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  1. János Kövér was born in Hungary. His childhood was a tragedy and his father was beating him. Although these things were happening in his childhood, he was a great student and thanks to it he became an engineer. After becoming an engineer he worked hard and saved money, bought a car and also a house and one day like all men he married a woman who is called Szuszi Gabor and who is a doctor. They were happy with their life and 2 years after their marriage they had a son, called Adam. After having Adam, they wanted to go Chernarus. At the first Szuszi didn't want to go but with the insistence of Janos, she changed her mind and decided to Chernarus. Janos, Szuszi and their son Adam went to Chernarus and they stayed at the Hotel that is in Chernogorsk. The vocation was going well but one day The virus appeared and people started becoming the flesh-eating creature. For one year, they tried to survive they were traveling from one city to another but in Zelonogorks a zombie horde was seen. Janos, Szuszi tried to escape with their son but Janos's wife and son were bitten by a zombie. Finally, they survived but poor Szuszi and Adam had been bitten, they were becoming a creature. Szuszi asked Janos to end their life with a crowbar. At first, Janos didn't accept it but then he was forced to accept it because they were suffering from pain and there was nothing to do about them. Janos killed his wife and son with a crowbar after they had been a flesh-eating creature. He buried his family and abandoned the place with regret. He promised himself to survive as long as he can and now he tries to survive
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