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  2. Greg Luvia - a man who in his youth always had a fascination for cameras. Staying outside in the cold winter to get that one perfect shot as the sunset came. During his school years he became an acclaimed cameraman, taking part in several projects for his gymnasium. After he took his degree in media and editing he got a job at the national television station. And as the rumours of zombies started roaming around the world he was sent along with a crew. His crew went to Livonia only for the rest of his crew to be munched by the infected, and after wandering about for quite a while on his own he found his soulmate, Vik Valnetine. And now they wander around the land, bringing the news like it's 2015.
  3. Reported for screaming too much
  4. AnchorNews5.png.c97a7ba36f985c793fe25a101069d004.pngSoonTM

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      Let's get that camcorder ready fam.

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      Glad to see my brands being used 😉

  5. Reported for not being named "Nozzy" anymore.
  6. Welcome back - and welcome to Livonia ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  7. *Shrugged his shoulders as he replied* "Just asked, no one has any clue. Maybe just children being children. Nevertheless, now that we've got you on the radio. Wanna go on a date?"
  8. *Looks at the radio in confusion as he presses the button* "Moshi moshi, Duquesne here. Who told you that? Because I'm not aware of anything of that sorts."
  9. I feel as if my POV was a bit lacking hence I just wish to confirm that CJ is indeed right. There was no metagaming involved and we didn't even go and accuse LeeJames of being An Pobal as to me he seemed like a random passenger compared. I was the one who ultimately decided on who we should accuse of what, and i came back only accusing Earl of being An Pobal for the mere fact he had the green armband. Whether or not CJ had a look at the profile it matters little. As the staff that's been shown the SS can prove. Plus it was me who decided who was accused of what. And you weren't even accused to begin with. On phone sorry for formatting xoxo
  10. We were bullshitting IC. I simply went off into a corner, stayed quiet, came back and made up some stuff. We're allowed to lie to you IC. It is quite common to make up false accusations to pressure people hard enough to admit it themselves. As for the rest of the metagaming accusations, all I personally had to go out from was that one of you had a green armband, other than that we had no proof you were An Pobal. Both me and CJ were muted during all of this as his own video shows. Just own up to it man, it's right there in the video and everything.
  11. Since I'll be called into the report to provide my POV, I'll post in advance. I was interrogating the other hostage when CJ walks up to me and says some voodoo shit is going on, with noises inside the other mans head asking him where he is, where as he replied. Then we left as we knew we had just been hard meta'd and therefore had to end the RP prematurely. It is to say that the fella I was speaking to never seemed to be on Discord. Always replying to my answers pronto and concise, while the other seemed more 'off'. Maybe I should add just in case as I logged out pretty early: I got permission from @Earl to log out, just in case.
  12. I especially liked 1:19 part.
  13. No more yelling either. People are trying to sleep in this Zombie apocalypse.
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