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    Aggressive staff

    They've tried, doesn't work. Hardline stance has been needed for a long time. In the full screenshot you can see that Conor links the rules page as requested, as to where ScarRP asks him "Are you on drugs" which can be seen as an aggressive reply. Also after said screenshot above ScarRP gives the retort of "Go outside" which is also an insulting comment by it self, therefore Is null and void as the rest of the screenshot shows that Scar did take the bait, with no punishment. Overall I think Conor is one of the more professional within the staff team (and that's coming from someone who just got a 7 day yeet from him). His verdicts have been fair, and well written each time. And his overall mannerisms also shows professionalism from his side. But stupid questions get stupid answers.
  3. DuquesneLR


    I am free.

    1. Inferno


      Why must you have this big anime titty music on your profile

    2. Scarlett


      don't listen to him love your music lmao, glad your back

    3. Wee_L_LR


      Welcome back da

  4. DuquesneLR

    Interview With A Community Member: Trijim

    *Stare of disbelief and dissapointment*
  5. DuquesneLR

    Official Escape From Tarkov Thread

    Dope game. USEC or bust as stated above.
  6. DuquesneLR


    Today I watched 3 people get executed from the small little cell window within my solitary cell. This prison is a bloody one, it takes no shit.

  7. DuquesneLR


    I spit at least twenty times a day within my cell. One spit for each of my sins that I have commited.

    1. Kattsura


      Awww. it will be ok

      *Gives him a cookie*

  8. DuquesneLR

    • DuquesneLR
    • Rover

    Where's the red

    1. Rover


      judy garland dorothy GIF

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  10. DuquesneLR

    New Life Rule warning

    Didn't see the edit. Nonethless. Once I was driving in one of those big UAZ (Or whatever it's called) trucks, full with people. We hit a corner somewhere and we all instantly died. Yeah it sucked, but we simply had people in the other cars grab our stuff and come and pick us up everywhere. And we had a good laugh about it for quite a while, vowing to never let that person drive ever again. Yes, it's a bother. But it's a neccessary bother.
  11. DuquesneLR

    New Life Rule warning

    *Michael thought to himself, that is why emotes exist.* A terrible bandit who'll have to go look for a gun. (Which isn't hard at all to begin with) Food, water, maybe some wellies, and you're smack dab ready to go RP your dreams out. Find an IC excuse. You could've been knocked out. You could've ran from a horde of zombies and managed to smack yourself into a wall or trip over a chair. Now you can go on a rampage on all chairs that you find throughout both of the maps, having a jolly good time around the campfire talking about the story of how a mighty chair defeated your character. Doesn't matter if no one saw you die. Someone might of, and in regards to bugs, while they are numerous. Would you not have rulebreakers banned for breaking "ACTUAL" NLR, with the trade-off that you'll have a slight nuisance every now and again? The concept is simple: Actual rulebreakers will be caught from now on. And now they'll know if you go back to your body after a buggy mess. (Which you weren't allowed to begin with.)
  12. DuquesneLR

    New Life Rule warning

    Great addition to avoiding rulebreaks. As for "I got bugged, died, and it ain't hurting no one." This game isn't about loot. You got DayZ'd, we all do. However to put in something like this, to remove the 'actual' rulebreakers is a good trade-off for buggy NLR.
  13. DuquesneLR


    Day 3 of solitary confinement. I see myself recite movies that I have a guilty pleasure for, such as the notebook. It's tough man

    1. Scarlett


      I quite like the Notebook. Hang in there your doing great


  14. DuquesneLR


    Day 2 of solitary confinement. It's so very dark. I feel myself napping a lot, and my track of time is completely lost. I crave to go back to the airfield to give them 75 rounds of RP when they attack, but alas I must wait.

    1. Nutgos


      i believe in you

    2. Inferno


      Have you tried to have some corn to pass the time?

  15. DuquesneLR


    Day 1 of solitary confinement. Seems alright. It's a bit dark and I've had to look out the window towards the sun because there's a lack of things to do. I feel the walls are moving closer and closer each hour.

    1. Will


      you can always come and chat! 

    2. Scarlett


      lol play some music should make the time go faster

    3. Imation11
    4. DuquesneLR


      Finally some beanz. Thanks @Alan Woods

    5. Wynne


      What happen to you?

    6. Hofer


      Play some other games lad 😂

    7. DuquesneLR


      @Hofer I racked up 600-700 hours within my first 2 months here. I don't know what "other games" is anymore.

    8. Hofer


      You should get Star Wars Fallen Order or The Witcher 3. There you have entertainment for the next week

  16. DuquesneLR


    @Conor You have done gods work. I shall see you all next week.



  17. Born and raised in Esbjerg, Jylland. He grew up a rather average and standard life, never having to worry about much. As soon as he became eighteen he took his mandatory service within the Danish armed forced as to where he found his calling, it would be among his brothers in the regiment. A few years of service he was stationed in the region of Livonia along with his brothers. Where he tried his best alongside them to do his duty, only to be left stranded in a foreign country. Now along with them he tries to find back to his home, so he may re-gain contact with his family. More can be found out via interactions.
  18. DuquesneLR

    The 5.0.3 [Open Recruitment]

    The wedding of @C-J and @Georgia Banks in a definitely consentual and legally binding marriage.
  19. DuquesneLR

    Gate stacking

    I'd say the way that was setup was ridicilous. They were literally just smack dab against eachother. If he had been creative and maybe made a fuckton of airlocks etc, then we wouldn't have been able to get in. But due to them just: more gates = better security, smack those bad boys against eachother for extra annoyance. Actually made it easier for us.
  20. DuquesneLR

    Gate stacking

    Well, the thing is. There was 5-6 gates on the bottom, and then there was a single gate at the top. So we first hacksawed our way in through the top gate. Once that was finally open we simply jumped inside from the top, and started going to work with the pliers from the inside. So 5-10 minutes to get inside. 40-50 minutes to get all those stupid gates opened from the inside. Yeh, that one.
  21. DuquesneLR

    Gate stacking

    Pliers and a lot of patience my friend.
  22. DuquesneLR

    Gate stacking

    The other day I came across a base who had a whopping 5-6 gates stacked right behind eachother, all having codelocks. We managed to break in anyway. More gates does not equal better security lads. It just took us some extra time.
  23. DuquesneLR

    KOS - S2 Gieraltów Restaurant

    I added the edit prior to being informed you wanted to talk. And even then it doesn't change much of what we talked about We both agreed to drop the report as we talked it out, it shouldn't be kept up simply because of an edit that was made in my initial POV prior to us talking. The warning was to be given to everyone who was there. And from what you just stated you heard it as well. But yet you decided to still go outside despite being told that shit would go down. Anyhow, I'll refrain from this back and forth. I don't believe a report should be kept up after initially agreeing on it simply because you feel hurt how I am giving my defence. I'll be ready to answer any questions asked by staff else let's just get this verdicted.
  24. DuquesneLR

    KOS - S2 Gieraltów Restaurant

    I concur with the above, despite asking ten times if they were sure it was him it still ended up being the wrong target. I shall be sure to initiate/re-initiate in the future and never trust my teammates.
  25. DuquesneLR

    KOS - S2 Gieraltów Restaurant

    Howdy, it was me who shot you down. As for my POV it is fairly simple. Prior to me and my battle buddy arriving two of our own got held up. One of them was killed and the other was let go with one finger short. He pointed you out to be apart of the people whom initiated and tortured him and the other, hence the outright shooting as it was less than two hours. If it was in fact not you, then i do apologise and would like to talk it out. I would like to point out though, you were warned about us coming/being there. You must've known a hostile encounter had just taken place prior to us showing ourselves (we arrived before the irish left, we were just hidden). And when you went outside you were actively yelling/taunting us, to which i took my shots. We had also warned the Morettis that shit was about to go down, hence the warnings. If you had simply stayed in the restaurant, as you were warned, this might've not happened to begin with.
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