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  1. We can barely drive cars. You expect the devs to be able to make a functioning Mortar that doesn't kill the entire server?
  2. DuquesneLR

    THANKS YOU G19!!!!!!!!!!

    What a lad
  3. Looks good. Like the last goal especially. Hope to see you lads around ingame.
  4. Rachel Green GIF by Friends I'll see you guys after my vacation

  5. DuquesneLR

    11/08/2019 Unknown Time, Chernarus, No time To Comply, Invalid Kill, Metagaming

    Just to get my opinion in to the above. Even though it won't matter as staff has already decided, if it saves somr headaches for my friends then I'm willing to let it close. But i think it sets a terrible precedence for every other report. I did offer to talk it out right at the start whereas your reply was "We'll see what the staff think." Presumably because you thought we had nothing to come back at you with. I don't believe someone should be able to willy nilly make a report, try and get some people banned, and then drop it as soon as it may implicate them as well. I suggest from this point on we wait for the verdict.
  6. DuquesneLR

    11/08/2019 Unknown Time, Chernarus, No time To Comply, Invalid Kill, Metagaming

    I'd like to keep it up.
  7. DuquesneLR

    The Mob

    To be honest I'm not quite sure. It may have been a technical glitch.
  8. Welcome back from your 'technical difficulties' break brother @Joah


  9. DuquesneLR

    Deer Isle shutdown

    The Purge, starting on friday.
  10. DuquesneLR

    11/08/2019 Unknown Time, Chernarus, No time To Comply, Invalid Kill, Metagaming

    Apologies for the wait. since the discussion went back and forth whether or not @NorwayRP was NVFL'ing or not, there was no definite evidence to actually prove such. After a long day of awaiting this report to be finished, one of our group mates @maybelele finally spoke up as he said he had a video of it all happening from a different angle. And those angles showed a lot. I'll do this very point by point, and show you three different clips. 2 edited ones to highlight it further, and the 1 unedited version. So without further ado, let's start by going down the statements. This one is fairly easy. In the second vid that @NorwayRP posted that was clipped by me (and you can also see it in the others), you can easily see that he is running with a gun out due to the animation. Him stating that he "pulled my gun out AFTER BEING SHOT AT" is a total fabrication. This one can be dismissed from the new video evidence. From my first statement, and while I've admitted that I did shoot very fast- I always told that I swear I saw him turn around and point his gun before I quickly scoped in and shot towards him. From the sound and video you can clearly hear and see that he is already turned around by the point that I start shooting towards him. Evidence: And In the videos you can -clearly- see that he turns himself all the while pointing his gun, seeking to get a cheeky flick in before eventually succumbing to the barrage of us three. This makes his statement invalid as he was clearly not complying. Reefer to the above videos. Non-compliance as clearly seen in the videos, with both turning whilst aiming. Nor did he pull out his gun as it was already out. In the videos you can see we're actually 6 in the near vicinity. 4-5 of which is clear and visible in your sight, with Frederik on the right running towards you, and Martin standing at his angle smack down in the middle of the street. With 3 of us being straight in your sight. It is clear that not only is he lying, but deliberately lying. Someone does not forget turning around with a pointed gun as they're getting initiated on. The videos show clearly how many we are, 4-5 being in your view, with 3 of us being up close to you. You turn around with your gun pointing towards @Joah, and it is -FIRST- when you've completely turned around, gun aimed towards @Joah that I pull my first shot as seen and heard in the videos. Of course, this is not gonna excuse my own wrongdoings such as forgetting to hotmic it, as well as forgetting to initiate. I take full responsibility for that. Here is the full and unedited clip:
  11. DuquesneLR

    The Mob

    @Randy Love you Slava the Mob
  12. DuquesneLR

    11/08/2019 Unknown Time, Chernarus, No time To Comply, Invalid Kill, Metagaming

    New evidence has been found and we're currently fixing it up and will be posting a proper response once it is sorted.
  13. DuquesneLR

    Staff Feedback: Hofer

    Link to the situation:(Use "N/A" if not appropriate.) This feedback page. Any supporting evidence or notes: (Here you can post a screenshot, chat logs or anything else to help demonstrate your point,Use "N/A" if not appropriate".) N/A Feedback:(Here you post the main section of your feedback. Keep it respectful.) Whilst Terra has pretty much gone ahead of me to respond to the criticism brought to this feedback page, I'd also just like to mention that whilst I have had many interactions with Hofer, and even though the first time was him making an honest mistake that could've impacted our IC severely- never at any point did he seem condescending, or acted as if he was in the right. He apologized profusely, and gladly spent an hour or two making sure that none of the mistake ended up hurting our IC experience. Never at any point did he try and defend what he did- and for that I respect him. We've been gradually in contact since then, basically me being curious about the past of the community, and having a lot of "I've only been here for 4 months, what's the past history" questions, to which he has been more than happy to provide me with the answers, even seeming eager and happy to answer my stupid questions such as "What was that group". As for the criticism above, I have a hard time myself to see where the condescending tone is. Hofer answered clear and concise. "We're doing what we can, system is flawed. It's being worked on." Group wise he is also one of the few staff team members who actively ask questions to the groups within the group ideas, giving them a valid and proper question for them to 'defend' them self like in an exam. And I feel that sort of quality control has lacked ever since I joined and became a group leader myself. Keep at it. It's no secret that my secret lover in the staff team is @Rover, as he was one of the first staff I ever got to know when he was only but a support. But once the position becomes available then Hofer will be a solid replacement. Suggestions for improvement:(Use N/A if not appropriate. If bad feedback suggestions of improvement are required.) I think you've improved. You've started putting yourself out there more than what you used to (at least since I joined), and let your voice be heard more. You're asking the right questions. And I'd say you're one of the higher tier staff members in this community.
  14. DuquesneLR

    The Mob Media Thread

    It's called 'tactical pre-firing'. For real though, mistake on my part.
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