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  1. Niels (Age 55), will often present himself as a completely normal and "boring" guy, but as interactions go on, the character will slip out of his seemingly normal personality, showing a dark/fucked up side. Before the outbreak he was unemployed, although he tells people he had a job in an office, being very evasive when answering questions about his job. In his large amount of free time, he spend the time watching docs about the one world gvt, aliens, area 51, alex jones and more. He spends an absurd amount of energy and time caring and arguing online about trump, even though he is from a middle-class family in central europe. He ended up in chernarus because he heard rumours of an alien lifeform being observed there. Growing up, Niels had everything he needed; love, financial stability, and health. He continued this trend into adulthood, and by his 30s, he was well educated, had a good job, and a family. But in his late 30, he chose to leave his wife for a 18 year old girl, Alex, but she was not serious about the relationship, and broke up with him before Niels had even gotten the chance to find a new apartment. All this lead to Niels being left alone with only himself, as he lost his job as his motivation and deamenor did not last. This led to a resentment for life in general, but he also knows that appearances is everything, therefore telling people he has a normal job and a normal life. This resentment over a decade led to his weakened mental state and weird time consumptions.
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