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  1. i would still like to talk to the person who had ban me and to the person that but in the complaint not happy with the way that its different treat meant for gamemasters then it is for everyone else
  2. okay ill do that i want to talk to one use first all we where doing was killing zombies as im sure we are aloud to do then them two fella came up to us we talked and robbed them one the men shot me so we killed him we didnt want to kill anyone but we had to then we put the other man in hand cuffs and took what we needed after that we headed off and i was almost in electro and i start taking shots i didnt no where from i looked for five minutes couldnt find him then i went into the town and took shots again then went looking for him again and he was no where to be seen i was tired from being up all day and it was 12 at night so i wasny going to stay on for another two hours so someone could run at me and shoot one shot and hide so i waited about 15 to 20 minuets and i didnt see him again so i went of and went to bed and i wake up me being banned because the rp dull and because i didnt reply back because i was asleep that doesnt seem to fair now
  3. thats why asked yes can ya send me the link to the discord
  4. can we get onto a discord channel and talk about this because i dont no what time it was for you 13 hours ago but other people have to sleep
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