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  1. RedBeneathYou

    Combat logging | S1 | Kamyshovo | 23:00 UTC | 07/29/2019

    I am unsure of what is going on and why we are being banned. We were killing zombies, two men approached us and then we asked the guys to get on the ground and one opened fire so we killed him. I do not understand what happened and why we are being banned. Because we did not respond fast enough to your post? Because I had to sleep? I am a bit confused. LOL "dull RP" you were the most boring person we robbed yet. Hardly talking, just an all out snore. Not begging for your life, not trying to reason, just a snooze if you ask me. PSS, I did have to log out due to personal reasons so technically it would be combat logging so I would take full responsibility. Ya welcome
  2. Born in Gorka and gone to school in Berezino, Lee grew up lonely. Lee's father (Hugo) was a true Swedish native and worked in the factory in Electro. He worked long 12 hour shifts and was hardly home to speak to Lee. Lee's mother (Elis) was from England and came to Chernarus as a traveling nurse to help this country in the poorer parts. That's how they met, a nurse visits a poor village and falls in love with a villager. In '94, Lee was born but it did not affect their work life. Elis still traveled around working in other poorer villages and volunteering at hospitals when needed, but she only showed up back at home around once a month. This gave kids in the village and at school the privilege of teasing Lee and giving him the nickname of "The Orphan". Even though his parents were alive and healthy, they were not there to comfort him. Lee learned to fend for himself more independently by hunting local animals like deer, sheep, and chicken. He became skillful with guns and knifes but his social skills became weaker. When the outbreak happened, half of the villagers became infected almost over night. He took pleasure in killing the ones that ruined his childhood. Lee does not know if his parents ever survived the outbreak but it would not make a difference. They probably already left the country and left Lee to fend for himself like always. In the Summer of 2018, Lee was approached by a group of people who robbed him of everything he had. Beating Lee to nearly an inch of his life. Luckily, there was no infected around to finish their job. This left a bad taste of what humans are left on this earth for Lee. Lee now trusts people a little less and leans more toward his gun than a open hand. He will do what is necessary to survive whether it is to rob, shoot, and kill his way into the next town.
  3. My name is Thomas (Tom) Burt. I am a 30 y/o male who worked in a psychiatric facility. During the breakout, my wife (Maliri) and son (Zane) were killed. I was safe due to the locked and bulky doors on the building. My daughter (Zoe), who I believe is still living due that she was not at our apartment when I arrived, is still out there somewhere. I sadly had to kill my son and wife after they came back. If I can just find her. She is only 13, but maybe she is tougher than I thought. I do not plan to hurt anyone. Instead I plan to help people and maybe find a path to my daughter. We came here as a family so these lands are new. I just hope some people might be able to point me in the right direction. I mean, how far can a 13 year old go? I just hope to find her and make our way to newer lands. I hear there are helicopters that need fuel at the airport, and if we just provide that fuel, maybe, we can get off this got forsaken land. If all else fails then there are always boats. I would never have the thought of leaving my daughter, but if the chance comes and I have to help save other people, then so be it. She knows I love her and would do what is best.
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