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  1. Before the outbreak, Steve worked in the U.S. at a large corporation that had ties all over the world. His job involved frequent travel as part of an entourage to manage deals and other situations that called for the groups attention. One of these trips eventually led him to a city near Chernarus. Unknown to him, the outbreak already started when the plane was in the air. When it spread closer to their destination, all flights were cancelled and Steve was trapped. In the confusion, he was separated from his business partners. Over time, he was able to survive and wander to Chernarus. He didn't have any specific destination except away from the chaos, though he didn't know he was going right to the epicenter of it all. He has little to no combat experience, only having friends in security from the business he worked for, so he's been lucky he made it this far. Those friends taught him a bit of self defense techniques, including lessons of firearms and survival. Using those lessons, he's been able to survive, but just barely. Since he's been alone, he's been looking for any friendly survivors to help him, but since the outbreak has caused a panic, most people seem to forget about the laws and take what they can, giving Steve a difficult time.
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