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  1. Why the verdict was unfair: Players should be able to review groups with both positive and negative information so that new players can make accurate decisions based on historical reviews of groups Additional Statements: When members of a group tell you to avoid a leader by logging off, when a leader promotes immersion/game breaking policies, when a leader of a group or group leadership is very young or immature, when a leader has a habit of childish or immature behavior and much more these things should be able to be reviewed by members or prior members of a group. Only allowing positive posts in group recruitment gives a very bias perspective for new members, and does not allow them to make accurate decisions on joining a group. What would you like to achieve with this appeal?: Removal of warning points for review of Black Roses. Additionally I want my original review (Attached) to be re-posted in the black roses forum. Members can respond to it as they see fit, but it will allow future members to have something to base their decisions on outside of "this great group lead by an excellent member of the community". What could i have done better? : Had more information and only joined Black Roses once MouseWB left the group or was no long in a leadership role. In addition DayZRP could have allowed past members who been members of Black Roses or have played with MouseWB to have reviewed him giving other players proper information of who they are playing with both IC and OOC as with his personality there is no difference. Having that information would have avoided this along with several other issues that Black Roses has been reported for recently. It would also stop members from joining a group seeing the immaturity of community leaders and leaving the server. If you call the group for what it is and make it clear that a child is leading it, and that members avoid him like a plague then the new member would at least understand what they are signing up for. It would be of no surprise when he states breaking immersion is fine, and tries to disrupt what makes the server a valued place to play. Getting constantly reported and involved in BS dramatic rule/immersion breaking situations would be expected... because well the information was already out there and you signed up anyway.
  2. - User has been warned for this post -
  3. I will stop responding after this, but I want to point out to staff that there is clearly video evidence of the events. The only reason to cut out 15 seconds would be to not incriminate themselves. The summons bringing me here to post my POV states "Please post a FULL and DETAILED POV and any VIDEO EVIDENCE you have" It is pretty apparent there are more than 15 seconds to this situation, and there is video of it. I don't understand why some one would make a report and fail to submit ALL evidence of the situation. If we can start clipping videos, I could make almost anyone IC or IRL look incriminating. That being said I will let staff handle the rest of this.
  4. The 2 people chasing me with knifes were told several times to stay back and stay away. Being chased by men with knifes is threatening, being outnumbered 3 to 1 is threatening. Additionally At the start of this report there is a clear lie. The report implies there were 2 of you that was unfairly killed there were 4 to 5 of your surrounding my friend and I while you had other people flanking us. The characters were upset at us "calling out positions" when in fact I was calling out that we were being flanked and I was being chased by men with knifes. There was far more that happened before your 15 second clip. You can literally take the last 15 seconds out of any RL Video of a shooting be it police or military that paints a very different picture. If your going to post video evidence why not post the entire video since you clearly have it?
  5. ^^^ I love how that video cuts out the other 3 times I told you to stay away from me. Its easy to clip out the parts you don't like to make some one look bad.
  6. I was on radio comms with a friend who went missing in the area. The last comms we had sounded like a group of people trying to rob him. The last thing we heard was NOOO DON'T DO ... Tha................................... My team agreed to meet in Zeleno and search for our missing friend. Upon arriving I was hit with a zombie attack with several zombies running at me. I was forced to fire at them in order to keep from being swarmed. My friends met up with me one was in the woods and the other was in the city. A man in red approached us. Smashing took point and I took over watch. Point is responsible for the conversation over watch is charged with security. This is important because if to many people take point and are in conversation its very hard to hear, and very hard to remember any details leading to an initiation. This is a very solid SOP that allows one person to handle the conversation while he is protected by an over watch element. I made it very clear that the other man was in charge, and that I do not talk much. If the men needed anything they could get it from the other man. The man in red asked smashing to follow him, as we were following I saw movement, and recognized we are falling out of line of site of our sniper in the woods who was also providing over watch. I told smashing this felt like an ambush he stopped. A minute later another man popped up from where the man in red was trying to lead us behind the trains. I called it out to the sniper but he had no eyes on. My alert at this point was heighten. I heard them discussing something with a friend over a radio. I saw a man far in front of us trying to conduct a wide flank. As I called this out several 3 or 4 more men showed up from the same spot as the other man behind the train. With the flank and these men it was clear this was an ambush, I called it up on the radio and 2 men ran towards me with knifes cussing me out. I took this as an initiation, but I had a shotgun and they had knifes. I did not want to shoot. I started yelling for them to stay away they replied what the fuck are you going to do what the fuck are you going to do. I yelled 4 times, and a firefight broke out in the back. The men with knifes transitioned from knifes to guns. I was shot at as I moved to cover I fired, hit my target, and was killed before I could charge my weapon a second time. (Edit: My apologizes I clicked the post button before I fixed the formatting) =========================Nothing Follows=========================
  7. Kyle_Lucian

    S1 KOS/invalid initiation Novaya industrial 13/07/2019 1Am and 2am

    To start I do not have video, and did not have anything to keep track of the time so much of the timeframe here is estimated. Much earlier today there were some African Guys with green berets trying to break into our base. I was the only one in my group online, and watched them from the south wood line. Almost 3 hours before the firefight happened we were attacked by a horde of zombies. I was off in town getting water, and rushed back to base to defend it. Roughly 30 minutes later we were hit with a huge pack of wolfs 20+. After killing them all I started to skin them and gather food. Out of no where a pack of armed men started running up on the base. At this stage I ran back into the base. The server reset, so when I relogged I had to wait for some one to unlock the gate. The men who were outside appeared hostile, but I have never seen them before. It was very clear there was tension. The word was the group took one of our guys captive a day or two prior. We were ordered to taken defensive positions, I took up a position near a window. Everyone was calling out potential hostiles, as there was much confusion who was a good guy or a bad guy. It was called out that we had several opportunities to initiate. Each opportunity was met with an order to hold defensive positions. The conversation outside was hard to hear from my position but it was very clear that things were very heated between friendly and hostile forces. There was a point where one of the friendly forces asked what a hostile was doing. The friendly guy said it looked very suspicious and asked him to kindly leave. The crowd dispersed and roughly two hours of intense call outs went by. The hostile force took several offensive positions. I personally called out several hostiles with weapons gaining overwatch positions on the top of the police station, apartments, and what I believe was called a school. Our fear at the time was that the hostiles were waiting for night to attack. We moved all the flares to the roof in order to give us at least some way of overcoming our lack of night vision equipment. We received intelligence over comms that there was going to be a possible suicide attack. I never got clarification on the specific details of this, some one asked if it was going to be a suicide bomber or just a guy running up with a gun. We were told they just take necessary defensive measures. One of the callouts was an African Guy with a green beret. He approached the hostile group, discussed something and started moving towards us. He came to the gate and had some kind of disagreement with some one else. (This African guy looked much like the group that was trying to break in earlier, but I had no way of verifying this. I did not call it out due to not being able to verify, but I was more on edge because of this) I heard the African guy say something along the lines of I will be back with friends and you will regret this. I took this has a very threatening action especially with the tensions. He went back to the hostile force, and the entire force made their way to our front gate. All of them were armed with body armor and many had weapons out. I took up a position on the northern most part of the roof. I heard some one yell leave or be shot!!! At this point some of the hostiles ran and some drew weapons. A grenade exploded as I watched a weapon go from on a hostiles back, to the low ready, to the high ready (At this point I brought my weapon to the high ready, and put my cross hair on the target), then the barrel of the weapon was raised to my team (At this point I fired a shot). At the same time a gun fight erupted. I fired 2 additional shots, but was wounded in the process with a grenade. Several men went down around me. I tried to crawl to safety, but was killed. As far as role play goes I would have taken, and have taken similar action in real life. My team was flagged by a hostiles weapon and I took direct action to preserve the life of my team members. The information I had along with combat being initiated by a grenade and a clearly visible threat from a hostile to my team is what I based my decision to pull the trigger off of.
  8. Served 15 Years Active Duty Army (5 Years Infantry / 10 Years Intelligence) Served combat tours in Afghanistan Iraq Syria Somalia Libya Yemen ====Redacted==== ====Redacted==== ====Redacted==== ====Redacted==== ====Redacted==== ====Redacted==== ====Redacted==== ====Redacted==== ====Redacted==== ====Redacted==== Awards and decorations Combat Infantryman Badge Expert Infantryman Badge Ranger tab Senior Parachutist Badge Military Free Fall Jumpmaster Badge Expert Marksmanship Badge with Rifle Component Bar Silver German Parachutist Badge USASOC CSIB 75th Ranger Regiment Distinctive Unit Insignia 9 Overseas Service Bars 6 Service stripes - - - - - - - - Silver Star Bronze Star Medal with Valor Device and two silver oak leaf clusters Purple Heart Defense Meritorious Service Medal Meritorious Service Medal Joint Service Commendation Medal with Valor Device and oak leaf cluster Army Commendation Medal with six oak leaf clusters Joint Service Achievement Medal Army Achievement Medal with seven oak leaf clusters Valorous Unit Award with oak leaf cluster Army Good Conduct Medal (5 awards) Bronze star National Defense Service Medal with one bronze service star Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal Afghanistan Campaign Medal with three campaign stars Iraq Campaign Medal with six campaign stars Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal Global War on Terrorism Service Medal NCO Professional Development Ribbon Professional Development Ribbon with bronze award numeral 3 Army Service Ribbon Army Overseas Service Ribbon with award numeral 2 NATO Medal Moved to Charnarus a year before the outbreak as a "Business Man".
  9. Kyle_Lucian

    Guide to Playing a US Military Character [WiP]

    Can you "REPEAT" the part about When a Soldier talks on the Radio? This is actually a pretty decent guide I very much look forward to the sense of humor part.... or you could just link some "vet tv" stuff in there.
  10. Kyle_Lucian

    Kill rights.

    I am brand new, and have yet to even be accepted so my opinion here is limited if any at all. I will say I am some what intimidated by the "rights system". As a new user or "outside perspective" I look at the rules as I did ROE in Afghanistan. If I feel I am in so much danger I have to kill to survive, do it and take the punishment. As for defending people, if I join some type of clan I understand it to mean if they are under fire I can defend them. As far as playing a hero character to try and "save" players from their attackers I do not understand how this would work. I am lucky in the fact that I would not RP that role anyway right now. The engagement rules being confusing was one of the things I weighed when I was trying to decide on a community to join. I enjoy a challenge and at worst I screw them up and get banned. That being said I am a little worried about getting invested in this game and being banned at the point I am happy with my character progression. I really hope the rules are more clear as I play, but if not this could be an issue. Its one thing to not KOS, it is another to lose my character and gear because I was so afraid of being banned I could not make a decision. I am also worried about collateral damage. If I am in a firefight and another nonaffiliated member runs up on me, how do I determine friend v foe v neutral and go through a hostile decision process all over again while being engaged? I am not trying to make any waves here or change any type of rule. I am just pointing out as a new member these are things I am worried about. I read that when stuck between Role Play and Rule Play to choose Role Play every time. This is what I intend on doing, as my characters role isnt going to be a bandit/murdering type or hero type anyway.
  11. Kyle_Lucian


    I just filled out my application for the server. I am excited to get WL and jump into the immersion of this community. I was a staff member for NoMercyKillers [NMK] on Arma 3/Rust/Reign of Kings for a couple years. I live in the USA in the state of Indiana. That puts me in the EST time zone. Outside of that I look forward to playing with ... most/many of you lol.
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