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"The name nobody can pronounce."

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  1. Duquesne

    How much clothing have you purchased ?

    Too much. @Roland hope you're enjoying my money.
  2. Duquesne


    Vote new! Screw all the hidden stashes!

  3. Duquesne

    Your most memorable moments

    When @Craig and his bunch of angry budget Russians took us Runners hostage back in Kabanino. Only to be saved by a loud irish man.
  4. Duquesne

    Old Timers

    Solid roster. Good people. Can't wait to get out-RPed by a bunch of old people.
  5. Duquesne

    Anarchy [Open Recruitment]

    I think you misspelled @PhoenyxxRP
  6. Duquesne

    KOS / Attempted RDM / RDM (Maybe?) - Kalisky Island

    Pretty sure you mean @Conor. @FaeWasn't apart of this.
  7. Duquesne

    Upcoming new mods

    Why did you decide to put in fast travel despite the overwhelming downvote of it?
  8. Duquesne

    Upcoming new mods

    Didn't this get voted down like. 80/20. Also, traders? Are we playing Exile or DayZ.
  9. Duquesne

    KOS / Attempted RDM / RDM (Maybe?) - Kalisky Island

    I had no clue that any of you were on the other side of the island. Up to that point I had only known of those up at the castle. And I had no clue because I had genuinely no fucking idea as to what was going on. As you can also see in my video, I try to establish a clear idea of who the person is and to find out what is happening before even firing a single shot, only to be rudely interrupted with him sending a barrage towards @Pepper
  10. Duquesne

    KOS / Attempted RDM / RDM (Maybe?) - Kalisky Island

    Server and location: S1, Kalisky Island Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): About 20/30 mins before this report was put up. Your in game name: Michael Duquesne Names of allies involved: @Pepper (Krasimira Sechev) Name of suspect/s: Unknown Vulture(s) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): The stuttering in the video is me tabbing out to switch between Discord channels. Detailed description of the events: Things were a bit tense, as seen in the video I talk a bit with Ivan where I then start walking. I walk, and walk, and walk, and then suddenly shots started flying. I put on my armband as to not get hit in the crossfire and I go towards the shots as I thought it was a friend that could explain me the situation. Since all I had seen from the Vultures is them being on the other side. We see a guy and I ask him "Was it you who shot?" and then "Who are you?" to where he turns around without a word and tries to shoot @Pepper. We take him down, confused as fuck, and then a woman comes up from behind and comes to finally finish us off. As the video shows, I never heard an initiation, never knew of an initiation, and didn't even know whether it was us who was initiating, or if we were the ones defending. I also heard one of my guys was currently logging in, but got shot before he managed to spawn in, but that's a report of his own to make. It is to be noted that as far as I am aware, it was only me and @Pepper who were around at the time as Runners.
  11. Duquesne

    The Runners Media Thread

    Here's the SFW edition.
  12. I think the video shows the organised chaos pretty much.
  • Duquesne

    The Runners Media Thread

  • Duquesne


    @Pepper best suicidal goth GF

    1. Isaiah Rinkasonn

      Isaiah Rinkasonn

      Shees, I bet she needs some comforting

    2. Pepper
  • Duquesne

    [A mass, pre-recorded broadcast goes out to all open frequencies]

    *Michael listens to the radio, pressing the PTT* "Good to hear you're alive Andy. Also, whoever this is. The first one who radioed you is a slaver himself. Do not meet him for your own safety. Duquesne signing out. *Releases the PTT.*
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