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  1. Welcome, I'm new here too. I guarantee you'll enjoy it just as much as i have already.
  2. Some shit like kidnappings of girls, stealing of ammunition and other goods. Real sketchy stuff.
  3. Zeth

    Trading Posts??

    ah i understand, thank you. That's why I wasn't sure if I could ask or not, it won't happen again.
  4. Not sure if i'm allowed to ask this or not but are there any trading posts at the moment? If there is, where are they?
  5. Nineteen year old Dylan Clifford was a Tourist from the UK, he spent most of his teenage life travelling the world with his parents. On the 6th of June Dylan and his parents travelled to a Major City called Elektrozavodsk, located in South Zagoria. It interested the family to see the aftermath and poor recovery of the Civil War. Each day the family were there, their situation became more threatening. Dylan had overheard people talking about a virus spreading that caused people to sneeze and cough then eventually turn them rabid. The next couple of days turned for the worst for the family, Chernarus became blocked in, no way in or out. A virus spread, making humans turn rabid. Dylan was held up in Elektrozavodsk, it was one of the only major towns to be standing. On the 17th US Marines were dispatched into Elektrozavodsk to help with the situation, Dylan feared it was too late. That night he ran away from Elektrozavodsk, fearing the worst for the town and his parents. From then on he's been roaming Chernarus alone, scavenging anything he can find. He still searches for the family he left behind but deep down he knows their fate has already been decided.
  6. I've been whitelisted but everytime I try and join it says "bad version" anyone know how to fix it???
  7. Zeth


    hi, my name's Zeth. I'm 17 and i'm from the UK, i like games like garry's mod, csgo and obviously DayZ. Nothing interesting about me, just thought i'd say hi.
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