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  1. My characters name is lawrence from western United states who is a I very passive woods man, Ex Military, that is a helpful but also has a little bit of trust issues. Reason being, Him his wife and some friends were on a plane going on vacation when it crashed on Chernarus, he left his wife with friends because he was going out hunting for food, and came back to her dead and all of the supplies gone. Now he only comes out of the woods to find supplies for survival, And try to find the people who took his wife away from him. He would also like to have a trust worthy person to join him on adventures but would have to find the right person. When he was in the military he served in multiple country's such as Kuwait, Iraq, Haiti and was also apart of the korean war peace keeping. Due to the amount of action hes seen in his time of service he liked to live a simple stress from life but because of the past events it took a turn for the worst. Now hes back fighting for survival and assigned him self a new mission and wont quit until its complete.
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