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  1. Well it is great to hear from all of you and good to be back. Certainly sounds weird up north but I want to walk for many moons to see what awaits! Hope to meet you all (if you are nice)!
  2. Hi all, Sadly I have fallen on hard times and have been hiding out in a shelter for longer than I want to remember. I am ready to join the world of men again and am asking if a brave soul would take the arduous journey to the coast to pick up a straggler and take them to the fights in the north I keep hearing about? Thanks, Holyman
  3. Born in Oxford England I traveled to Chernarus as part of my final contract work as a medical professional. I worked in Chernogorsk hospital for around 3 months before the horror started. You know well enough what happened. I escaped Chernogorsk and headed north and met other survivors who were struggling as I was. We worked together and got by, learning to shoot, hunt and defend ourselves. I now spend my days alone with the days and nights, the animals and cannibals. I help those that need it and punish those that would serve to undermine a survivors god given right to respect and love.
  4. IGN: Argen 'Holyman' Smith Age: IG: 48 Country: U.K English skills: I am fluent in the English language. DayZ Mod Experience: Tons. 2012-2015 DayZ Standalone Experience: from release of game. Roleplaying Experience: about 2 years. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Mysterious hero type character who is dedicated to defending the weak. Have you been in any clan/group previously: The Light and The Reform Club Best way to contact you: PM, TeamSpeak, Forum. Backstory: I was a doctor and moved to Chernarus with my family before the outbreak to work in Chernogorsk. We were happy there for a time, content to be away from our old life and in my last placement before retirement. When the day came I had to make a horrible decision which I would prefer not to talk about. Now alone, I have spent the last months travelling Chernarus. I have always had a faith and this is the only thing which has helped me deal with what I have done. Rather than thinking I simply focus on love... I have always used it to protect myself and I have found salvation in it. With so much sickness and death I have been numbed. I kept to the woods and quiet places. Away from the noise, I could focus and try to ignore the ever-present horror in my mind. Many days passed and I learnt much about the wild and myself. One day I stumbled across two men who had been sheltering in a cave. It had collapsed and one had been crushed. I could hear their anguished cries from inside and over a period of hours dug them out. They were members of The Light, a group who championed the weak. They said I could join them and sick of being alone I agreed. With The Light, I travelled across Chernarus and learnt its intricacies. They taught me how to wield a weapon and operate a range finder. They would track the criminal and cannibal gangs who were ever present and ensure that if anyone was getting a hard time, they would know they had someone on their side. The more times we got into a fire-fight, the more of our number were injured. The criminal gangs seemed to never weaken. Eventually I was alone and The Light were no more. Now I wonder alone again.
  5. holyman

    The Reform Club - 94.7Hz [Open Frequency]

    Wish I could remember!
  6. [mp3]http://puu.sh/n33rp/f6b3b5a315.mp3[/mp3] Back Before the apocalypse a man named Ryan Burke had conquered the industrial market in Great Britain. His business specialized in Automotive Design and Fabrication. Burke Industries had become one of the leading manufacturers in the sector and Ryan’s once small business had grown astronomically, producing ever increasing sales and production figures. Ryan soon became a wealthy man and so sought out to pursue a luxurious and lavish lifestyle... Fancy cars, private planes and penthouse apartments all came as part of the Burke Industries CEO package. Ryan soon became aware of the darker side to business, confronted with law suits and threats from competition, he needed some help. In order to 'Tie Up Loose Ends' he enlisted the help of Daniel O’Brien. Mr O’Brien had a reputation for getting certain business out of the dump, he was considered the Right hand of Burke Industries, although his methods were brutal and merciless he got the job done, Ryan had a huge weight and strain taken off the business and decided to keep Mr O’Brien as a permanent asset to the business. As the business developed; their acquaintanceship evolved into an alliance, the two became dependant on each other both as friends to maintain the industrial power they had achieved. Ryan was looking for a new venture, combined with the increase in wages over in Britain, he decided to migrate his business over to Chernarus. Ryan saw the potential, new factories and freedom that his business could have over in Chernarus, less of the... 'Red Tape'. However he did not want to make the move alone. A man named Thomas North took up this opportunity, Thomas had a past relationship with Ryan, he had been watched as he went through business school and developed his own successful business. Ryan had known Thomas’ mother in the past and he felt he owed the opportunity to him. As the new head of the Chernarus branch, Thomas was to move out to Chernarus alongside Ryan and Daniel during the initial stages of the international business. The three men worked together and all lived alongside each other in the hotel penthouse in the city of Chernogorsk. They worked day and night to ensure the success of the business however still maintained the lifestyle of wealthy men. The day of the Infection, the men had been working on setting up the factory, oblivious to the minor stages of the disease spreading. They continued with their somewhat, eccentric, lifestyle and business as if the infection had been brushed under the carpet. It was only when they heard of the CDFs involvement they thought it was serious. They decided to stay however, minds were on the expansion of Burke Industries, believing they were safe in their penthouse where everything seemed regular. Before the trio knew the riots began. Ensuring their safety, they barricaded themselves in their home on the top floor and lasted on the food they had stored in the apartment. At this point the men could not leave the country, leaving the apartment was no longer safe. The men knew they were in trouble, the news blackout offered no clue on the situation outside but they knew it was dire. A UN control point had been stablished in the building which meant the men had some aid and assistance, they did all they could to help out the UN Officers, even handed over their vehicles for transport, however a few days into the operation a plane had hit the Hotel. They were staying on the South side of the building which proved to be lifesaving, out of no where the plane struck the north side of the Hotel killing a multitude of people and edged Chernogorsk ever closer to complete anarchy. The men no longer felt safe in the City and migrated North until they found a comfortable town, Kabanino, the town felt abandoned and the men took refuge in a house and began to fortify. This house was to become the future Club House… …Time went on… The men were still held up at the house, so deeply ingrained was the chaos taking place outside. Ryan, Daniel and Thomas aspired to restore some dignity and order. They missed their lavish lifestyle and so began the Reform Club. The boards came down as the signs went up, the men looked around for supplies to begin re-decorating the home to make it more comfortable. The men had developed a calm and inviting atmosphere where they could drink, survive and make the most of their current situation, this attracted certain survivors who, when trusted, became the pioneers of The Reform Club. Ryan, Thomas and Daniel have formed the Chairmen who monitor and help build relations within the Reform club. They trusted each over immensely and so decided they would split the load of equal power within the cub. The Chairmen Recruit new members and have the final verdict on decisions within the group, for a decision to be accepted the chairmen will cast votes, the majority vote will be accepted no matter what. A chair can be offered to anyone who show valour and loyalty to the club. Please fill in this small form and pm it to Powdaw who will be dealing with recruitment. We do also recruit IC. OOC INFO Country: Timezone: Times When Active (Server time UTC+2): Other Information: IC INFO Name: Country: Brief Character Story (50 - 100 words): Other Information: We will respond as soon as possible however we do often prefer to have IC meet ups and then offer you a position IC. Uniform is not compulsory as long as you look smart. Here is what we recommend. Goals Protect the club and its members Protect our Endorsers and Closest Allies Create relations with political figureheads of the region Grow the club membership with entrusted, responsible gentlemen We are a group set up to enjoy the apocalypse, we can often be found having survival rp in the Club houses, when our allies need us we will be at their door step, when we find our enemy’s we will go hunting. The group is not set up as hero or bandit however will change depending on their environment and their company, we do not accept being shunned or mistreated neither will be accept others being mistreated. We also like to provide a peaceful atmosphere to the club houses and some new and unique rp situations. The group will be aimed at looking after each over as well we will be involved with both friendly and hostile rp. Chairman Alexander Joe Daniel O'Brien Thomas North Club Ambassador Freddie Bridges Doormen Jamie Tarnton Distinguished Members Argen Holyman Smith (Chaplain) Members Trial Allies Red Field Farms Trusted ZBOR Enemy's Josh Archer (Dead) Credits: Group Idea, Lore and Graphics - Breadman Forum Editor - BRDC360
  7. Thanks everyone Tucker helped me get through the questions and was very helpful. Successfully submitted my application. Hope to be online soon.
  8. Thanks Nick I am a little scared. Many thanks Samaritan! I shall do that when the timer runs down.
  9. Hi again. I played during 2014 and was part of The Light. I see you have moved on to the DayZ Standalone and am keen to enjoy some more RP. Sadly I have to reapply for the whitelist as those records, i believe, were wiped. I tried again and got two questions wrong so am not able to apply again for a number of hours Hopefully I will be playing again soon and helping the afflicted of Chernarus! Holyman Smith (Matt)
  10. I always carry my book, though it is not finished.
  11. holyman

    Your bestest friends you made on DayZRP

    jean durocher
  12. holyman

    UVB 76

    Aha Segey! Indeed we were. Some great characters made for a very interesting situation. It was a real curve ball when you switched after we killed him, I was actually quite concerned So much more happened but the summary above gives a flavour. I also wrote this about it: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-the-cannibal-sees-the-light Probably the best individual RP experience I have had so far.
  13. Back here again! I would love to find a hero clan that are a hero clan pure and simple. That don't give in to petty politics, don't work with bandits (in any way) and play in a relaxed mature style. I was in The Light and really enjoyed it. I enjoy protecting and helping people if they need it. I have a subtle back story that may come out one day if necessary but does not need to. I just like playing the game and good RP. Please contact me if you feel your group or clan fits. Cheers Holyman
  14. holyman

    UVB 76

    Only just seen this. Here is what happened. The cannibal was led by 6 men to the top of the hill where the broadcasting station was situated and ushered up to the second level of the main building where he was told to get on the floor. The men argued about his fate. Eventually one of the men became impatient and shouted 'right, up!'. He was led outside whilst shouting and moaning. They approached the radio tower and two men covered whilst another man followed the cannibal up the ladder. When at the top, the cannibal paused and argued with his captor. Seeing his opportunity he lunged at his captor's neck just as the m240 lit up. His body exploded and rained down on the captors below. What was left of him was eaten by crows. Awesome RP spot! Nice job