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  1. Declan is a good ole' boy from South Texas. He was a corpman in the Navy for five years until being dishonorably discharges and jailed for five years for selling opiates. He ended up being released early on good behavior and moving back to south Texas. He started working as an EMT not long after release, but the pull of money was too strong and Declan found himself spiraling back into the drug trade. After a few years of selling and moving on through the ranks, he found himself overseas in Georgia smuggling Ketamine and Morphine, as well as weapons across the border of Chernarus. Even a few weeks after the infected came, Declan continued to smuggled weapons and drugs across the border. Until one day their convoy was attacked. Delcan was left for dead on the side of the road. A woman, Scylla, found him and nursed him back to health. She spoke of a family she had and that if he could prove himself he would be allowed to join in. Scylla taught him many things: How to stalk your prey, kill without remorse, and care for your family. Declan was inducted into the family soon after. Scylla spoke of the old way and that we might find it out west. With Scylla, and a journal he found from a man named Jack Gallow, they traveled west into Southern Zagoria in search of the Old Way.
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