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  1. Welcome, Welcome. i joined for very similar reasons. have not been disappointed.
  2. I go by Lateral short for Lateralus Czifrik (my parents were neurologist) LATERALUS. the definition: the deepest and most prominent of the cortical fissures; separates the frontal and temporal lobes in both hemispheres. so the lateral cerebral sulcus serves as the bridge between these two areas of the brain. (in short, its what keeps us in "reality") its interesting, when you grow up in a house of Doctors, death is all around you. Time spent with father was nil. his work ,often took priority over mom and myself. he always had time for the sick.....but never us. it reminds me of a saying. "a child who is not embraced by his village, will burn it down to feel its warmth" the pain never left me from those days or rejection. fathers love, soon became cold and distant ...... some were shocked by fathers suicide, not me. He was always saving people from death but yet, couldn't wait for it himself. A man can only see so much suffering and death before it starts to break down his or her belief system. the years came, the years passed after his death. soon after his death my daughter was born. with death comes life i guess. she was a gift from the heavens i would say. i had to giver he back though . it was 7 years from when she was born till the out break. we enjoyed every second of every day. My work never left the office. i worked my 50hrs and the rest was for the family. i would never be like my father, my daughter comes 1st!!! but soon, more and more time was spent with the sick. away from Shaina (my wifes name) and Samantha (my daughter.) was it happening? am i turning into my father? i wish he had warned me that the hospital always comes first. but i feel like im learning that the hard way. i, like his Father am in the field of neurology (brain surgeon) before the out break. i will never forget the day the infection came. it was a cold and and dreary day. grey skies and a light wind. He thought they were safe. he was wrong! soon he could hear the them getting closer. one day my daughter, outside on a swing was attacked by the infected and before i could get to her, she was covered in blood and screaming crying. soon she will be one of them. i know what i need to do!!!! . Pacing back and forth, i had to do it. As she slept, i slowly pushed down on her beautiful face with a pillow while saying under my breath, "i cant see you as one ........i just cant see you as one" my wife screaming, crying, raced to try and save her daughter......but she was holding a lifeless body. we dropped to our knees holding one another crying uncontrollably. they squeezed her, one.......last......time! "How COULD YOU!!!!!" she screamed, at me. but i wasn't present. my eyes gazed at her, but she could see, her husband was gone..........gone forever. we tried to continue together in the world post infection, but too much resentment and hate overtook her and she couldnt stand to look at him anymore. she would always say things about that day, "your a killer" and "YOUR OWN DAUGHTER!!!!!" i took as much as he could before he could take no more..................a cold rainy night near GYOR, i stood over her with that very same pillow that silenced his daughter. with a feeling of liberation i pushed down on that pillow as her legs kicked, kicked just like his daughter did. soon, it was over. all that's left is me...........
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