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  1. My name is Thomas (Tom) Burt. I am a 30 y/o male who worked in a psychiatric facility. During the breakout, my wife (Maliri) and son (Zane) were killed. I was safe due to the locked and bulky doors on the building. My daughter (Zoe), who I believe is still living due that she was not at our apartment when I arrived, is still out there somewhere. I sadly had to kill my son and wife after they came back. If I can just find her. She is only 13, but maybe she is tougher than I thought. I do not plan to hurt anyone. Instead I plan to help people and maybe find a path to my daughter. We came here as a family so these lands are new. I just hope some people might be able to point me in the right direction. I mean, how far can a 13 year old go? I just hope to find her and make our way to newer lands. I hear there are helicopters that need fuel at the airport, and if we just provide that fuel, maybe, we can get off this got forsaken land. If all else fails then there are always boats. I would never have the thought of leaving my daughter, but if the chance comes and I have to help save other people, then so be it. She knows I love her and would do what is best.
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