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Lore Event - "The Scientists"
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  1. Possibly yes? Can certainly make something out of that. Maybe.
  2. I think I'll just make a general statement from me personally as a loremaster. Why would PDAs work? - Well, pretty simple. PLIKT has the resources to make this happen, even having massive antennas scattered around the city already. It wouldn't be too unreasonable to think that PLIKT would've been handing out these PDAs attached to their network to people living within their region once the standard ways of communications was turned off from the world. And it's already lorewise that certain areas of the city have power + generators will be able to charge them up. Either way, sometim
  3. Yes yes and more yes. Used the PDA on another server and it is so handy and useful. it can make things far more immersive than having to use Discord and jump between channels left right and center.
  4. Might as well considering the old rule of "No second amnesty" has already been broken. I don't see why not.
  5. Got both. Not enough volunteers. A good example would be not us being able to man PLIKT even. I couldn't even get 2-3 volunteers for events two days ago when I pinged out a Discord of 40+ people
  6. What's stopping you from sending me a message right now though to get my input on how we can improve your situation.
  7. Not here to start an argument but I'd love to hear what YOU would require to be changed for you to feel as if you could continue playing here. Even a lot of us who has been here a long time don't neccessarily agree with the rules or certain things about them, but have learned to live with them instead.
  8. Why not seek counsel and advice from more experienced players then? You've got a phone line OOCly to me and my people for an example, can always hit us up with worries. Rules questions, lore questions, and scenario questions and solutions. Just like us "oldies" needs to be able to keep an open mind to new people, ya'll also need to give us a chance to help you. And by communicating and learn from us is a start.
  9. You can't have everything though. Your groups ideology is very much against ours, which we made clear the very first time we held you up - BUT we still left you an opening to co-exist and continue your concept and group without being beaten down every single time we saw you. (Which was the case back then). To which we have indeed come to an agreement, and it has provided both of our groups RP without infringing on eachothers day to day RP. As for the whole "combined groups" sure you could if you really tried, or you could try and recruit 1 of the bigger groups to go fight the other b
  10. Honestly you guys have it good. Back when I joined in 2019 7 out of 9/10 were straight up hostile groups who'd give you very little reason as to why they suddenly hated you. And they'd beat you straight up into submission with no chance of redemption if you did the slightest. At most nowadays you have 2 big hostile groups, which is the Scrap Rats and my own Dynamic (Northmen), and even our 2 groups can be fairly reasonable to engage with even if we have different ideologies than your character does. @Thersty and his group being an example from our side. As for what Alamor said regard
  11. I'll gladly volunteer, not just as a mentor but also a direct LM they can always DM whenever they have questions regarding such things. (not that they already couldn’t, but then it’s official at least.)
  12. I'm only going to respond very briefly to what you wrote above @RedSkyas I was already asked to give my input elsewhere, and I wouldn't be able to go into great details due to various TOS. My stance is: As long as the name fit thematically, and background wise, I saw no reason to arbitrarily force a name onto a person. Dog Breath was one example where I brought up how a backstory corrolates with the theme, which then corrolated with the name - thus no issue. I am all for creative names (within reason.) as long as there's a valid explanation as to why.
  13. Genuinely anything is better than Chernarus. It is too big and was clearly not made for DayZ in mind. Anyway, my list: Nyheim > Deer Isle > Namalsk > Livonia > Chernarus <-- (die trash) I'm vibing with the current map, and wouldn't trade it out for anything. I also love that we as a community have full creative control over it, and as the lore evolves we can do exactly what we want to do.
  14. ^- @-Whiskey- when he realised he had just stepped into the camp of those who took him hostage a few hours prior. Goodmorning boys, feedback time. I'll be honest, in the start I wasn't quite getting what your group was going for, or how you'd go about doing it. And while I didn't take much part in your re-work but one of my fellow Co-LMs did, I still felt kinda puzzled. BUT Through RP, you've showed me exactly what you were going for, and I get it now. I applaud you boys for being able to accurately be able to explain and show what your concept for the group is via IC me
  15. #WaffleSupperiority I'm dissapointed @Nyxena
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