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  1. My name is William Bon Lock and before the disaster I went through a complicated life although not as much as I live now, since the pain of these days I can tell you about the pain of my past. A long time ago I had a happy life, I worked as a director of a well-known national bank in Liverpool, I lived on the outskirts of the city in a nice and quiet place with my wife, her name was Gema and we had a beautiful son, his name was Marc and he was 6 years old. One summer we planned our vacation to Spain, to visit my wife's family, we booked the flight for August 8, Marc was very excited because he was going to fly for the first time, when the day arrived and after preparing all our luggage we drove to the airport by car, during the trip another driver rammed us into a crossroad I could not stop in time or dodge, I could not prevent that bastard killed what he loved most ... Yes, I lost both of them and I lost something more than that, a part of my soul went with them and will never come back. I lost the desire to live and the belief of living in a fair world why life did this to me ..? I left my job and sheltered my thoughts on alcohol and drugs, any drug was good to calm my pain I spent several years sheltering my pain with these substances, I even tried to kill myself without success, I could not save what I loved most and I could not save me from the pain I suffered, I was a complete useless .. I decided to leave our house, I did not want to have more memories of my past, I looked for a place to start a new life and I thought that New Zealand could be a good place, I sold our house and all my belongings, I bought a flight and I went to my new life away from pain. I was going to the airport by car, doing the same route as that fateful day, I kept crying and remembering that I could not save what I loved the most, I came to the airport in tears and got on the plane, everything seemed calm and I was on my way to my new life but suddenly things got ugly. The engine of my plane failed and I was heading towards death, the plane was falling down, I thought I was finally going to be with my wife and my son in the sky resting in peace, the plane hit the ground and everything went black . I woke up, I survived .. Curses! Nobody else survived that accident, I started to look for help and I spent hours without finding anything, I did not even know where I was until I found a local map that indicated the name of the place, Chernarus. After spending hours walking I came to a village, it seemed quiet .. I knocked on the door of a house and no one opened but I heard a strange noise, there seemed to be someone inside, the door was open I went in and oh damn! A person pounced on me wanting to bite my arm, I ran out looking for help, what was going on ...? I saw more people like that when going out and walking a few meters, they seemed to be infected by a rare disease, I did not understand what was happening, maybe God was punishing me for wanting to escape my pain ..? I'm dead and this is hell ..? I do not understand anything, I spend my days wandering alone in search of answers and trying to escape from my own hell. I still remember my name I think, I am William Bon Lock...
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