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  1. /unarchived at OPs request. @GaryCash make sure to add the changes asap.
  2. I don't see anything wrong in doing it in that thread either.
  3. Right here. Despite this being for "groups" you can still find individuals in there. Also just generally walking around in-game and be social via RP will get you travel buddies.
  4. Of course. Abolish all roleplay. /Moved to off-topic.
  5. @CrusaderCJ and me were apart of the same Arma group. Said it was a neat place, promised he'd play with me. (he never did)
  6. As far as I’ve understood, a bug happened to it and it has yet to be fixed.
  7. I feel as if the start of this LW was beautiful, due to the fact that MoreDoors was the only viable way of creating a base, thus several people of all kinds of backgrounds banded together creating small communities here and there. Now that basebuilding has been re-introduced- while raiding bases is my hobby, I can't help but feel we've lost that community feeling that we had at the start again, as I see more and more bases and pockets of people pop up once more, staying within their confined safe-space rather than branching out. Please remove the basebuilding again, it was so beautiful not to have it.
  8. If you're able to justify it via IC, I see no harm in it. But be mindful, simply because you show them a fake I.D it doesn't mean they'll have to simply just believe you ICly.
  9. I like them. That's really it. I like walking around not having to worry about the fast ones what so ever, but then suddenly because I feel 'safe' a slow one is suddenly blocking my entrance, and thus I am put into actual danger. I think loot should still be on them, but it should be reworked as for what loot, as they were too easily farmable before.
  10. Verdict @Dongle - False report - GUILTY Summary @Hampze is in the middle of a field only surrounded by a haybale as @Sassy, @Shroud & @Dongle runs into his direction, he pops out and starts loudly initiating via 2 bars to which @Sassy puts his hand up to fake a compliance, while @Shroud decides to go for it. During this time @Dongle moves around slightly, neither having his hands up, nor pulling out a gun as he watches the fight between the two, only for @Hampze to dispose of @Shroud and turn his aim on to @Dongle and kills him instantly. @Sassy then finally outguns @Hampze and the fight is over. Now let's get into why the staff team has decided on this being a false report. At the start of this report it did indeed look like an invalid kill on the surface. However after carefully looking into the video, testing out VOIP ranges, and back and forth between the staff, we've come to the conclusion that it is a false report for the following reasons. @Dongle - During the entire encounter you were seen either making a few steps closer to @Hampze or standing completely still, it takes you 10+ seconds before you're finally killed from the first initiation till your death, and even at the end you still do not have your hand up. We find it hard to believe you did not know what was going on, not only do you have @Sassy saying "I got my hand up." but you also have @Shroud right infront of you whom decides to go for the kill, and a clear firefight has obviously just broken out infront of you, and still you do not put your hand up into the air. The situation could not have been anymore blatant. At the first initiation we can also hear an audible "What the fuck man." reacting directly after Hampze makes his first initiation, and whilst you've stated that it's because he looks "goofy", we don't see how the situation could be anymore obvious to you. A man is pointing a gun towards all three of you, one has already stated loudly that he's putting his hand up, and the man right infront of you decides to pull out a gun and go to town. While we cannot be certain as to why you waited this long to either put your hand up, or pull a gun out for the fight, one thing we can be certain of is the fact that you heard the initiation. Several staff members went in-game and tested the VOIP range at the exact spot that the situation took place in, and with the help of the video and logs we managed to see that you were at closest, 20-21 meters away from Hampze at the time of your death, and shortly before that the only movement you had made was slightly to your left and forward, which at max kept you at 22-23 meters away, making you able to hear his initiation. Not only was the situation blatantly obvious, you would've also been able to hear Hampzes initiation(s). Therefore we find that your argument for this report null-and-void, and can only assume that this report was made with a malicious intent in mind. Which is why you're being hit with a false report, and Hampze's kill seen as valid. Outcome @Dongle - False report - GUILTY - 7 day ban & 15 warning points + Character Reset. Signed - @Duke, @Banshee & @Jade
  11. Kill Logs Hit Logs Connection Logs Calling in the following people to post their POVs and any unedited video evidence they may have: Kato Rito - @Dongle - POSTED Julek Belinsky - @Hampze - POSTED @Hampze - while we do appreciate the video, we require a full written POV of your side. @Dongle - Why does it take you over 10+ seconds to show that you're compliant by putting your hands up, and even at the moment you're killed they're still not up?
  12. Ahoy. After careful consideration, the staff team has decided to CLOSE this report at your request BUT we'd like to say a few closing remarks. @Slaviox - You were running around a town, well aware of a firefight is going on, not only running around with a gun out but also looting the corpses of the dead. You then proceed to stalk one of them, following close behind with your gun out and only putting it away after quite the amount of time. Only to be surprised by a shot hitting you before you finally put one hand into the air, all we can ask is - In what world did you think that would go right? You're in a temporary warzone, looting, gun out, and stalking the participants in said gunfight. This is a clear sign of NVFL (No-Value-For-Life) and is the sentence you most likely would've been hit with had this gone to conclusion. After looking through the logs we've found @Mason and @Dongle to be the ones that shot you, we'd like to leave you with a few remarks as well. Whilst we understand that the OP of this report were kinda asking for it, there is a certain point by the end of the video where he puts his hand up, there's then a distinct pause only for the final kill to be shot. To us it seems as if you saw him having his hand up, only to decide to shoot at him and finish him off as to not deal with what could've possibly been another combatant within the situation. Next time, be absolutely sure to ID your targets correctly as well as taking note whether or not someone is apart of the situation, as he did in-fact not have his gun out when you started firing, and even put a hand into the air, therefore not being a direct threat to either of you. We'd like to give a reminder to the community, that simply raising your hand into the air during an active firefight and deliberately walking around in it as if nothing is happening does not shield you from the attackers. With that said - /closed Signed - @Duke, @Inferno & @Jade
  13. Alright fellas, while we're all enjoying the back and forth, please stick to the report at hand, and anything other than that take it to DMs.
  14. @Lt Stanley thank you for your reply.
  15. If I may interject here. @Lt Stanley you seem to be a chatty one, so I ask again. Who is Darth Vader with the gas-mask?
  16. Welcome, bring your mackerel.

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  17. To the hostage takers: Who is the fella who sound like Darth Vader?
  18. Verdict @Millie - NVFL - NOT GUILTY Summary: Now, let’s keep this short: During a planned meeting between the CLF and the people of Olsha, several people were sent out to scout out the hills where @Millie is shortly after spotted by @Watchman & @Havikar and is then taken as a hostage. @Millie complies knowing she has a battle buddy if such were to happen, and not long after she is told to move, her friend opens fire on the hostage takers. @Watchman ‘masterfully’ kills the ambusher as @Millie decides to run out and try her luck. @Havikar takes up the chase and shoots towards her before @Millie tries her luck down a cliff side and ends up falling down to her death. Now first off, let’s address why we do not consider this NVFL: During the report myself, along with a few other gamemasters did some testing on that exact cliff and found it to be a major hassle. While we were able to traverse down safely with red health, there are also several spots that launches you forward and sends you to your certain death. This is a very well known engine problem within DayZ that anything past running forward can and WILL eventually kill you if you look at it the wrong way. And we’ve come to the conclusion that this is a simple case of “Have a good flight” bug which sends you forward without much control over when it happens. As for the accusation of @Millie JUMPING straight into her certain death we’ve found no evidence to correlate with this other than statements. Something we do wish to touch on is this sentence: @Havikar you claim that she intentionally jumped off the cliff to her certain death on purpose to avoid capture, thus ending your RP prematurely. HOWEVER, in the video evidence we quite clearly hear “Do you want me to shoot her?” *Shot*, even IF she did survive you would’ve killed her from that shot, thus being the one to end your own RP rather than attempting to capture her. We find the accusation along with you bringing it up in such a manner, despite you having the possibility to have ended the RP just as much yourself bad form, and we encourage you to not make such a statement again if you could’ve had just as much fault in ending the RP prematurely. And as you also experienced yourself, it’s a tricky cliff and you ended up falling down the cliff yourself accidentally, and went unconscious. Landing in the exact same spot which @Milliedid, had you died at that slip up would you have wanted us to hit you with NVFL as well? If there had been any video evidence of @Millie deliberately jumping down the cliff as was stated this report could’ve gone an entirely different way, however due to what is presented above we have found this not guilty. Outcome: @Millie - NVFL - NOT GUILTY - NO ACTION TAKEN Signed - @Duke, @Rover & @Banshee
  19. To be honest, compared to before lorewipe I feel as if hostilities has just generally gone down, which is very good to see as we're not quite at the 'complete anarchy' stage just yet. I've yet to be robbed and most of the hostilities that I've been in have either been created by me and my own dynamic or we're very well aware of why it's happening and what the motives are behind it. I haven't seen much of the "Hands up or die." *takes AK and guns and runs off*. If you do walk around looking like an easy pray with several high-grade military weapons and enough stamina to last you a second due to the massive weight of all the gear you've picked up you're most likely going to get robbed at some point, spread the love of bullets and weapons. So no I wouldn't say hostilities is just being robbed, a lot of interesting RP going around.
  20. Welcome to the community buddy, you'll find that this is vastly different to GTA but has some great fun in it!
  21. Well the base in question was removed as of today. If there's anymore bases found to be abusing this, report them with screenshots and location to any GMs DMs and if we have time we'll deal with it. Personally I'm more for only MoreDoors too, but gotta work with what you can.
  22. I hereby declare the fishing season of Chernarus to be open.

    May your fish be plenty.

    (see you soon @Millie)

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  23. I think we should heavily encourage it, but not outright put it as a rule. So it's a ½ from me. x
  24. Telling a guy I'm going to take his guns just to make sure he doesn't shoot us in the back.
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