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  1. GaryCash

    • GaryCash
    • DukeLR

    I think you should post an appeal and request the position logs of the people who were present at the time of the death of your official group members.  Dynamic versus official rights can be very finicky.  It'd be at least nice to know whether or not the person you shot was present at the point at which your allies were killed.  Had I been active during the time of your report I would've suggested you request position logs from the get go.  Now if the guy was in no way present at the time, then yes you did indeed KOS.  If he was present at the time of the killing of your teammates however, that muddies the waters a bit and it should be looked into; the reason this is important is I see no mention of where he was during the killing of said teammates; the POV seems more like he spawned in in the middle of the altercation; which itself too is a possibility and would again render your kill invalid and make the report against you fair.

    1. Mademoiselle


      If he is present at that time it still wouldn't grant kill rights.
      That's like saying bandits who took someone aside and robbed you means you can kill the innocent civilians who were 20ft away.

    2. GaryCash


      The admins did pull the logs thankfully in the original report, they just hadn't posted them, I had for the most part assumed because they weren't that maybe it wasn't looked into, I was wrong though and I'm glad I was.


      But there is a separate issue at hand here; and its how dynamic group rights and official group rights work; and the fact that you literally have to meta game some one in order to know if you have kill rights on them.


      If I'm not mistaken, @FireDude and @HDragon Character's are affiliated.  So while they may not be on the same official group CP, they were in fact part of the same dynamic and working in tandem.  If they were part of the same official group the attack rights that would have come from killing at @Will's character would have made them both in active combat against all members of @Will's official group.  But since they were dynamic, the attacker rights don't extend between the players; though they should, as they would still share the same defender rights.


      Now if those characters have 0 association then I am wrong and you have my apologies for assuming too much.  But since they are both listed as your allies in your two most recent reports, I'd assume that those two as well are also affiliated being that they are both allies with you.  Now I haven't looked further back to see if this was the case; so I may be wrong, but I think we can both agree here in these circumstances, where you literally need to meta game someone to find out if they are official or dynamic to get kill rights is something that is unfortunately very wrong with the rules right now and should be looked at or at least taken into consideration when handling dynamic versus official group reports.  



    3. Mademoiselle


      Just cause they're listed as an allie doesn't mean they're with us. It means they're a witness. I think you mistake this. Yes, I agree you'd have to metagame someone if you do not have complete facts it is very risky business and the player takes it on their own accord.

    4. DukeLR


      200.gif.d5cb34bdbe5812371732eb6da96a2f4a.gif *When two people have an argument on your profile despite you having nothing to do with it*

    5. GaryCash


      @Mademoiselle when people play lone wolf characters I understand it gets very complicated with inter character relationships and if they are not allies and I assumed too much then you have my apologies if that's the case.

    6. DukeLR


      @Wynne I have sinned

    7. HDragon


      No I met Firedudes character that same day for like 5 min. I work with my men and my men only, we don’t contract randoms.

    8. BeanMama


      @DuquesneLR sinner

    9. DukeLR


      Let me just scuttle away from here


    10. Inferno


      So how is everyone doing today? I'm doing pretty well myself.

    11. DukeLR


      @Inferno same man. The walls are talking though

    12. BeanMama


      Well, at least when you get back IG, you can try meth

    13. Inferno


      What you mean they're talking? Do I need to call @Imation11?

    14. DukeLR


      @Wynne Michael is already on speed, so I think meth + speed will be the thing that'll finally end him.

      @Inferno No, he's just as deluded

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