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  1. Max Powell's POV: So I'd been looting in the upper tents of the airfield with Alfredo and Juan. We'd briefly congregated in a storage container to share ammo and other supplies, and Juan and Alfredo left to loot some more while I stayed back for a minute to pick up any excess ammo that was left on the floor of the container. As I was doing this I was approached by who I now know to be John Clifford, who held me at gun point and ordered my hands up. I complied, including when he asked me to drop my radio. We had a brief exchange in which I remember him asking me why my friends were shooting at them, though I was already out of contact with my friends at that point so I had no way of knowing. He summoned his friend over and I was led off into the woods, duct taped, and interrogated, during which I did have a word "carved" into my leg, hence the damage dealt to me with a combat knife by John. He then had me sing some tune for a minute as he ran away. After about a minute I broke out of the duct tape and grabbed my gear they'd left on the ground next to me and ran through the woods in (what I thought was) a different direction than I'd seen John go- I believe it was Northwest through the trees, as last I'd seen John, he was running south back towards the airfield. After about a couple minutes of running through the woods rather mindlessly not paying much attention I was lit up with a fully auto gun by who I now know to be Will Power, and narrowly escaped with my life, at which point I was confused and just wanted to get to a radio so I could get in contact with my friends again, so I ran in the exact opposite direction as the person who had just shot me, and found myself on the edge of the northern airfield tents again. At that point, rather than running however far to loot a city for a radio, I decided to try and go back for my own radio that John had initially made me drop as I'd never seen anyone pick it up. As soon as I entered the tents, I shot a zombie that was after me, and as I left the tent I was shot and killed, seeing or hearing nothing prior to my killing.
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