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  1. My name is Preston Peters, I was a PFC is the U.S. Marines, I was in the Marines for 6 years before being sent home. I had been told by my family I needed to take it slow and enjoy life. So I decided to take my time and explore beautiful places all around the world. Then in December of 2016 I was told by a friend that Chernarus was a place he had been to full of amazing cities and lots of very nice locals full of character and culture, so it was decided. I started planning for the trip in May of 2017. I knew in the back of my mind that there was political tension and protest going on within Chernarus, but I was set on being there and experiencing what was a beautiful place and didn't want to miss the experiences! Plus, what could happen I was only going to be there for four days. I arrived July 3rd to a amazing place with beautiful landscapes and lots of nice people. The first two days I spent exploring the coastlines and the southern parts of Chernarus. The third day I started up north to explore around the bigger city of Novodmitrovsk The buildings were very large and the culture there was amazing. I rented a room at the apartments there to stay one night in preparation to explore the western part of Chernarus. I woke up on my fourth day of the Journey to the sounds of gunshots and screaming coming from the roads. running outside I saw limping people tackling people and biting them, What was going on? People on the sidewalks were saying something I could not understand when I stopped someone to ask what was going on all they could say was "the end of days is upon us" I thought to myself what that could mean when gunfire rung out to which I saw people being shot and not even phasing to keep walking. What were these people? Were they monsters from another planet? Whatever they were I wasn't sticking around to find out. I got a ride with a man who took me to a town I had not been to yet and we got out. I then separated from the group of people I was with to find safety. I ran to a building near the coastline I boarded It up and stayed there for a few weeks til I finally had the nerves to go outside to see what had happened. When I came outside 4 weeks later the place I had come to enjoy was no longer what I had saw previously. Streets were empty of people and instead were full of crashed cars and bodies.
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