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  1. @Tony78, at what point did @HarveyLR commit an action which granted you defender rights?
  2. Verdict Thundergunmax - Ruleplay - GUILTY Summary Ajoldaker is casually minding his own business as he finds a stash inside one of the military buildings, he continues to loot and gather resources before the sound of a car can be heard in the distance. After this he finds the easiest way for him to escape unnoticed as he jumps down the back of the house and promptly runs off behind a tree to observe. He continues circling the place, keeping himself hidden as he tries to find a good opportunity to steal the car from right underneath their noses. He finally makes it over as he gets into the car and turns it on, only for it to become the equivalent of a car with fucked up suspensions screaming for attention. Not long after Thundergunmax approaches and yells at him to “stop the car” “stop” and within a split second shoots him straight in the face. Now to address a few points: In Ajoldakers POV he admits fully that he knew they were there and it was their car, therefore technically giving them valid defender rights on him as he decided to steal their car, with that said however - taking a gamble such as that will always be a risky one, it would’ve been easy enough to claim “I had no idea they were present.” and then it would’ve been an easy "invalid kill on sight" verdict instead. In this particular case the accused lucks out and decides to go for the re-initiation rather than using (whilst unknown to him at the time) valid defender rights. Always go for an initiation if you’re unsure if you have valid rights or not. However! Considering you decided to initiate, giving the opportunity for Ajoldaker to surrender you start up an entirely new situation to which you give Ajoldaker the opportunity to surrender, it is expected of you to also allow him to do that. Within a split second after the initiation you take your first shot which lands straight in his face and kills him on the spot, giving him little time to comply or even acknowledge what is going on as he was a bit busy handling the circus of a car. Had you given him a few more seconds he would’ve been able to acknowledge what is going on and hint at the car being troublesome, to which you could’ve acted accordingly and allowed him to gain control of it while you were keeping an eye on him. A good rule of thumb is to give a reasonable amount of time between the initiation and the expected surrender, as not everyone is as used to the game as everyone else, and may need to find either the surrender button, or in this case, most likely would’ve had to log out within the car to be able to exit it. Just as a sidenote @ajoldaker, be very careful about jumping off of roofs next time, because even though the game might allow you to live through it, in certain cases you may be hit for NVFL if you're ever caught jumping anything too high. We have however deemed it as plausible in this particular case. Also just to note as it was brought up in the POVs, once a car bugs out, even without any player input the speedometer will spike up drastically as the game is registering that SOMETHING is going on, even if it can’t figure out how to deal with it. Thus making the claims of him attempting to drive away invalid. Outcome Thundergunmax I Ruleplay I GUILTY - 5 days 10 warning points + character reset Signed - @Duke, @Eddie, @Banshee
  3. It was yes, but it's since then been allowed.
  4. I cannot agree more. Always loved Deer Isle (even in its unfinished state) and believe that now's the time to bring it back. We gave Livonia a chance. Now it's time to take it out into the backyard and make it look at the flowers.
  5. Thank you for your POV @Bulgarian Bombshell, you've now been unbanned. Please keep an eye on the report for any future questions.
  6. All characters are manually reviewed by our lovely support team. They'll get to your character at some point. If you haven't received a PM from them you should consider it good enough.
  7. Since @Bulgarian Bombshell has been on the forums several times after being called in he'll now be temp-banned until his POV is provided.
  8. Grenades were known to be a common source for all the combat crashing. (Also highly buggy)
  9. No. I've always said that big wooden fortresses only does one thing - and that is make the people who live there paranoid of the world around them because "I don't want my stuff taken." Since it has been taken away, we've seen communities that's popped up who're more than happy to have strangers around, which is brilliant. Does stuff get stolen? Yes. Would it have been stolen anyway even with 10+ gates on your shed? Yes.
  10. Calling in the following people for their full POV and any unedited video evidence they may have @Spencerlb - Vaughn Goncharov - POSTED @McGee1895 - James McGee @Faebloom - Ekaterina Belic - POSTED Accused: @Jack Shepard - John Shepard - POSTED @Chimmy Chonga - Henry Heller - POSTED @rhothar - Eric Golani - POSTED @The1FreeMan420 - Frank Krest - POSTED Connection logs: Kill logs: Chat logs: @Jack Shepard + @Chimmy Chonga please provide a full and proper POV by updating your post.
  11. Verdict: @wastingdoor I Metagaming - GUILTY Summary: While this situation spans over a prolonged period of time we have done our best to figure out the timeline of the situation(s) and have thus come to the following conclusion: On the 25th @wastingdoors character is approached by @Iris as @wastingdoor has shown interest in becoming apart of the good doctor. His toe is cut off and he is knocked out to which he is taken out to Devils Castle so that he may get his brain fried and become apart of the collective. Unfortunately he falls to his death and as can be seen in the screenshot is specifically told that he cannot remember anything due to how the ruleset is. And as can be seen in the screenshot he replies “I KNOW” and therefore acknowledges himself that he will not remember anything. On the (presumed) 26th where the video is uploaded from you can see Deacon having a conversation with another man, and despite @wastingdoor claiming to have said “he seems like a good doctor SNACK.” both the context, and our own hearing does not cooperate with that. From our view you said “He seems like a good doctor SNAKE.” to which you’re told that you’re speaking loud only to reply “FUCK YOU!” very loudly. While this doesn’t prove metagaming per say it is coincidental that you would target this single individual and in your POV have failed to come up with a valid explanation as to why your character would be singling them out except “Having heard rumours” from people you don't even recall. If there were so many rumours about @Acoladez and @EPerry characters surely the townsfolk of Berezino would’ve dealt with them a long time ago. On the 27th several different groups of people go out for the same purpose, which is to raid the ‘Good Doctors’ base by the castle. Whilst this information could’ve been gathered elsewhere, every single POV except one has pointed towards @wastingdoor and we’ve therefore come to the only possible conclusion, which is that you’ve decided to retain your information about the castles secrets as you admit yourself in your latest reply to my question when you say: “i thought i had perms to remember im sorry it was a misunderstanding on my part.” We fail to see how you’ve managed to misunderstand whether or not you were allowed to remember due to the Discord DMs being as straightforward as they possibly could. And we have therefore found you guilty in the act of metagaming. As for the other miscellaneous stuff such as information about GD procedures in regards to toes being cut off, while it is indeed coincidental that @wastingdoor character would know, we have found no hard evidence to convict him clearly on the act of metagaming for this. Considering that you’ve involved a bunch of different groups in different manners, we suggest you use your banned time to reach out to the different groups of people which you’ve given metagamed information to and make things right, so that the GD is not being acted upon under metagamed information. Outcome: @wastingdoor I Metagaming I GUILTY - 3 day ban & 10 warning points + Character reset. Signed - @Duke, @Eddie & @Inferno
  12. Hello. We want to ask you two questions @wastingdoor First: Were you acting on metagamed information? Second: How did you know of the location of the base and who it belonged to?
  13. Logs have been updated. Additionally I am calling in: @Morytania - Liliana Svobodova @ContheTank - Samuel Matthews @RocJag - Jager Casanova @Lord Seal - Finn Richtofen Please provide a POV on how you acquired said information as to the whereabouts of the castle.
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