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  1. Berzerker

    Bad Version, server rejected connection [FIX]

    I was in game and having no issues then a disconnect. No worries this happens. However, when I tried to rejoin server one I got the Bad Version error. I have verified all mods ( I only have DayZ RP mods) are in correct order and Day Z mod is latest 19.7.2. I followed the recommended steps exactly three times. As suggested above I also unloaded and reloaded mods prior to the fourth attempt. Beta Tab - Switch to experimental - DL of experimental completed. Switch to None - DL of Day Z update completed. This version image is what is displayed on the launcher. Is this the correct version for the servers? I'll check back in the morning. Thanks in advance for any offered advice/assistance. If the more proper way to attempt resolution is to contact a support team member please let me know. * update - This morning login was successful.
  2. New here myself. Welcome! Hopefully we cross paths at some point. 19K?..... OMG a DAT! Could be worse, could be a Coastie j/k. . 11B myself. Hooah!
  3. Berzerker

    Staff Feedback: Fae

    Link to the situation:N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: Y Feedback: Fae was immediately responsive when I messaged in discord. I explained that i was getting an error when attempting to launch DayZ with mods. Fae requested images of my mod list and error, which I provided. I can only imagine the eye roll and laughter coming from Fae upon viewing my mod list . In true noob fashion I didn't have all the required mods, only the most recent update. Fae explained that there were other mods required and provided a link for me. Once these mods were dl'd the game launched flawlessly! Thank You for your responsiveness and absolute correct fix! Hopefully I'll have something more challenging for you in the future Suggestions for improvement: N/A
  4. After a career in the US military as an infantry NCO , two middle east combat tours, never marrying, no children and parents now passed , retired Eli Jaworzki a.ka. EJ or Jawz struggles with life a a civilian. Civilian life appears chaotic, undisciplined, unorganized. Everyone only selfishly caring for themselves. No one understanding how horrific armed conflict can be. How cruel other human beings can be to one another... that is until the infection. No one understands his quietness, sarcastically dark humor, his non existent filters. Eli says what needs to be said when it needs to be said and rarely anything more. Not one to engage in small talk as he doesn't see any purpose. Say what you mean and mean what you say. To distract himself and give his mind something to do other than dwell on how shitty civilian life is Eli decided to trace his Polish ancestry and hopefully connect with extended family. Once he had enough data collected from various websites such as Ancestry.com. Eli was successful in learning about and contacting some distant cousins in Poland. Recently he traveled to Poland and met these distant family members. While visiting he learned of other family in Chernarus. Eli was unaware of this. His cousins explained that they were not surprised he didn't know. Many birth records that documented Russian soldiers as being the father of Polish children during the WW2 occupation had been destroyed. But a few entries in family bibles had gone unnoticed. Eli decided to travel to Chernarus, research and try to contact these Russian relatives. After two weeks of research and speaking with many locals Eli was getting nowhere. Eli had been following the outbreak on the cable news and decided now would not be the best time to roam the countryside in search of family. He would return home to the USA and scheduled a flight. That night he awakened in the dead of night to banging on his hotel door and yelling from the hall. Eli answered the door to see the hall filled with police and military taking people from their rooms and down the hall. Someone in military uniform, in broken English commanded ELI to get dressed as the building was being evacuated. Eli complied and with only the clothes on his back was escorted from the building. Once outside he found himself at gunpoint and being placed on a bus. When he asked "why?" he was simply told "quarantine" After many hours of back country roads and pitch blackness the bus stopped because the road was blocked by many disabled vehicles. The driver and two military soldiers exited the bus to investigate. What happened next was horrifying even for Eli. Semi human beings ran from the tree line and viciously attacked the driver and soldiers. Gun shots and screams was all that was heard. Eli decided not remain on the bus and would make a run for it. He opened the emergency door and ran. Others took his lead. However were less fortunate and slower than Eli. He heard continued screams for help and then silence. Eli continued running into the night as fast and as long as he possibly could. As the sun began to rise Eli noticed a farm house off the road. He tactically made his way towards the house, carefully scouting from the tree line before making entry. He ensured the home was clear of anyone or thing before barricading the exterior doors with whatever furniture he could find. Upon collapsing into a chair he realized he was now stranded in a foreign country that was under siege , no passport, no food or money, no known way to contact anyone back home. What did he have.. the clothes on his back, his military training. He immediately knew what must be done.... survive! Beware the old man that has survived a profession where young men die.
  5. Logged in this afternoon to find that my whitelist app was accepted! I'm excited to create as well as become immersed within this great community. Admittedly I am an RP noob but am fascinated by the potential variety that RP gaming offers rather than running around inside another first person shooter looping the same missions over and over. Thanks for the given opportunity. IRL... Former US Army Infantry combat veteran. l'm old school Infantry, iron sites no ACOG for me. Yep I'm old..lol. Hoping my military training and experience will help create awesome immersion for all I meet. Any other irl active duty or veterans in this community? Hoping to offer some great RP for everyone!
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