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  1. Born on the 15th of October 1998, Miguel was the youngest of two brothers in a middle class family of Mexican-American immigrants. His father, Juan was a reasonably successful landlord and former soldier. His mother, Maria a certified massage therapist. Together, Miguel and his older brother Carlos were afforded a rather privileged life of wealth, private schools, attractive women, and most importantly guaranteed entrance to good colleges and universities. Miguel gained entrance to the University of California San Diego in the fall of 2016, meanwhile Carlos surprised everyone by enlisting in the Marines behind his parents' backs. He was soon deployed to Chernarus apart of the NATO mission in Chernarus. The two brothers constantly wrote to each other before all correspondence from Carlos abruptly stopped around the beginning of the outbreak. Upon hearing of the epidemic and quarantine in Chernarus, Miguel immediately dropped his courses and against his parents' wishes set off to find his missing brother. Flying to Turkey, he landed in Trabzon before bribing a ferryman to sail him to Chernarus. Being a Mexican-American, Miguel can speak Spanish and English fluently. Being only eighteen when he left the US, he is understandably inexperienced but retains his natural charm and friendliness around others.
  2. Character Name: Lucas Gauthier Specialty(medic, rifleman, etc): Medic Which Lore Faction? CDF Lore Faction Staff? N/A Group Name: NATO Primary Phase: I-V (Can fill in where needed) Reserve Phase: N/A
  3. Born in Montreal Canada, Lucas was the the epitome of a boy with a golden heart. He was loved by his neighborhood for his friendly, helpful and honest nature, as well as his seemingly unbreakable innocence. Upon entering Senior High, he immediately became a student counselor for his natural talent as a calm and smooth talking mediator. Constantly breaking up frights and volunteering for his community, he easily became a well respected and beloved individual in the community. He shocked everyone when he enlisted in the army in the fall of 2008, serving one year domestically before volunteering to be transferred to a detachment of 1,000 Canadian peacekeeping troops apart of the UN peacekeeping efforts in Chernarus. Now a peacekeeper, he received basic first aid training to supplement his basic infantryman training. With the outbreak of the infection, his command was soon lost and his remaining detachment was also evacuated, inadvertently leaving him and others behind. Now a soldier without a banner, the inexperienced but steadfast young man struggles to find himself a new cause worth serving.
  4. Hi, my name is Daniel Trueng, if that even matters anymore. I'm a second generation Vietnamese-American. Growing up I was your stereotypical Asian kid, had overbearing perfectionist parents who constantly pushed me to be the best. They wanted me to be a cut above the rest, a successful doctor or lawyer, or big name politician. Instead I was commissioned in the Marines after four years of college and ROTC at SDSU and was soon deployed to Chernarus in the summer of 2016 as part of a "peacekeeping force" of more than 5,000 soldiers and marines. I was assigned as a platoon commander in 2nd Battalion, 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit. With the renewed hostilities, we were garrisoned in Elektro with our F.O.B being set a hastily set up encampment in the industrial area. During the opening weeks of the infection, we set up a quarantine zone in the city, organizing curfews, patrols and distribution of rations to the locals. To call it hell would be an understatement... starting on day 3 we experienced a day full of riots culminating in the burning of several cars and buildings. By day 6, looting, rioting and general mayhem cost me half of my 33 man platoon. And by day 13, they finally broke through the checkpoints... our command was thrown up in the air as numerous outposts were lost, including our main comm center including our commanding officer. I was leading my remaining platoon in a firefight out of the city against local bandits when I was knocked unconscious by a grenade. Waking up days later, I found I was brought to Pusta by my platoon who treated my injuries before leaving me in the care of a local shopkeeper. According to him, they said they were heading north to link up with the remaining CDF... So that's where I'm going.
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