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  1. Murphy is a hardcore stoner. When he was just twelve years old, Murphy experienced his first high from weed. From then on he would become the most well Known person in his town. At thirteen years old, he competed in the California state surf competition. He came in first while extremely high. Murphy was proud, and so was his father. However during high school his dad died, which really affected him. He was one of his best friends. It affected him so much that he eventually dropped high school. He did not care. He thought is was all bullshit anyways. He would be welcomed into his best friends place so he could recover from his loss. He didn't have a job to save the house, and he didn't Know who his mom was so she could help out. She had left his dad right before he was born. One day, however, Murphy saw an ad online about the weed in Chernarus. It was hailed as the best. Murphy thought of an idea. His best friend and himself would travel to Chernarus, grow their own weed, and sell it to the locals. They would hope to expand their business to the surrounding counties as well. After arriving in Chernarus and blowing all of their money on joints to enjoy, the infected began their descent on Chernarus. His friend was bit at a hot dog eating contest, leaving Murphy alone. There, he would start his journey searching for the best weed in Chernarus.
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