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  1. DukeLR


    Oh-wee it has been a wild ride ever since I joined this community in July. So here are some honourable mentions to people who made that road an interesting one.

    If you're not mentioned then I probably forgot your forum profile.

    I'll do this in as chronological order as I can.

    The first is my partner in crime, the Dutch man himself who started the Runners with me. Alas I do not know his forum name so he will remain unnamed, but I shall never forget you brother. (Despite you being a god damn coward as soon as the war started)

    @Johnny Navid - You were one of the first people I met and properly RPed with, and you'll always be my boo boo because of that.

    @Ryan Shepherd and DISTRICT - While we had just set up a trading outpost in Kabanino, despite me being woefully unaware of the shit show I was about to enter by setting up there, you were the first hostile group to not just straight up attack us but rather give us a deal, an ultimatum. You would help us protect Kabanino, and in return we would be your armoury. You provided us with a lot of fun RP, and gave me a quick (brutal) introduction to hostile RP.

    @PhoenyxxRP and Wolfpack - Despite us not being the bestest of friends nowadays, I can still respect what you did for me back in the beginning. You wished to include the Runners in your plans to take over the world, but alas as we sided with DISTRICT the North vs South war flared up.

    @KohlSkaal - You were one of the first people who joined the Runners, and have been there ever since the beginning. You're my little Danish boo both IC and OOC and is always great to hang around.

    @Roman + @Craig - "WHAT ARE YOU FOREIGNERS DOING BLOCKING OFF MY PEOPLES BUILDINGS?! PUT YOUR HANDS UP!" While that was a lot of our interactions in the start, later down the line around the Lopatino days we started RPing more rather than straight up attack eachother, and that RP was dope.

    @G19RP - Legion was brutal, but in my opinion was one of the best iterations of a mercenary group that I've ever seen.

    @KordrugaRP - Best fear RPer with his Vultures. Ask any of my past members in the Runners and they'll say I always considered Vlad to be the ultimo big baddy of South Zagoria.

    @C-J - We lived together both in Kab and Vyshnoye/Zub Castle. Always been fun to RP around, and even with our falling out for some weeks I find myself in your group now as a small vacation and enjoying it quite a lot. You make a grand hostile RPer who provide a lot of RP for your poor victims (as long as they comply of course).

    @Wee_L_LR - You were just a random bloke living in Vishnoye at the same time as we did, and as we moved we gave you the opportunity to follow us, and you did. And now you somehow became my IC son despite my char only being 26 and yours 18. The world is weird man. I expect grand kids soon.

    @Snorf + @CaosAndEffects - Best aussies.

    @Inferno - You were just a random bloke visiting the castle at the time, and then I went with you to help rescue your folks back in Chapter 2. And that blossomed into a beautiful friendship of where you annoyingly assassinate all kings, queens, and children to game over me in CK2.


    @Magpie - The random bloke I met in a forest while running away from a 20v3 fight that was about to go down in Kabanino that I was not prepared for. Best merchant RPer there is.

    @maybelele - When you first approached me IC I was skeptic, but we gave you a chance and you became a backbone of everything both IC and OOC. You're dope and one of our best fraggers too.


    @Ronnie - Larry was your best character.

    @Scarlett - Make me an uncle already.

    @Hofer - Good admin.

    @Voodoo - Good admin 2x

    @Rover - Good admin 3x

    - And there's certainly a lot of people I've left out, not because I've forgotten you, but because there's way too many people I've met. I still find ya'll dope and have a good 2020.


    1. Inferno


      Well... when you play CK2 you win or you die. Lmao 

    2. JimRP


      i see how it is

    3. Hofer


      Nice beanz farm fam

    4. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      Take me beans, I am glad you graduated from my Republican brutality school.

    5. VoodooLR


      @Hofer is better than me? What is this madness ?

    6. Hofer


      It's the truth @Voodoo

    7. ScarlettLR


      lmao you want to be made an uncle, you might be waiting awhile

    8. Kordruga


      it's all about the sauce ?

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