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  1. Natasha is a 24 year old woman from Denmark whose family back in the day immigrated from Russia. She grew up with two brothers, Fredek and René, and had a normal childhood, attending school with friends until she was old enough to enroll to the University of Copenhagen. Despite her family origins a few generations back she didn't know a word of Russian and had no real ties to the country. It was at a university gathering that she met Adrik who was an international student from Chernarus. The two of them became good friends over the years, and Adrik told her all about life back home. Eventually, her friend encouraged her to travel together for a Spring Break vacation to Chernarus. In the spring of 2016 they booked a flight to Chernarus and arrived. Natascha was excited to be a tourist and explore the home of her good friend. However, she was entirely unprepared for the zombie apocalypse that awaited her there..."
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