level balcony into the man, killing him. Such an event hit the news, however Lancaster and the man remained unnamed. Following an inquiry Lancaster was acquitted of his actions and the killing was deemed justified, this event however would only add to Lancaster's internal conflict and he would think of that man for the rest of his life. Lancaster retired from the private security sector a few years before the outbreak and would then work odd-jobs as a bouncer and labourer until the outbreak occurred. As the events in Chernarus were unfolding, Lancaster and his wife were on a much needed holiday in the south of France, as news began to reach the West and the virus spread, the Lancaster family found themselves cut off from Britain and all of their flights grounded, in the following weeks society would began to crumble as they found themselves surviving in a foreign land. After months of surviving, and witnessing the greatest of horrors, Lancaster and his wife managed to eventually find a community that was getting by of about 12 people on the Swiss border, of which Lancaster found himself eventually leading after a few weeks. In an attempt to escape the infected, Lancaster led the group deeper into Switzerland and into the cold mountain areas where the infected struggled, the group survived for a while, however on one stormy night, with the weather just above freezing the group found themselves held up inside a cabin at the foot of a mountain. Tension was high in the group and one of the survivors, Ryan, found himself ranting about the futility of their attempt to survive and suddenly, he snapped. He pointed his gun at Lancaster and began ranting about how ever since he joined the group had gone down hill, how they never should have followed him on this suicide mission into the Alps. Lancaster attempted to calm Ryan down, though Ryan refused and ultimately, in a struggle with Lancaster, discharged his firearm that fatally hit another member of the group in the throat, with no medical supplies at hand the survivor died. Ryan dropped to his knees, realising what he just did while Lancaster attempted to apply pressure to the wound to no avail. Later that night Lancaster found himself walking Ryan out into the cold, about 400m from the cabin, he put Ryan down onto his knees, aint his gun to about 4 inches from the back of his head..... Three weeks later the group had managed to escape the Alps and heading into Italy, where they would meet a small group of locals. Discussing with the local villagers, that had set up a wooden camp on a hill by an abandoned town proved useful as they heard rumours from the group that there was military activity near the East coast of Italy. Lancaster and his group were told that the British Royal Navy had anchored by the coast near San Marino, so Lancaster decided to begin taking his group East in hopes of locating the Royal Navy and maybe getting him and his wife home. For the time being Lancaster and his group would remain with this small group of survivors to gather their strength, where they had also learned that other groups of survivors existed within the rural areas of Italy, one of which has been attacking other survivors and pushing them out of their lands, these 'Banditos' were numerous and had outposts all over the East and North of Italy. It wasn't long into their travel that the Lancaster group eventually came across these Bandits. Travelling through a small village, Nathan and his wife found themselves scavenging inside a rundown stored for food items. The sun was setting and the remaining light of the day was projecting spots of light onto a far wall as light shone through the bullet holes inside the shop shutters, at which point Cindy Lancaster spotted the shadows momentarily vanishing as people walked by and outside was footsteps. Cindy alerted Lancaster and he grabbed her, running up stairs and hiding inside of a closet, as the Bandits entered and flooded the building checking for any infected. As the bandits searched each room they bragged and discussed about recently killing a family, mocking the pleas of a father they had killed. Holding the mouth of his wife shut with one hand, as she shivered with fear, Lancaster readied is knife as a Bandit entered the room in which they were hiding. The Bandit, suddenly, looked towards the closet as he hear the slight murmur of fear from Cindy, approaching, Nathan readied himself and when the Bandit got close her lunged out and stabbed him in chest. The loud noise prompted the other Bandits to begin rushing up stairs and the banging of feet rushing up stairs to where Lancaster was prompted him to hide behind the door. As one Bandit entered the room and spotted Cindy, Lancaster revealed himself and stabbed the bandit in the face; unable to pull out his knife. The secondary Bandit hit Lancaster and took Nathan down to the floor, hitting Nathan repeatedly, Cindy interjected and kicked the Bandit hard enough in the head to knock him out. Nathan finished the job and killed the Bandit. Quickly, Lancaster rushed to the window where he climbed out and descended down he drainage pipe, encouraging his wife to do the same and holding his hands out in case she feel, Cindy began to climb out when suddenly another Bandit dragged her back into the building. Lancaster sprinted back to the entrance door, hearing the screams of his wife, and rushed back up the stairs. to be continued
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