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  1. Charlie was a venture capitalist before the infected arrived. Charlie's venture business - Escalation Partners - was determining whether capital spent in the area would be a worthwhile investment for his Limited Partners. Once bombs started being dropped, Charlie knew he wasn't getting out of the area for a while. He secured private passage from Yalta back to the US to be with his family. But he needed a way to get to Yalta first. A fellow VC, Aleksandre Eristavi, from Georgia offered him a flight in his plane to Yalta. The flight seemed fine at first, but once the plane became unresponsive, Alek said the plane won't make it to Yalta. Alek said there is a small airfield he knows in the northern Chenarus. Alek landed the plane and both men went searching for someone to repair their plane. Alek spotted a man near a plane fueling station. Alek walked up to him and said, "Excuse me, sir?" The man grabbed Alek and ripped is throat with his teeth. Charlie couldn't believe his eyes. Charlie ran from the situation as fast as he could. His heart beating through his chest. Tears fell from his eyes. Not only had his friend been killed but his chance to see his family now was hopeless. Although Charlie couldn't believe his luck, he knew, luck was created by those who put in the work. His bad luck could be overcome with grit and tenacity.
  2. Application submitted! 9th in line... Hopefully I will see you all soon. Love the rules and the lore. The most clean rules I've ever read. Super easy to understand and reference.
  3. Thanks everyone. Reading the Lore now.
  4. Well, Now it makes sense. LUL. Sorry about that. Thanks for deleting the post.
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