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  1. Server and location: S1 Our Camp In Gorka Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): server time was 16:56 real time and date is 7-16-19 12:57Pm standard eastern Your in game name: Mikhail Volkov Names of allies involved: @BoBoWA @Gopnik22 Name of suspect/s: Chan or Chang? Liam and a male kid and female kid. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Pretty much the same story here. We were at our camp, the 4 of them approached us accusing one of us being a paedo? After what could've been a bit of fun roleplay, chan or chang shouted "Hands up" and made shots at us. After a few minutes of firefight, there was evidence to suggest the girl kid was abusing third person in order to spot whereabout we were within the camp. Shortly followed by somebody clearly boosting over the wall and into the camp. (There is no legit way to enter without the codelock. It's a shame because to begin with it could've been a good bit of roleplay here. Unfortunately they took it to the next level by opening fire suddenly without warning. Shots were made milliseconds after chang said hands up. Not giving efficient time for us to react or even surrender.
  2. About My names Harry, I'm from the Midlands, UK. 23 Years old. I've recently got back into DayZ after some of the important updates have made the game great again. I've played on various RolePlay servers in the past (San Andreas Multiplayer, Garry's Mod), and think RPing in DayZ would get the best experience out of the game. I've been a Steam member for 6 years now with a clean record of behaviour. Currently have racked up around 30 hours of gameplay on DayZ with plenty more to come. I run a pub here so I've got plenty of flexibility in terms of game hours and will be able to take part in Community events when they're happening. I also enjoy being active on community forums and getting to know like minded players. I was part of a clan/gaming group 'DPG' for a number of years. Surrounded by like-minded mature players we enjoyed competitive team based games such as CoD, Dota 2 and Battlefield. Became a big part of their community through teamspeak and clan events. My play style in DayZ never really worked well for me in public servers due to a big problem with 'Kill on Sight' players. I find DayZ is most enjoyable with meaningful interactions with other players, potentially working together as I find it easier when working as a team. This is another reason why I'd like to be part of this community. If you'd like to know anything or have questions to ask, feel free to message me on Steam. Or e-mail [email protected]
  3. | 'Mikhail Volkov' 39, a tall, stocky man with a hoarse voice due to heavy smoking, used to run a bar in Chernarus, when the infection hit he found himself hidden away in the cellar for several weeks while gunfire, screaming and explosions were happening above. After drinking most of the liquor in the cellar Mikhail stumbled out to find his bar was unrecognisable. Furniture burnt, blood stains and empty bullet shells littered what was once his livelihood. He walked out onto the street, grabbing the single bottle of vodka that remained under the bar and gazed across the empty landscape, lighting a cigar he sets off to find out what happened. | Mikhail never had family growing up, but was raised by an older couple who ran a bar in South Russia, when they passed away he decided to leave the small village and head to Chernarus where he setup his new business. He was a very forward thinking, straight to the point kind of guy. But would do anything for anyone if treated with respect. He'll fit in perfectly with what you're trying to achieve out of this game. Just a brief story on what I've got planned for my character, as I play I'm sure he'll develop traits.
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