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  1. Pretty sure Roland said the loot works in a way that even though so much is in storage it always spawns regardless, as the spawning is dependant on how much is on the ground and not storage. So it wouldn't really fix anything
  2. *Transmits again* "We've all done horrible things in the past, yet our terms does not gain us anything except extra work, our terms were designed to aid the people of Chernarus, but if you wish to make it a principle matter of "Who's in charge." I am afraid that's not a contest I care to participate in. As for what people we have within our gates, that is why we're offering to keep an open line of communication, so should a fugitive of any of the charges that you mentioned come within our walls we'll happily throw them out to you granted there is any proof. However, on the tortu
  3. *Sava starts replying to the broadcast* "Lieutenant Yuri Chernenko, a pleasure - I am Lieutenant Sava Morhun. Happy to finally hear from you. I'll make a quick statement before I get into the meat of my reply: As far as my reports indicate, we were approached by your men giving us an ultimatum to either fuck off from Chernogorsk or blood would be spilled, to which blood was quickly spilled by your men drawing their arms upon my comrades. We're more than willing to speak to you, but alas it seems that we're having troubles doing so in person. I'll make one thing very clear for
  4. Ahoy fellas. We thank you all for the feedback and since reading over it we've made quite a lot of changes, squaring things up with @Hofer and some phrasing issues, which hopefully should be all sorted now. We've also kind of did ourself dirty, by forgetting to emphasise the fact that we're not "Nationalists" but rather "Patriotic" which is vastly different in terms of how both operates. We thank @AndreyQfor calling this out to us. Collectively we've also received a lot of feedback regarding the goals, which were admittitly shit. So while the overall umbrella terms of the goal

    1. MaybeleleLR


      This has to break atleast some rule..... U deserve points for this.

  6. @Roland I am the big dumb and I apologise. Ave Caesar
  7. @Roland same goes for Diamond, I just got a minecraft ad.
  8. Sava Morhun was raised amongst a wealthy family along with his twin brother Pavel Morhun. As he went through school he did decently well, excelling in the fields of linguistics in particular and was taught multiple languages throughout his time in university. However, with the rise of the Chedaki, RAC, and Russia, he quickly saw his comfortable life slowly being torn away from him, and not long after he would become apart of a cell within Miroslav supporting the "Chernarus Liberation Front", doing multiple operations under their banner. As the world slowly came to an end, he was st
  9. pog At least the Fishermen were there at the sons death too
  10. We had a PS4 server if I remember correctly. Was empty 24/7
  11. Julius was a simple man, born to a surgeon mother and a doctor of a father. During his time as a child he was severely neglected, only being raised by nannies that would stay the night as his mother was doing overnight surgeries at the hospital. During this time he would come to learn the value of money, and how it can solve every single issue that you'll ever have. As he was a young teen he kept flunking his classes at school, failing each class one by one, only for a sizeable anonymous donation to be given to his school and thus, by pure miracle that could only be described as an in
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