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  1. We’ll have a last look at the logs to check the positions of those you want called in. besides that we have what we need - stay tuned.
  2. I think the QZ is a pretty neat idea. True lag was only really experienced one night and as someone else pointed out, there’s a soft border. You can be in towns like Mogilevka for an example. So I don’t think the issue is the QZ, more that people are staying within a small section of the QZ.
  3. Duke


    Ahoy. A second team of staff has taken a look at your appeal and decided to ACCEPT(ish) it! First off, we'd like to state that the comments made by your "Brother" is unacceptable, and will not be tolerated a second time. Your account is -your- responsability, and anything ever made on the forums, Discord, in-game, or anywhere on DayZRP is under your responsability and anything ever posted will always fall back on you even if it was your grandmother. With that said - You'll be unbanned on the 30th. Signed - @Duke, @Inferno & @Banshee
  4. I don't think breaking a rule to end a rulebreaker is the way to go. Us GMs are always ready to jump into any Discord / Stream / In-game and you can always ask if we have time to jump in-game to witness it ourselves. If we get there in time or you have recorded an obvious troll we are in most cases able to handle it on the spot. (Depending on the type of rulebreak) Simply DM a Gamemaster+ next time you experience such a thing.
  5. Calling in @Challenger by his request.
  6. Archived at OPs request. Ask a mod+ to bring it back.
  7. Calling in @Jamie for his POV by request.
  8. Verdict @Frozh - NVFL - GUILTY @ImFrosty - Lying in a report - GUILTY Summary Long story short as always - @ImFrosty and @Hanro has @Frozh held up, after having stripped him of his weapons and forgetting a little butter knife, @Frozh decides that now is his time to free himself, by starting to cut into @ImFrosty but doing the equivelant damage to that of a whiffle bat on a warm summers day, and is promptly shot down by the combined firearms of @ImFrosty & @Hanro. As you've said yourself @Frozh, it wasn't the smartest decision. You're outgunned, and outnumbered, and even if the knife did more damage and you managed to take out @ImFrosty you would've most likely been shot by @Hanro regardless, making it yet another futile attempt. Due to this you will be hit with NVFL. Now to adress the claims of lying in a report. @ImFrosty you came to us today and confessed to the clip being longer, claiming it was due to you being afraid the extended footage would cause drama and could potentially hit you with a flame. But truthfully, it wasn't even that bad, and you should've done as you did from the get-go by contacting us directly to ask for us to have a look to decide whether or not the entire clip was needed / could get you into potential drama of what's said / done in the clip. Had you approached us from the get-go we could've told you from the beginning that the clip isn't bad, and you should be fine posting it - but now due to you having tried to withhold evidence, and lying in a report, we have no other choice but to hit you with this, as you've caused the situation yourself. Had you simply approached us from the beginning you would've not received this punishment. To the community as a whole: If you're ever in doubt about video evidence, and are afraid to post it you should -ALWAYS- contact a Gamemaster+ that can have a look at it, or make it so we can share it internally within the notes of the report if there is some sensitive things within it. Don't be afraid to approach staff. Outcome No Value For Life - GUILTY - @Frozh - 3 day ban + 10 warning points + character killed. Lying in a report - GUILTY - @ImFrosty - 7 day ban + 10 warning points + character reset Signed - @Duke, @Eddie & @Banshee
  9. You're only trapped if you choose it. You can just.. Not do as they say.
  10. Hello @ImFrosty, we'd also like for you to provide a screenshot of the file with the 20 second clip with the following: If you do not know how to provide this, simply right click your file > Then click properties > And it should take you directly to this.
  11. Ahoy. As I took a break from the constant hostilities and therefore no longer need to go to military complexes to loot up and instead depend on civillian gear spawns, I've come to realise it is much harder finding literally anything, with half of the houses / sheds being empty and if I'm lucky have maybe 1 item within it, and never the thing I need to find just to rub it in. Meanwhile if I go to any of the military loot spawns I am drowning in gear before I can say "Hello." As I've spoken about my predicament I've heard of more feeling the same, so I now come to you today with a question. Is civillian looting broken? And what is your experiences with the civillian spawns (Clothes, tools, rifles, etc.)
  12. Duke

    Buried Items

    Scholars said the reason has been lost through time. (Server perfomance is my guess.)
  13. Duke

    Buried Items

    You're wrong. I believe it's 2 days / 24 hours. I could be wrong.
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