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  1. Ren was born in Nagiso, a small but remarkably beautiful village in South-Central Japan, on a small farm in the outskirts of the village of no more than four thousand. Her family was rooted in traditional Japan with a modern twist, and followed the Bushido Code to the note, as her ancestry reached far back into the feudal states of Japan in the 1400s. In this, her family was always respectful and generous, donating much of their crop and whatever wealth they gained to the less fortunate within the village, housing travelers as they passed through the village, and always maintaining a high standing within the village. And in following the Bushido Code, every man within her family served in the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force and the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force, even in the Second World War. Her father was a very wise man, and respected by many within the village, and envied by others for the fortune that his fields produce, regardless of him generously giving 3/4 of all crops produced away. Her mother was a beautiful woman, fluent with the art of oil painting and continuously melodic, often singing traditional folk-songs. However, she was the only child within the family. Akechi Ren, whose name means "Wise Water Lily", was raised in the fields of her parents farm, and raised in the ancient tradition of the Bushido Code, followed by her family to the dot. As such, she spent most of her life learning what the Bushido Code is, the Eight Virtues it entails, and what it means to follow it. At first she did not understand, but gradually, her intelligence caught up with her, and she began learning quickly. She was always noted by her elders and her peers to have a wisdom far beyond her age, and a beauty far beyond that of any other in the village. In this, she was sought after by many young boys and young men. A small group of men in the senior high school would get their wish against her will, something that has always scarred her mind. But she remained wise, and remained beautiful, and sought no partners and no friends, usually staying quiet unless called upon, and always speaking with great wisdom and knowledge. This would be tested in 2017, when humanity would finally end itself, becoming it's own downfall. An infected spread from the still new-born country of Chernarus after a Russian bombardment of a military base in the Northeast, and both CDF and Russian Forces bombarding border outposts. It eventually spread to Japan, where her small village stood no chance against the infection. Those who were contaminated, her family provided care, but in the end it proved fatal to her mother and father. She realized what they did not, and fled the village, leaving her what remained far behind her. She fled East, for Yamanashi, where she was directed to Tokyo. She stayed in Tokyo for several months before it fell to the chaos a=of the infection, the JGSF unable to cope. She had to leave Japan, and she knew it. She traveled South through Nagoya, Osaka and Kobe, Okayama , Hiroshima, and finally Fukuoka, where she found a small boat still operable. She took it west to Ika, a city on an island off of the Southwestern coast of Japan, southeast of South Korea, where she found a small refugee center. The occupants were being flown into South Korea, but an infected wrecked havoc aboard her plane, which went down near Boseong. After recovering, she traveled North through Seoul, up to Pyongyang, and into Tonghau. She traveled southwest, and then west, eventually reaching Van, Turkey, where she was directed north through Gerogia into Chernarus,. She was told that survivors were there, having been there themselves. But as she reached Northwestern Georgia, she was robbed by bandits, and drug away, her body dumped in South Zagoria. She awoke some time later, minor injuries and the memory of the robbery fading her. This is where civilization was supposed to be, and had a choice to make. Fight for every little thing, or be generous as her mother, father, and tradition dictaed. She chose the later and works as a trader throughout South Zagoria.
  2. The fight of the seasons @Tewudin @DookieCS
  3. It’s ok. There’s no shame in what you do behind closed doors.
  4. @SynO @Mr Smoking Dog @DookieCS
  5. *Dakota clears her throat and presses the PTT, speaking quietly and nervously with a thick mixed accent* H..hello..? I.. I'm interested.. Could we speak later..? *She audibly shudders before releasing the PTT*
  6. Elena was born one year before the fall of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and to a family who devoutly believed in Communism, as well as Russian Orthodoxy. Her mother and father attempted to raise her as a communist, but later in life she preferred to go in her own direction. At 16, she ran away from home, heading west, and establishing a career as a hardened criminal in the Rural parts of Moscow, but never caught. By age 18, she could hav been convicted of roberry, murder, torture, and connected to organized crime. But on her 18th birthday in 2007, she enlisted with the Russian Armed Forces as a Human Intelligence Collector. She performed her “duties” across the world: Urkraine, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iraq, and one operation in the US. But in 2017, she would be deployed to Livonia, to gather information about the infection threatening Russia’s western border. She participated with Infanty in pushing into Livonian farmlands and combatting the infected as well as the LDF. As she was moving through Lithuania with the vanguard, gathering intel and any data she could find, 3 small scale nuclear bombs dropped from French aircraft. She survived, but the right side of her body suffered severe burns from the radiation blast. She retreated back to Russia for some time, but was once again deployed to Livonia as it fell. To this day, she treks Livonia gathering intel and any data by any means necessary, as per her orders.
  7. *A paper flutters along the empty streets of Cairo detailing the details of a young girl who has been missing since months before the outbreak* “MISSING: Dakota Tahan | Female | Age: 16 | Hair: Black | Goes by Kota | 15,000 REWARD FOR SAFE RETURN | Call - “ *the rest of the page is made illegible by stains and tearing* Dakota Tahan was born to a traditional Egyptian family, orthodox in their Muslim beliefs. She was raised as such, but it was found that she was born with a much higher IQ than most, and even as an infant showed her increased intelligence. She learned to speak at 7 months old, and writing at 2 years old, and reading at a 6th grade level at only age 5. In every bit of her education, she excelled. She was in Highschool by age 10, and graduated by 15. Dakota had planned on attending university at Harvard in the United States, learning English at a quick pace. But on her way to the airport, she was kidnapped by human traffickers, and taken to Russia, and was sold to a wealthy Chernarussian official as a wife. The more she defied him, the more suffering she experienced, until July of 2017. She was with the official, who was on business west of Severograd, the nature of which she did not know. He never returned. She took the chance to flee, going south, arriving in Zelenogorsk to rest after several hours of running, but was ran from the city as unrest towards foreigners had increased, and headed Northeast for the Russian border, but found it constantly raided by CAF pilots and artillery. Among the devastation of the border lay rotting bodies of soldiers and civilians alike. She attempted to go south once more, but was found by a CDF patrol, and taken to zelenogorsk. An army of ravenous people attacked the city, trying to kill anything that moved, including other people and CDF, and all but ignored anything that wasn’t a bullet in the head. The CDF struggled to fend them off, but fled to the country side. Dakota fled further south, towards the Kamensk checkpoint, but found it bottlenecked. She had to find somewhere safe, walking east along the coast, narrowly avoiding Chernogorsk and Elektrogorsk. Roughly two kilometers east of Elektrogorsk, she found an abandoned house on a small island barely off of the coast, where she stayed for days. Unfortunately, she was found by bandits, and taken to a prison island off the South coast of South Zagoria. The bandits abused and used her, but as storms hit, fled the island in fear of death, and left Dakota in her cell, where she stayed for some time. She eventually fled the island, swimming back to the mainland, where she wanders to this day, broken and half dead.
  8. Winter Lianne

    The Search Party

    Quote the Raven "Nevermore"
  9. A simple Mosin has done the job for me no problem. Two shot body shot, 1 shot in the head. Or you can leg them with a pistol and run. Gorka Christmas market? Interesting.
  10. The writing is extremely hastily written among dried droplets staining and wrinkling the canvas paper where they fell, warping the letters. Red crimson in the form of fingerprints adorn the farthest most edges of the page, dried but to never fade, adding bits of everlasting personalized art to the journal. It's all my fault, they all suffered because it's my fucking fault. I should've just let the sick bastard in, but I'm too fucking stupid to say yes. Dan, Jimmy, fuck even Maggie. Oh god, she saw it all. All of it. Just silence as everyone around her took a god damn bullet, and watching Jimmy be shot in front of her? Fuck. I can't think about it. Fuck fuck FUCK! This can't keep happening I can't keep putting them in danger like this they don't deserve any of this. I'm DONE being a soldier it's only got them hurt. What if I fuck up again and they're killed? I can't take that, I don't want them dying because of my fuck-ups. Fuck this world and everyone in it I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE Get your shit together. Yes, it's your fault, but you can't just give up. Think of what you'd do to Alice and Maggie, Jack. Jan or anyone else wouldn't care but they would. God dammit, you got through 4 years of ROTC and OCS you can get through this. Just think about them. Think about the music. Silence for eternity? Fuck, I don't know how Maggie can do it, never hearing music. It has to feel horrible. Maybe one day she'll be able to play Jan's guitar by the vibrations, like Beethoven and his piano. I wonder what she's dreaming of. The voices are back
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