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  1. Looking for a psychologist who can help an unstable psychologist with severe masochistic issues that tends to get him nearly killed quite often.

    Employment: Immediatly.
    Salary: Can be negotiated.
    Future salary raise: In your dreams.

    1. Scarlett


      I think it's a lost cause probably best to just accept it now lmao

    2. Isaiah Rinkasonn

      Isaiah Rinkasonn

      OH WOW. SHOCKY BOY! I have a cure for him though... A nice pill of green... :3

    3. Isaiah Rinkasonn

      Isaiah Rinkasonn

      @Imation11 I bet Grachi was Shock's real therapist was he not?

    4. Inferno


      Puts on doctor glasses

      I got this fam

    5. Isaiah Rinkasonn

      Isaiah Rinkasonn

      Like, good luck. Arno talked him off from dying 2 times already. 

    6. DrMax


      Just send him to unicorn land with @Lyca

    7. Scarlett


      Lmao hahahaha unicorns, leprechauns, trolls, mermaids and dragons oh god I remember that lmao would be the perfect place for dr shock to dwell in his madness

    8. Isaiah Rinkasonn

      Isaiah Rinkasonn

      *Is suddenly very very sad.* I remember that too... And shock trying to convince Pasi that it was ok.

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