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  1. Born in the east county area of San Diego, California to two Vietnamese immigrants, Ronald Vo lived a fairly well-off middle class life for the majority of his life. When asked what he wanted out of life, he shrugged stating that he "didn't know exactly." Remembered as the shy history and video game nerd of school, "Ron" as he was often called often found himself buried in either his books or old computer. After a fairly uneventful school life devoid of many friendships or romantic attachments, Ron found himself gaining acceptance into the fairly selective "San Diego State University after his high school graduation in 2018. Choosing to pursue a major in archaeology in late 2019, the Vietnamese-American jumped at the opportunity to study abroad when the SDSU archaeology department began a partnership with the city college of Miroslavl. Now in a foreign land, the young man felt it a dream come true at the prospect of excavating the various castles and immersing himself in the local culture and unique history. This dream however, soon turned into a nightmare upon the turn of a new year. With the emergence and rapid spread of the Caedesviridae infection, Ron found himself trapped within the ever crumbling post-soviet country. After being forced to fight through his undead classmates and professor to escape an overrun Miroslavl National University, the youth struggles to maintain his sanity and morality through the ever darkening grey area that is the zombie apocalypse.
  2. Character Name: Lucas Gauthier Specialty(medic, rifleman, etc): Medic Which Lore Faction? CDF Lore Faction Staff? N/A Group Name: NATO Primary Phase: I-V (Can fill in where needed) Reserve Phase: N/A
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