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  1. Hailing from Chernarus Adam Walker was born to an American soldier and a Chernarussian native mother from Zvir. Where he Lived and was picked on by his step-brother ostracized because of his American lineage in the small town at the age of 12 he was sent by his mother to live in the United States with his father who remarried. He initially disliked living in America, his English being rusty and having a funny accent for awhile, eventually his accent drifted away along with his distaste for his new home especially when at the start of his freshman year of high school he met another Chernarussian-American named Natasha. Natasha was the most beautiful woman Adam had ever seen along with being cute. She was very outgoing and very intelligent which matched up well with Adam's Shy and quick thinking personality. becoming good friends till the beginning of Junior year when he asked Natasha to the homecoming dance from there their friendship blossomed into a very strong relationship. Coming to the end of their senior year Adam decided to join the United States Army as an infantryman, during basic training Adam's marksmanship was recognized which earned him a ticket to sniper school where he excelled graduating top of his class. two weeks after graduating from sniper school he proposed to Natasha and the two were married. About half a year life was going well for the young couple Natasha just graduating from nursing school when they heard news of a civil war breaking out in Chernarus. feeling a strong sense of National pride Natasha left to go help treat all the refugees. two weeks later Adam got word that his unit was being sent to Chernarus to help fight against the communist rebels the Chedaki. During the war the Chedaki give him the nickname Тень Стрелок or Shadow Sniper in English because of how he operated staking out a few men before disappearing like a shadow. he then met up with his wife after the vehicle he was traveling in hit a landmine. with him being injured and stuck at the hospital and his contract with the army coming to an end the couple decided to move Back to Chernarus where Adam struggled to find a job at first but found one as a hunt a guide having a deep love for the woods so now settled the couple started there family with Natasha getting pregnant. 2 months later a strange disease started to show up. They thought nothing of it and continued on with their lives as most people did not take the disease too seriously. later while out a hunt with some American tourists they heard gunshots from a nearby town thinking it was strange they went into the town and it was complete chaos people were outright killing each other biting each and just being inhuman after getting separated from the Americans Adam immediately when home which was only a few miles from this town when he arrived he saw two men inside the threatening Natasha, Adam ran into the house and tried to fight the robbers but they clubbed him in the head with a crowbar waking a few hours later Natasha nowhere to be found his hunting skills took over tracking the men all the way to the northern border, what he saw was incredible it was a large moshpit almost of men with a stage in the middle with poles and people tied said poles it looked like an auction. catching on to what was going and not wanting his beautiful wife to endure the horrors of slavery he looked for a way to free her but there 80-90 of them and only him so seeing no other way he raised his rifle and took aim not at the auctioneer not one of the men who took her but his wife and he slowly squeezed the trigger. The rifle went off and made a clean entry into her heart where he was aiming he then ran off
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