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  3. I was wondering if I were to be able to link a journal page of a character to said character page's comments section through a little bit of role-play means. For example: A battered old journal sits on the table. Curious, you pick it up. A thick layer of dust rubs off onto your fingers from the covers. It reads written on the cover: Lieber Dieter. (insert link here.) Would this be an option?
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  5. Don't worry about it, we each have our rough days, I understand this.
  6. You greeted with a fluent accent that indicates one of two things: A Russian, or a Chernorussian. Chernorussians have, in my opinion, a bit more slavic "twang" if you will, and you performed that well, in which I do applaud you for that. Now, that being said, I initiated you after you'd greeted me.
  7. 22:07:44 | Chat("Rihanna Koehler"): Ist no use.. 22:08:05 | Chat("Rihanna Koehler"): If you hear me, meine freund, I am sorry. Just information: these were for a seperate event. I found an unconscious person and attempted to revive them, but I think they were bugged to where I couldn't, so I left. 21:42:54 | Chat("Rihanna Koehler"): Hallo. 21:43:01 | Chat("Rihanna Koehler"): Ist friend? 21:43:09 | Chat("Rihanna Koehler"): Das gut. 21:43:19 | Chat("Rihanna Koehler"): Deustch! 21:43:38 | Chat("Rihanna Koehler"): Wasser, bitte. 21:43:56 | Chat("Rihanna Koehler"): Ja, danke. 21:44:10 | Chat("Rihanna Koehler"): Danke! 21:44:49 | Chat("Rihanna Koehler"): Nein. 21:45:02 | Chat("Rihanna Koehler"): Und du! These as well, the conversation with the aforementioned American.
  8. My Point of View: I go into a town on Deer Isle after encountering a seemingly american man in a nearby military compound. I go in and see the report creator. The first words he utters indicates a Chernorussian. My character's husband, Dieter, was killed by Chernarussian's so she harbors a great resentment towards them. I initiate them with this in mind, and order him first to throw his hands in the air, text RP since my voice is indeed a males voice and would break my character. and then to his knees. I ask him who he was, and he stated his name was indeed Boris, and asked his affiliation, in which he indeed replied alone, he just got off a boat. The man was cooperating, but the situation escalated when I heard a rifle shot very nearby, which makes my character believe he's not truly alone. I take him into a shed a meter away, and order him to drop his bag. He tells me that he must put his hands down for it, in which I reply that the barrel is at his head. After a brief period of stating he had to drop his hands, he did. It was empty, which would enrage my character, thinking she's being fooled, so she smacks him with the gun. At that point, I hear the aforementioned new-spawn, and initiate him, telling him to back away, and if he came closer I would shoot them both. The other ran away, and I closed the door. I state that Chernarussians killed my character's husband, Dieter, and she wants revenge, and so, I shoot him in the head. The first shot didn't kill him since it was an MP7, so I put two more shots in for good measure, loot some food from his corpse, and run away as I heard more gunfire. I will find the location on Izurvive maps so that it makes looking through logs easier. Edit: I believe it to have happened in Greenville, but Deer Isl has no town names, so i could be wrong. I am going based off of town layout adjacent to water tower.
  9. Xiao was born to a poor family in China, who not only kept her instead of throwing her away like most females but introduced her to Taoism. Though all of her life her family was poor, they were always satisfied with what they had. At age 9, an armed thief would break into her family's home and slay her mother and father. She spent weeks wandering the streets completely lost and begged for food in the markets, scrounging up scraps. After a time, a monk had found her and took her to a monastery, where she would spend most of her time. She was taught in the ways of Taoist monks and found herself at peace. Though, in 2017, this would be tested. An infection began spreading in the relatively new country of Chernarus, and into other countries through major transport hubs. The large population of China never stood a chance, spreading like wildfires through dry brush. The monastery where she had been living did not last, and those who weren't killed or infected fled. She fled west, spending months traveling, crossing through various countries. Though most were devastated by the infection, she marveled at the beauty of forests, grasslands, deserts, and architecture. in 2018, she arrived in Sochi, Russia, just kilometers away from South Zagoria. There she spoke with a few survivors and offered them consolation and eased their minds, and in turn, they told her of some settlements poking up in South Zagoria. Her body had grown weary after several months of traveling, so she crossed the border into Dobroe. As she continued south into svetlogorsk, she met a few other survivors along the way, and they pointed her farther south. Today, she roams South Zagoria, weary from travel, yet at peace with herself and the world around her.
  10. Somebody promote this man! Geezums! Haha! Here's hoping!
  11. Hi! And sorry to say: I don't have a snap chat.
  12. Definitely! I've had quite a bit of fun! Antics, dedicated and serious role-players, it's amazing! And also, I can perfect character creation and my writing skills! I look forward to finding even more than what I have. Tip of the iceberg? Might as well dive right in eh?
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