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  1. Radek, a proud man from the city of Zelenogorsk, born to two loving parents, one of which was a doctor, and the other a store clerk. His life was rather insignificant, and not all that interesting. Whilst his region was in the middle of the conflict his family still escaped the rising tension that was slowly creeping in on South Zagoria with the civil war, as well as the multiple "terror" attacks done by the disgusting Chedaki. Radek continued his education, eventually turning himself into an education within law enforcement, finishing his time shortly before the referendum to turn Chernarus into an official part of Russia. As a newly found cadet, and the referendum slowly making its way into the daily life, he silently kept his feelings to himself as to avoid prosecution or risk his life in case he said anything wrong about the new coming leaders of his country. As the referendum passed he officially went "On leave" from the force and wasn't seen again until the fall of the government, and the subsequent rise of Obrana Naroda, having been recruited to take part in its founding police force. Now he serves his country as he always wished. Slave Chernarus.
  2. o7, it's been a good run. Have a round lad for your troubles
  3. Good song

    1. Watchman


      no u

    2. Lettuce


      Happy Black Girl GIF by Nick At Nite

  4. I think @Squillium summed up my feelings pretty well. Parties, community events (that doesn't entail your groups beliefs), sunday mass, anything of that sort - Sure, I don't mind, let it be no hostilities. However, as much as it makes me sad to say: I do agree with @Squillium that a political rally / military march / or any of that sort should not be an event that should be sanctioned as you're pushing forward your groups ideals and beliefs which may conflict with others. I can understand where they're coming from though. Lots of chances to go fight at any other time, and if you're constantly fighting, it's also nice to simply have a moment of peace to push some of your group lore out. My suggestion would be is that in the future that whenever it's an event such as the one coming up, that it goes through an LM to seek approval of "non-hostilities". I don't feel as if harmless events such as what I mentioned above would need approval. Only those who are antagonistic inherently.
  5. > Me when watching my various Discords and private DMs.


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      Good song tho mr duke

  6. Netflix GIF by Daybreak

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  7. warning harry potter GIF

    Look at you 💖

  8. I almost forgot how good lR looks in your name. Congratz on your freedon. Where's Duquesne at tho 

    Happy Hour Drinking GIF

    1. DukeLR


      Duquesne died when Roland forced it away from me

  9. Welcome back to the living. You had a good run mate welcome back 

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  10. I'd like to thank all my peeps in staff during my time there, and I wish ya'll the best of luck ❤️

    1. Basko


      Sad to see you go man. Hope to still see you around every now and then!

    2. Watchman


      Love ya bro, thanks for all the shit you have done

    3. DukeLR


      Also just for those who like to spread info around, I resigned myself due to new irl obligations from next month on 🙂

    4. Stagsview


      much love man xxxxx keep healthy and keep sane xx you did a wonderful job x

    5. AndreyQ


      Sad to see you go.

    6. groovy ducky

      groovy ducky

      It's alright, purple wasn't your colour anyway 😉 

      Welcome back to the land of the living though!

    7. EddieLR


      You did a hell of a job pal! Props to you!

    8. Lettuce


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