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  1. Willy Peet - ex soldier of 9 years, 2 deployments to Afghanistan. After last deployment, on my way back home, is when it happened... shortly after the plane touching down we got off and everything seemed "business as usual". It wasn't too long until I realized that our world has made a turn for the worse. As we took our bags off the plane and filed into the airport for our "welcome home" ceremony, we weren't greeted by our family. Nothing was even set up or prepared for anything. "What is happening? Can anyone get a signal?" the whispers grew louder and louder. We didn't know what they were and for sure didn't know that noise is what attracts them... They took all of our ammo in Kuwait the night before getting on the plane so our once lifeline (M4) was now a glorified baseball bat/paperweight... We didn't stand a chance... Lost everything... My platoon, wife, 2 kids, dog... We had plans of moving north because the school system was great and there is no shortage of beautiful "white picket fence" houses. I wanted to become a cop and help out my community, I just might start enforcing laws. I have been thinking of becoming a sheriff and trying to bring law back to these lands. Or maybe I just give up on all hope of society ever returning to normal and move to the woods...
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